Roll me away

Who even knew redunkulous Twilight could garner 11 million comments?

And hey, thanks for that suggestion that I go to the LIBRARY to get book four, because it honestly hadn't occurred to me. Does anyone remember why I started blogging? Wasn't it because I went a year without spending? You can see how that stuck with me.

So it's Saturday morning and in a few minutes I have to head off to the park to join my running group to galumph majestically on my arthritic knee. Then I have to come home and work another 12 hours, which by the way, I actually turned work down yesterday, in a stunning turn of events.

Then Marvin expects me to go out at 10 p.m. to hear a band with the Other June and her fiancee. I am thinking Marvin is berserk. I have worked three 12-hour days in a row and for some reason mental exhaustion is just as tiring as laying bricks. Not that I have ever laid bricks. Or even spoken romantically to them, really.

Oh! But here is some exciting news. I realized I have a credit on Cafe Press, the site where I am selling my wares (Click on Buy Buy Pie Stuff over on the right if you want to see) and I got me one of my brown, long-sleeve t shirts that I have been coveting! Oh, I am excited! Now I can be all cute like Faithful Reader Jill Munroe.

I think I'll wear it today to proofread. I know. I really know how to throw down.

It's time for me to go run against the wind. I'll be running against the wind. I'm old and weak and still runnin' against the wind. But comment of the week goes to The Chief. Click on This Week's Special to see.

Oh, and since we're clicking all over the place today, our book club selection this month will be Water for Elephants. I won't have time to add that to the Mince Words with June button this morning, so if you click that you will be sorely disappointed and your weekend will be destroyed, but let's say we'll meet at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, March 21. There are no major sporting events that day, are there?

Okay, off to run. I hope you all have the Chariots of Fire theme in your heads, cause that's exactly what it's like. And by that I mean the slow motion part.

70 thoughts on “Roll me away

  1. Oh, I loved Water for Elephants. It was my first pick for my non-internet book club, and I was the only one who liked it. Go figure. They all LOVED The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Apparently WfE just wasn’t apocalyptic enough for them or something.


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