My family, at 7:57 p.m. on January 27

Perhaps you were thinking, "I wonder what June and her household are doing?" sometime around 7:57 p.m. last night. Or, you know, not.

Nevertheless, I decided to photograph everyone in their element to see if we could find anything interesting.

We didn't.


First of all, here is me. And my, you know, HAIR. I took a photo of Google telling me it was 7:57 and then I turned the camera on myself! Surprise! I like the red line where I took off my glasses first. Because I had NO IDEA the camera was gonna be on me!

Oh, that hair.


As per usual, Tallulah was .06 centimeters from me, and you know what would be great? Is if I knew how far that actually was. But anyway, she was right behind my chair. That's my coat hanging off the chair on the right, there. Because I'm tidy.


Winston is in the in box. Of course. And he seems pretty smug about it. "I'm in. Winston is the new black."

Henryinchair Henry was looking regal in his chair, and studiously ignoring his scratching post. Because why use that if you have a perfectly good green chair to claw?

Ground control to Major Tom. I have no idea what all Marvin is up to, other than scrinching up the guest bed blankets. Again.

Because I started moving around, so did Tallulah, and apparently something was in dire need of attacking under the bed.

You watch that, girl. Good job. Those dust motes. They need constant supervision.

Of course, the minute I went to the back room, where Francis can be found 86 hours a day, he got immediately on my lap. I know no one believes that that cat is capable of love, but oh, how he loves me. What can I tell you? I'm a charmer. I am the moth to that creature's flame.

So tonight I want everybody to get their camera at 7:57 p.m. and take a picture of everyone in their element at your household. Report back to me with a link to your blog. And don't make everything all nice. Just get up and commence to photographin'.

Have no idea why I just turned into Granny Clampett.

Wellllll, doggie. See you at 7:57.

37 thoughts on “My family, at 7:57 p.m. on January 27

  1. Well, I was sitting in the dining room of the Rectory (I love that word!) with the priest and the Finance Committee explaining the finer points of the 2010 budget at 7:57 pm last night.
    I know, you all want my life!


  2. Well, crap. I was driving along the highways and byways of life at 7:57pm on January 27, 2010 so I was not able to participate unless I wanted to drive and take photos simultaneously and risk erasing my spotless driving record which I really don’t want to do so that’s why I think this should be an on-going weekly challenge. Pick a different day and time each week. What say you?


  3. My dear departed Oregano was like Francis — rakishly handsome tuxedo cat with a high-strung personality. Oh how I loved him, the miserable shit.


  4. My dear departed Oregano was like Francis — rakishly handsome tuxedo cat with a high-strung personality. Oh how I loved him, the miserable shit.


  5. My dear departed Oregano was like Francis — rakishly handsome tuxedo cat with a high-strung personality. Oh how I loved him, the miserable shit.


  6. You look GREAT and love the Bowie reference – that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the MG pic! Love it.


  7. Well, “firstly” may or may not be a word but “econdly” definitely is not. I meant “secondly” of course. Sorry bout that, Mrs. Clampett.


  8. I won’t be able to participate because firstly I don’t have a blog econdly I’m at work at 7:57pm. Is firstly a word?
    Love your little family!


  9. Oooh, I cannot wait to do this!!! I will definitely be photo blogging tomorrow what goes on at 7:57 tonight.
    You’d think by reading that last paragraph that I have PLANS or a LIFE or something, but sadly no. You will probably get a shot of me watching TV and my kid doing homework.
    But still, participating is F.U.N.


  10. I don’t blog, but I know where I’ll be at 7:57 PM tonight – plopping onto my loveseat with two dogs and a cat to watch Fringe. It’s my regular Thursday night date. What can I say? I like the weird stuff and I just want to put Walter in my pocket, although I’m sure I’d be just as likely to want to take him out of my pocket very soon after that.


  11. My dog, Pickle, acts just like Lu and tried to dig things out from underneath furniture. She likes to put her nylabones under the couch and beds and try and dig them out. She inevitably pushes them further back under the furniture so that I have to get down there and try and dig them out with my arms.
    I will try and participate in the 7:57 event. I can tell you what my household will be doing: renovating our hall bathroom. It’s an exciting life I lead.


  12. June,
    I love that Henry and Winston sit in the IN BOX. I bet Talu wishes she could get her big behind in there, too. My parents used to have a huge cat and he would get up on my mother’s dresser and just lie down on whatever was there, moving pictures, perfume bottles, etc. until he was stretched out like a king. You know this picture of Henry does make him look like he has a painting of Dorian “GrayCat” hidden somewhere in your attic. That just means that Winston will continue to look even wiser!!


  13. Hulkette and I are going to a hockey game. I will take som pics and send them to you, as I know how huge a part sports plays in your life.
    How many Marvins are you married to? Or has he become cat-like in his mortality, and he still has 7 lives left?
    And now I don’t get the guitars?


  14. Good morning sunshine! I do not have a blog to post pictures on or a working camera right now, but I wish I did, that is a great idea!
    LOVE your hair. And the chair Henry is sleeping in, looks so comfy!


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