Are you there, NyQuil? It’s me, June.

Fetching See? He really DOES fetch. And I just swept that floor yesterday afternoon. Geez.

Spitty Henry spit mouse for mom.

I think I’m getting a cold again, which I realize I said a few weeks ago and it never transpired. So maybe it’s another phantom cold. Let’s hope so. I have to begin with the Christmas celebrations.

I think I am gonna wrap up my statistics book today, and I’d like to point out I am a day ahead of my deadline. Heart self. But I am nervous because I have no work lined up once I am done. Eeek.

You need that family newsletter proofread?

Anyway, once I’m done with that book I will commence the Christmas card extravaganza. I think I asked you all this last year, but if you send Christmas cards, how many do you send out? Because my numbers are gettin’ ridiculous. And every year I buy my cards half off on the day after Christmas and do you think I could find mine this year? Oh, I was irritated with my own self.

Finally, as I got all my decorations out, I realized our stockings and candles were nowhere to be found, so I headed back up to the attic and sure enough, way in the back by what I assumed was an abandoned nest of voles was a box marked “Stockings, candles, and Christmas cards.” Right then I knew.

Cause nothing gets past me.

And speaking of Christmas, my faithful readers are already beginning their good deeds! One person paid $15 toward the gas of someone she saw in an old car with lots of kids. Another person gave a homeless man some money and his equally homeless dog a rawhide.

Why do dogs who belong to homeless people just stay put, with no leash? If Tallulah and I were homeless and she had no leash, all I’d see is the back of her blonde hind end as it left a trail of dust.

Anyway, read my comments from yesterday and the day before to see the good deeds people are doing. Eventually I will list them all, here.

Oh! And when I opened my photos to show fetching Sir Henry, I found this:

Why Apparently it’s time to make the donuts. Or something.

63 thoughts on “Are you there, NyQuil? It’s me, June.

  1. Yay Dawn! 🙂 I heart you! And I’m feeling a little shameful because I have nothing yet to report. I’ve spent the past few days disciplining 14-year-old boys who don’t know when enough is enough.
    Anyway, I will focus this weekend on my RAK! I will meet your standard and do 3 as well (so we’ll match)!


  2. I love the “The Dog Whisperer”; on an episode one night I heard him say that homeless people always have the most well-balanced dogs. Here’s his explanation:
    “Homeless people have the best dogs. They’re always moving around and exposing their dogs to different environments. Instinctively, dogs like to migrate, so these dogs are stimulated and happy. Farmers, hunters, and disabled people who rely on their dogs also have this dynamic. In each of these cases, the dog is given a job to do, completes it, and then is rewarded. These four groups of people have happier, healthier dogs than any lawyer, architect, or movie star. “Domesticated” means dogs won’t hunt for food, but it doesn’t mean they won’t work for it. It’s natural for them to work. If you have a dog that pulls on the leash, try putting a backpack on him and letting him carry water. You’ll see his head go up with pride because he has a job.”


  3. We send out a picture of the kids–150 Christmas photo cards–every year. And I prune that list every. year. If you have not reciprocated since last year, you’re lifted right out.
    And I only send it to our family and out-of-town friends since/because our friends IN town see us once-to-multiple times a week. How much do my kids change from Thanksgiving to Christmas, really? They don’t need a picture of that!


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