Clair de Talune

It is Friday night and we are having a big old giant snowstorm here with maybe even a foot of snow, so I am composing Saturday’s post in case we get snowed to death and at least you can hear from me one last time. From the grave. Because I’m sure it matters to you to hear from me one last time.

I am absolutely exhausted. Is what I am. I think I am drained from my job interview. Although it was not a bad, stressy interview, actually. I immediately felt comfortable there. They will do second interviews next week, so I guess if I am sitting there, you know, NEXT WEEK, I will know I am still in the running.

When I got home, other than the 239457532759594 messages from people saying, “How was your interview?” there was also my newest statistics textbook awaiting me, which it turns out needs a whole different style guide with which to proof it. Which means I had to go to Barnes & $%#&%%@ Noble and did I mention we are having a snowstorm?

Fortunately I got reimbursed for said style guide, which is delightful and which hadn’t occurred to me would happen. But when the publishing company left me a note saying, “Oh by the way, this particular book uses the MLA Handbook” and I called them and said, “Hey! Here’s a thought! Should I maybe, I don’t know, OWN the MLA Handbook, then?” they said, “Oh, wow, yeah, you probably should. Go buy it at Barnes & &$#%@#& Noble and we’ll reimburse you.”

So there you go. And here’s a question. Can you answer it for me? Why is Barnes & @$#%@# Noble always so ding-dang crowded? I mean, it is ALWAYS packed. Are people that into reading? What?

My point is, after dashing home through the 75 million rapidly accumulating snowflakes, I started proofreading, only to discover there were two page 73s, which is, you know, NOT GOOD, and which will, you know, NOT BODE WELL for proofreading the index, I was suddenly so overcome with a stunning exhaustion, it was like the Wicked Witch had put a poppy field right there in my living room. So I only proofed for an hour and a half today. After die die dying for work for three weeks.

Hate me.

In other news, Tallulah loves Clair de Lune. Do I have any idea why? No. We were playing it tonight, and she sat right down on the floor, like the Sphinx, and moved her ears around, listening. I’ve never seen her act like that. Clair de Talune.

Finally, thank you all for participating in my project the other day, where I asked you to take pictures of what you were doing at 7:57 p.m. So many people who DO NOT have blogs sent me photos of what they were up to at 7:57! It was fun to see everyone’s inner workings. And pets. You know I am all up in your pets.

Also too, I have new pictures of faithful readers and their Bye Bye, Pie wares.


Faithful Reader and Constant Commentor and Republican Hulk sent me this lovely photo. Note he had to include his politically incorrect tattoo. By the way, I was watching a Barry Gibb video recently, as I am wont to do, and I noticed he was wearing a hat with this same politically incorrect Indian on it, which made me phone Hulk, which resulted in Hulk saying, “I LOVE Barry Gibb!” So there you go.

Hulk was one of the unbloggers who sent photos of what he was doing at 7:57 the other night and those of you familiar with Hulk will be stunned to hear he was at a sporting event.

Jill Faithful Reader and always-funny-when-she-comments Jill Munroe sent this artistic shot, and when I say “artistic” I am of course referring to her fine Bye Bye, Pie t shirt. I am hankering for the brown-long-sleeve-with-the-old-design one, myself, and have not bought it because have I mentioned I have had no work for three weeks? Have I mentioned I finally got work today and then became a delicate flower after an hour and a half?

Joannpic Faithful Drunk Joann put this picture on her blog when she participated in the take-photos-at-7:57 thingamajig, and I like how she manages to be a total raging alcoholic while wearing pearls.

You too can be an addict. How about you buy way too many of June’s products, you shopaholic, you? Because have I mentioned apparently June can only put in an hour and a half of work a day now?

Lazy living-off-the-system June and her classical-music-loving dog will catch you later. Unless they die from snow. Oh! And I awarded Sugar Mommy comment of the week earlier this week, and she retains the honor because she is still funny and I am tired. Click on This Week’s Special to see it.

Oh my God, I will never shut the hell up. One LAST thing. For some bizarre reason, I had a ton of readers this month. More than I have ever had. So thank you, readers! I do not know why you all hate yourselves so, reading this drivel, but keep up the good masochism! And speaking of masochism, really going to stop now.

74 thoughts on “Clair de Talune

  1. Can I just say I’m so happy reading your blog & comments? Since I just moved to Ohio from Detroit (bleh), I’m feeling very out of place, and at least my Bye, Bye Pie has been a constant. Even if I can only get to reading about once or twice a week. Thanks for keeping something familiar going on.
    Good luck on the job!


  2. Oh for crying out loud, it’s called pop. I am SO tired of these “Soda” snobs thinking they are better than us. It’s POP, OK??? “Soda” is what you put in a glass with gin or vodka…”pop” is pop. Coke, Pepsi, RC, whatever…pop is pop.
    Go Tribe.
    Still luv ya’ll tho…


  3. Ya know, as I re-read that last post, I think I better ask…did everyone see that I was using Sarcasm font there?


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