Don’t you (dododododo) forget about me

Don't forget to come back tonight at 7 Eastern for Mince Words with June, my grand and glorious book club. We didn't assign an official food this time. Let's say snake and eagle jerky. You probably have that lying around.

So, see you tonight. But before I go, I'd like to discuss my nose.


My friend Marianne took this yesterday, and it's a whole story about how she made me this watch and then made me give it back like a Native American giver, and I will tell you that story on a different day, because I'm not even supposed to be posting right now.

But look in my nose holes. I only noticed this because I take 45 pictures of myself every day for this blog, and more than once some polite commenter has said, "You have something  in your nose in that picture." But I don't (thanks, though). Years ago I was told I have a deviated septum, and I think it's getting worse, cause it's showing up on camera now. Also, if I close off the other nostril? I really can't, you know, BREATHE out of that one.

Do you have any idea how exciting this is? I may need SURGERY and I can say, "While you're in there, please remove that DING DANG BALL on the end of my nose." Oh, I hate that ball.

So that's my good news. Hooray! Hurrah! We're on our way to the ball!

27 thoughts on “Don’t you (dododododo) forget about me

  1. This may be the first and only time that June has been excited about a medical procedure in the time that I have been reading this blog.
    And one of the ads on the sidebar is for “Edward S. Kwak, MD”. I would not go to a doctor named Kwak, personally. But the ad also says he specializes in Asian cosmetic nose surgery, so I don’t think I qualify for his services anyway. Or maybe he specializes in giving non-Asian people Asian noses?


  2. And while I stereotype? Every Asian friend I have is bad at drinking. Like, they get stupendously drunk after one drink and turn all red. Whats up with that? Are there any Asians in the house who have the same reaction?


  3. I had surgery for a deviated septum 28 years ago. It’s worth the pain to be able to breathe out of both nostrils. Get the surgery – but I will say that there is PAIN. 🙂


  4. although i think it’s incredibly endearing that marv loves the end of your nose i totally encourage you to get it done. not because i think anything about it because i’m all about women doing things to make themselves happy. and you’re not asking for the moon. just a new tip. do it.


  5. I tried to get a doctor to give my husband a vastectomy while he was in for a knee replacement (at age 35), but apparently they won’t do that. Something about “It’s a totally different doctor that does that,” or some such nonsense. And then I ended up with a third kid. Something is wrong with the system.


  6. June, the Asians going red thing is a real genetic mutation that means they can’t break down alcohol well so one drink gets them hammered. It’s called Asian Flush at my uni and is so so so funny.
    Also, Shelley cracked me up 🙂
    I go running with my huge 55kg dog, 10 minutes in I get tired and basically let him drag me along. This exercises him more so I think this makes me a fantastic pet owner if not a glorious athlete.


  7. Native American Giver……..too much! Woot! That, right there? Hilarious!
    Please read the next sentence to the tune of “Don’t Go Breakin My Heart” by the fabulous Elton John….
    Don’t go changin your nose
    balless June just wouldn’t be right
    Suregery and June don’t mix
    You’re just not that kind….
    Dont go changin your nose
    what would we talk about?
    June when you post a pic
    the comments are so funny….


  8. Just wanted to say that I read your No Spend blog and cracked up the whole time! You are hysterical! I love love love your writing style. 😉
    I became quite disappointed, however, when I got to the end…until I saw the link to this blog. Yay! I hope you keep blogging for a good long time.


  9. Think twice before you go running off to have surgery–of any kind! Minor surgery is surgery on some one else. There is no such thing as minor surgery!


  10. I have a ball at the end of my nose too. AND I had surgery on my sinuses to clear blockages so I can breathe. I’m sorry to say that my surgeon would not remove anything from the outside of my nose, only the inside. Totally different doctor. So the good news is that I can breathe through my nose, but the bad news is that said nose still has ball on the end. In other good news, I have gotten to the age where I don’t really give a shit.


  11. Before you get a nose job, go take a look at the new issue of, ummm… The Star? World News? Enquirer? Oh, I can’t remember which one it was, but they had these really horrific pictures of plastic surgery gone wrong. Beautiful people like Daryl Hannah who now look like they came alive at the wax museum. Very, very scary! Ooohhh bad scary!


  12. Hubby did that and he can breathe ever so much better (unless I am holding the pillow on his face), but it was MAJOR surgery. He whined and moaned for weeks.
    I think your nose is great. I have never seen the problem…just sayin.
    Did you borrow Marvin’s sweater for this outing????


  13. The bad news: I had to zoom in real close to see the booger. Yep, I see it.
    The good news: I really have never noticed it until you pointed it out and I have never noticed the ball.
    The really good news: Your skin looks great and I think your makeup looks fantastic in this picture!


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