I must be brief. Not boxers. Or even boxer briefs.

Your close personal pal June is worky today. Yes, on Saturday. I know you feel sorry for me.

When I wasn't working yesterday, I was reading our book club book, Serena, by Ron Rash. I am obsessed! It's such a good book! Click on Mince Words with June over on the right to get the details about book club. It's still called Mince Words with June, isn't it? I think so.

Anyway, the other thing that happened yesterday–I mean other than the part where I bit the inside of my $%##@&% lip and now I keep RE-biting it and I hate everything–is the UPS man rang my bellllll, rang my bell. See what I did there? I mean, other than putting the song Ring My Bell into your head? I mentioned UPS this time and not FedEx. There goes that big Tiger Woods endorsement money I was lookin' at.

I went to the door and when I opened it, I almost could not even see over the boxes that had arrived for me. I said, "Oh, my God!" and I didn't even know the UPS guy was still there, but he said, "I know, right?" as he headed for his truck.

"I'm an only child!" I yelled after him.


My porch after the UPS man left in disgust. This was not even the first batch of boxes to arrive, not at all. Hey, it was worse when my grandmother was alive, and I was her only grandchild.

I guess that's all I have to say about my gifty Christmas. Oh, and speaking of things that will disgust you? Tallulah Gardens may have her own page on Facebook. If you want to friend her, she is accepting requests. Which is kind of more than you can say about her in real life. She is kind of aloof with people when we're not being cyber.

Finally, it's Saturday, that day where some of the time I remember to award the comment of the week. This week Faithful Reader Brenda gets the dubious honor. Because of her tongue. Click on Special of the Week if you wish to see it.

Okay, back to work. Anybody want to hear about statistics?