Come back for book club 2nite!!

Several of you were whining asking for Henry photos, so I just got up and snapped one wherever he was. Okay, WHO has got a SNOOTY attitude? Look at his irritated ears. He's all, "AGAIN, with that camera? Whatev, heifer."

Anyway, I am not really posting right now, because I don't want you to forget to come back at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight for our book club, Mince Words with June, when we will discuss The Glass Castle. Remember to be eating White Castle hamburgers! Or hangabers, as my friend's child used to say and probably doesn't anymore cause she's like 17.

But one more thing! Well, two more things. First of all, we have comment of the week for this week and last, so go click Special of the Week, over there.

Also too, while I was writing this, the mail came and I got a check from a faithful reader (thanks!) because I'm randomly charging people to read this now. (I did work for her. Calm down.) Then also too, I got THIS STUFF in the mail from Faithful Reader Tanya! Click on the link to see her cool-pet-stuff website!

She sent me a poop bag for when Talu drops her chocolate Labs off at the pool or whatever, some adorable mice that Henry will destroy in the next hour, and LOOK AT THAT COLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who is my beautiful glamorous Pitty Pit Bull from Pitttown? Is it Lu? Oh! I love it!!!!

Anyway, see you tonight at 9 p.m. I will post my review of the book a few minutes early so you can be ready with your pithy responses at 9.

Maybe until it's time for Mince Words with June, I can sing you the theme from Ice Castles. Would you like that? Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaase don't let this feeling eeeeeeennnnnd, it's everything I ammmmmm, everything I waaaaant to beeeeee….

Give me your phone number and I will sing it right to you.


Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

28 thoughts on “Come back for book club 2nite!!”

  1. I know in your “scientific” survey, your readership’s average age was 43, so I hope they remember Robby Benson and the blind skater from a movie in 1978.
    I was quoting the movie Airplane to my team members the other night (“please don’t call me Shirley”), and they looked at me like I was strange. Most of them were not born in 1980.


  2. Love Lu’s new bling – she is bee-u-t-ful!
    I read The Glass Castle a few years ago but I’m not sure I remember enough to participate in tonight’s book club but I might stop by just to check you all out. And hear June sing more. If I could record your singing June, I would send you my phone number and then YouTube your voice for all the world to hear.
    Or not.


  3. I read The Glass Castle a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I read her latest book, Half-Broke Horses, last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    More pictures of Talu, please!


  4. I didn’t get the book until Tues. I’m half way through it. I’m not sure I can finish by 9pm, but I’m really enjoying the book.
    Talu’s collar is lovely.


  5. I’m 32 and I remember Ice Castles. I think my mom had a crush on Robby Benson and made my sister and I watch it. It’s always funny to step a generation back because hot guys from the 70’s do not remain hot guys to 80’s (or 90’s) eyes. I remember asking mom who was the hot male actor when she was a teen and she told us Robert Redford. My sister and I were all “ewww.” And then I saw him in “The Sting.” Yum. And one day my girls will hear that I thought Brad Pitt was hot when I was a teen and be all “ewww.”
    Also, I am envisioning a new feature here – Make June Sing It. With video of course!


  6. Just checkin’ in…see if this post as anything at all to do with me.
    No? OK…back to the Ohio State game. Enjoy Pie a la Prose tonight…


  7. So, I live overseas and won’t be able to join you for Mince Words with June. But I just wanted to go ahead and add my 2 cents… I LOVED the Glass Castle. Fascinating stuff. And to think, it’s a true story. I won’t say more because now is obviously not the time.
    I loved, loved, LOVED Ice Castles!! Now I’m determined to find it online and watch it again. Have a great book club and hamburger eating session. Hi Hulk 😉


  8. Darn it! I am going to miss tonight. I have concert tickets…. and I’m the one who suggested the darned book! Well, enjoy! I’ll try to pipe in after I get home. You all will be gone, but…
    Nice bling there, T!


  9. “Ice Castles” is now on Netflix “Play It Now” – for anyone interested in watching it again. Just sayin’.


  10. I will miss Mincing Words with June tonight because I’m flying overseas on Monday and I have nothing packed. And also too, I didn’t read the book.
    Love Henry’s adolescent antipathy. I’ve had 3 teenagers, I recognize that look.
    Sorry, Hulk, didn’t mean to leave you out on a Saturday: GO BUCKS!


  11. So I posted a comment about Ice Castles. It didn’t show up, even after I left and then came back. So I posted another comment. Sorry about the “Ice Castles” spam!


  12. Pleeeeeeease don’t let these comments eeeeeend, they’re everything I ammmmmm, everything I want to beeeee…


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