Whose stupid idea was it to quit my job, anyway?


You guys don't ask for obligatory Henry pictures anymore, now that he's a catten. When he was a teensy thing you clamored for shots of him all the time. And look down there–there's Frannie's head. Aw. Poor Fran.

Also too, that horrid mess on the table back there? It was all our bathroom stuff because we're redoing the bathroom. Messes like that? Make me very tense. Marvin does not feel keyed up about stuff like that, so you can imagine how well we get along.

And what a stellar idea, to redo the bathroom when I'm quitting my job during the worst economy ever.

Speaking of my job, today is my last day. I feel bad, because yesterday I got a bunch of emails from people where they told me how much they like me. But maybe it's like when someone's dead and you only think about the good times.

We had my goodbye lunch–my celebrity roast, as someone at work called it. I got chicken fried chicken again. Why the high cholesterol?

Then when I got back to the office, I started deleting any un-worky emails, which Marvin says they can still see anyway. Whatever. At any rate, I went through my Sent file and even though I usually had no context, I deleted things that clearly hadn't been word-related. And I have to tell you I cracked myself up.

I wrote things like, "That Bible! It's full of the quotes!" Okay, WHAT had I been talking about? I also liked, "I'd write you back but I'm missing a finger."


Then I really cracked myself up with, "I had no idea I was in a probationary period. I'd have stopped bringing my gun."

Really, it's kind of a miracle I lasted at that job for as long as I did.

I must go get ready to look super cute for my last day, so everyone regrets that  hottie like me is leaving that place, but before I go I have to tell you something about Hulk.

Faithful Reader Hulk's mom got married yesterday. I know it was a Thursday. It was a low-key affair at the courthouse. Hulk took a few hours off work to witness.

When he returned, he emailed me. He had to sign the paper saying yes, I really saw this person get married she is not lying, but unfortunately? He signed the wrong line. And now kind of technically? Hulk is married to his mom.

Oh, how this slays me. This is one of those times you should be glad you're not friends with me in real life, because oh, how I'm not gonna let this drop. 

So let's all congratulate Hulk on his wedded bliss, shall we?

Okay, talk to you when I'm jobless.

66 thoughts on “Whose stupid idea was it to quit my job, anyway?

  1. Cosmo’s Dad… LMAO. F*** YEAH!!!
    This whole post and the comments within deserve Post and Comments of the Year.
    Furry… DY-ing.
    Thank you, Hulk. No, really. Thank you. I have had a stessful week and next week promises to be as stressful, if not more, and you marrying your momma totally took my mind off of all my troubles today. So again, I thank you.
    Last comment/question of the night… Who will you turn to and who will you run home to when you and your newly wedded bride have a row? You can’t really go home to your mother’s when your mother is the bride you are running away from… That’s a pickle.


  2. Awe shucks, I should have read this post this morning!!! Then I could have chortled to myself all day.
    Registered at Mommy & Me….. BWAHAHAHAHA
    Hulk, next time you date somebody will you be required to fess up that you’re already married to your mama? OH, the mother-in-law drama THAT’ll cause!


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