If sleigh bells were ringing, really, how could you NOT listen?

Ooo, we're supposed to get a big storm today or tomorrow! I'm so upcited! It never snows here, you know. This is my third winter here and it'll be the third time it's snowed. I have nowhere to go except to the FedEx box (pay UP already, FedEx) to drop off yet another book back to the publisher, and I can walk to said box if the roads are really that bad. Give me a good excuse to made hot chocolate when I return.

I can make real hot chocolate. It's one of the only cooking-related things I know how to do. Because, you know, all you have to do is heat milk then dump a bunch of crap in there.

Should I start a cooking blog? I am so good at describing my process.

Do you know what I hate? "Nosh." That word gives me the willies.

But that is not why we are gathered here today. Remember earlier this week I said I wanted to have a little survey? Let's have one now! I know, right?!

Oh, but wait. Because I want to poke everyone's eyeballs out who can't see the FedEx arrow, I'm gonna point it out to you.

Smellthelogo I have circled it. If anyone says they still can't see it I will personally come to your house and scrub your eyeball region with kosher salt.

June's blog. Where you come for the Christmas spirit. 

I used the spraypaint-can feature in Paint. Didn't I do a lovely job? I'd have made a great gang member, spraying my graffiti. All the rival gangs would be all, "Wait. WHO owns this corner? Can you even read that? My fellow gang member?" I have no idea how gang members address each other. Don't they all have scary nicknames like Spidey and The Situation?

Okay, here's our survey. Spidey. Please answer. I will not judge you for typos or grammatical errors. Thank you.

1. How did you find this stupid blog?

2. Do you find it overwhelming that I post every day?

3. What would you change? About this blog, not about the world. Are you sick of hearing about my cats? Marvin? You want MORE cat photos? Tell all.

4. How long have you been reading?

That is all. Four beautiful questions. Well, seven, kind of.
I have no idea if your replies will change anything, but if I hear 800, "Oh my shattered potato, shut UP about Henry!" you know, maybe it'll have an effect.

Word up. June Gang 4ever!


  1. 1. I found this blog when you changed from byebyebuy over to this one.
    2. I do not find it overwhelming that you post every day, because I usually read your posts on my feed reader multiple posts at a time. I almost never read the comments and I think I only commented one other time, years ago. Since it is ten days later, I wonder if you will even read this comment, which leads me to also wonder, why am I commenting now?
    3. I would change nothing about your blog. It is, after all, YOUR blog. Oh, except that I would have asked a fifth question in this survey which would have been: 5. What is your favorite thing about this blog?
    4. I have been reading since September or October of byebyebuy, whatever year that was.


  2. 1. I found you because you told me you were starting a blog and you gave me the link! : ) I’ve read every post since that first day of Bye, Bye, Buy!!
    2. I love reading your posts every day. It’s what I read when I’m having my breakfast! The best way to start my day, dear June!
    3. Change anything? More pictures of your babies. More comments from you. Not much else.
    4. I’ve been reading you since Day One.


  3. 1. I found you via Chic Critique.
    2. No, not at all
    3. I like the pictures (and stories) of your outings about town and to visit family.
    4. Since May of 2008, so 20 months


  4. 1. A friend recommended your blog to me. I don’t know how she found it but she came across it at the time you were taking medicine for migraines (topomax?). She thought it was hysterical (not the migraines, or the topomax, but your blog).
    2. No, it’s not overwhelming that you post everyday! I like to read your blog everyday. I’m one of your weekend readers too!
    3. I wouldn’t change a thing!
    4. I have been reading since you were taking topomax…can’t remember when that was but I’m sure you will!


  5. OOoohh oooh….. Can I still post?
    I found you through a link from my friend Kellie’s (la Vida Dulce) blog
    love all your stories and pictures – love love that you post every day!
    Please don’t change a thing!
    I’ve been reading for about 3 months. Also, like Amy the redhead, I refer to you as “one of my friends in North Carolina” when I am relating a story you have told.
    Ps- thanks for the link to Ms. Doxie!! Love her…. Only wish she posted as often as you


  6. I found your blog from someone else. I don’t remember who now, because I go diretly to yours.
    I never get tired of your animals. I think they are great. I am a dog lover also. I love dogs more than some people I know. We have a yellow lab names “Sookie” named after the faithful chef, best friend of Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.
    I love that your write every day. I wish I could. Sometimes, I go for more than a day without reading yours, so that I can read more than one at a time.
    I have been reading your blog for over a year.
    Thank you so much. I wouldn’t change a thing. You are a joy.


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