The Feline-American War

I tried to capture for you my cats' dramatic fight. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woof?

Okay. Would have made sense had it been a dog fight.

BiteoneThis one looks less like a throwdown and more like a passionate embrace. Which, really, isn't that what all fights are, deep down?

What need for therapy?

Bitetwo Smell it, Henry.

And by the way, that towel is a Peter Max towel from my hippie childhood. Have no idea why I even own it because of course my mother is the one who purchased it or traded love beads for it or whatev, but it's cool and I should be doing more to preserve it. Because when you go to great museums, letting cats sleep and fight on precious artifacts is generally the preservation method of choice. Later, these cats are gonna use the Magna Carta as a scratching post.

Fightthree Why is Henry even trying? Clearly Winston is winning this round, with his grownup-cat girth.

Winnievictor "Ain't gonna be no rematch."   "Don't want one."

My action-photography skills aside, I am getting upcited for my last day at my job. I counted, and I have 16 work days before I am done. Because I scheduled a three-day vacation for the end of the month. Oops! So I only have to work two full weeks and the others are partial weeks.

Naturally I got all attached to some of my coworkers, and I'm hoping to keep up with them. I have friends, still, from every job I've ever had, so I'm pretty good at maintaining these types of things.

But I'm also thinking about how I can take my murdersome bitey dog to the dog park in the morning, and how I can cook dinner every night, once I learn how to cook. It'll be fun. You know, until we get really really broke.

Also, I can be home more for Henry's formative years. Keep him from being such a hoodlum.

Nothatintome Alternatively, I could practice my "framing your subject" photography skills.

What would you do with your day if you quit YOUR job in a huff?

73 thoughts on “The Feline-American War

  1. I did quit my job, kinda after almost 38 years of careful planning–I retired. I tell you what I don’t do. I don’t get up at 5:00 a.m. I sleep late, stay up late, cook, keep my house in order and we always have clean underwear. Then there are volunteer jobs at church and a part-time job with the county, so there are lots of things to do. I’m so busy. However, I was very lonely the first year of retirement, but I have worked out a schedule of having lunch with the people I did love while working and have forgotten the others.
    Love the new look of your blog. I have lots of easy recipes if you are so inclined to try the cooking route.


  2. I couple years ago I abruptly quit my office job, bummed around for a while, then became a lifeguard for the whole summer. I got PAID to sit around and get a suntan! It was great when I was a teenager, and even greater in my adulthood when I could really appreciate it. 🙂


  3. I would go to Mexico. Since my job is staying home with 3 children, I often think “What if I just up and went to Mexico?” Also, if I quit my job I would finish The Fountainhead. {I’m on page 400 and still forging ahead.}


  4. Cool new look, my dear, but the rest of those blackbirds must be kinda crowded in there. And they are not excaping. Those two birds flying off are swallows, not blackbirds. They are probably too tough for pie. OR maybe Henry ate them…thus Winston’s attack. It would behoove Henry to share next time. Oh, the old typewriter look is schweet.


  5. Hey~with the new look…do you all still love Hulk?? I mean, this isn’t new Darin, is it?? All you hot chicks still love old Hulk, right???
    Not…not that I am worried…


  6. Get a puppy! Best source of something to do EVER. It sure beats leaving Marvin and finding an older gentleman to become a trophy wife and will save you the trouble of creating a blog called Bye Bye Marvin.


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