June succumbs



Guess who I got together with yesterday? Was it that same friend who FORCED me to read the first Twilight book? I blame her. Otherwise I could continue to scoff at the rest of you. I already got to the sex pillow-biting part in book four.

Hate me. Hate me so bad.

In other pressing news, apparently we are having some sort of potluck event with the other members of Marvin's band tomorrow night. All the wives are meeting each other. It is like Yoko and Linda and whoever that chick is who liked Eric Clapton and then also Ringo Starr are all getting together.

Naturally Marvin waited until last night to tell me. My roots are 17 inches across the top of my head. I am going to have to act like this skunk look is something I meant to do. Maybe I could go with a whole Pepe LePew thing, and kind of speak in a French accent, and kiss everyone up their arm.

And of course you know what I have to bring as my dish to pass. The other day I called one of my oldest friends (to get the number of someone else, which comes as no surprise if you read this blog every day), and I told her how we'd had people over for dinner recently. She said, "Oh! Gee! What did you serve? Did it start with 'L' and end with 'sagna?' "

When my mother turned 60 she had a huge party and invited many of my friends, and they all ended up congregating in the back yard over by the hammock. I drifted over there, over by the young folk, there, the young 40-year-old folk, and they were having a conversation about whether they'd all gotten a chance to visit me in LA. "Yeah, I've been out to see her! It was nice! She even cooked for me once! Never thought I'd see the day!"

"Yeah, she cooked for us once too!"

(Oh, crap, I thought.)

"What'd you guys have?"


"Wow, that's what WE had!"

"Us, too!"

It did not take long for all my friends to figure out I had served exactly the same meal to everyone who came to visit me.


Anyway, going out to get the pasta today. At least I don't have to buy any oregano.


Finally, I spotted Winston and Francis being all curly-cue-y and cute yesterday so naturally I dashed for the camera, and does Francis have to ruin everything?

As soon as I lifted the camera, he had to glare at me with this rheumy eyes. Why couldn't he have just stayed asleep? He's old. Couldn't he go deaf? Anyway, trust me. Eight seconds before, it was really cozy and cute. Almost as cute as that Edward and Bella. And their unborn vampire child.

88 thoughts on “June succumbs

  1. June, are you supposed to take a main dish type dish? Or will fun appy-tizers and desserts suffice?
    While the casserole thing looks good and with so many outstanding reviews, I am sure it is delicious, but aren’t you vegetarian? If so, substitute some chopped and sauteed veggies for the bird. Mushrooms, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, any of those could be a good switch for the meat. Also, I get some tvp things that look like puppy chow at the Indian Market. You rehydrate them and use them in place of chunks of meat. Unfortunately, they tend to taste a bit like puppy chow. But the texture is nice.
    I have not read the twilight books or seen the movies. Probably not going to either. It seems like YEARS that I have been trying to finish this damn and ding and dang Norman Mailer book, so I can start on the elephant book. Oh! Jeannette Walls was on Craig Ferguson last night talking about her books. She is cute and oh so funny. They were both cracking each other up. The new book really is about her maternal grandmother but since her main source of info is her mother and she is batshit crazy and there is no one else to corroborate they are calling it a novel. She doesn’t want to be the next “Million Little Pieces” guy.


  2. Those recipes sound yummy…Joann, is yours the same as those? If it’s different, will you msg. it to me please?
    June, If you don’t have to bring a main dish thingy, why don’t you just buy one of those big bags of frozen pre-cooked shrimp and a jar of cocktail sauce. Thaw the shrimp and arrange them on a pretty platter with the cocktail sauce. This is so easy and I allways bring it to potluck things. Everyone always loves it.


  3. Lisa, mine is the same as Fawn Amber’s with all those yummy fat-laden ingredients, although I’m sure it’s fantastic with the egg noodles, too. I’m telling you when that Ritz cracker and butter combo is baking in the oven, you might just think you’ve died and gone to heaven. And I do the pre-cooked chicken all the way. I don’t mind shredding meat off the bones. It’s a hell of a lot better than cooking anything.
    And everyone is so FUNNY today! Hulk is the crackiest crackup


  4. Cool, Eff Aay. Except I’m 43 and don’t remember what it was I wanted you to do…


  5. In my opinion, when the Lasagna is as good as yours, why would you EVER make anything else. If it aint broke, keep making it…and let me tell you, it certainly ain’t broke. I think I am still afraid to make lasagna since yours, as I know it would pale in comparison. My lasagna would be so pale it would look like one of those fishes that live in caves. But at least I know your secret ingredient is oregano, and gobs of it!


    Oh Yuck, Oh Pew! Oh I just threw up in my mouth a little!
    Oh, June- how could you do this to me? One little :;retch:: fling with the first one, I might forgive, but this?? BETRAYAL!


  7. Please, please, pleeeeease stop popping Twilight spoilers in your blog. I’m probably the only person to have not read the books yet but I’d really appreciate them being a mystery. I decided I’d read them after I’ve seen all the movies. So it’s going to be a while. I hope I can hold out that long. Anyway I thoroughly enjoy your blog and would hate to have to choose to stop reading it over this. Not a threat – just a request.


  8. Ah the Twilight series. Read it, enjoyed it, and then I moved on. Thought the movie sucked. Don’t think I’ll see the second one or any of the others. They don’t adapt well. Don’t be ashamed, June. It’s kind of like Pringles, you know they’re not good for you, but can’t put them down. When you’re done you might want to wander on over to Stephenie Meyer’s website and have a look at Midnight Sun, which is the first book of the series but from Edward’s point of view. And then there’s a whole series of fan fiction as well. I’m not into it, but have a friend who spends hours a day reading the stuff, hanging on every word and update Twilight People are a bit odd me thinks.
    And welcome back to the Topamax train. I’ve been on it now for five months and maybe get one or two migraines a month, and that’s a big maybe. Before Topamax it was two or three a week and I was miserable. Keep us posted as to how it’s helping out with your migraines. For me the stuff works, and weird side effects and all, I’ll take it.


  9. June cooks! look at Marvin, the gaunt starved expresion on his face…Hey Marv, did you just grab that little fifth graders snack?
    June put your hair up in a bun “hey hot buns anyone?”
    With Marvin’s band….grab the rolling papers and smoke the oregano….


  10. It was a couple days ago, but I just wanted to let everyone know that when it finally came time for my appointment for the vaginacologist, read BBP and comments in the waiting room on my phone and while waiting for my Gardasil shot (YES, last one!) and was cracking up.. getting looks.. made everything suck a little bit less.
    For a bunch of commenters that don’t like food blogs, you all sure talk about food a pretty good deal. I don’t have a whole lot of people to share the good news with, so I figured I could tell you guys, I just got accepted into [a very prestigious] culinary school [that I don’t know if I should mention by name yet]! So if I start a going-to-culinary school blog, if I promise it won’t ALL food, might you come take a look?
    Finally, as soon as whomever said that Stephanie Meyer is from Gilbert. AZ, it made sense. Used to live in the Phoenix area and there’s a lot of Mormons ’round those parts.
    And also too, since I just can’t finish this comment up already, “start with ‘L’ and end with ‘sagna?’ “.. DYING!


  11. O Mistress of the Obvious please tell me how I can tell the post is going to reference Twilight? You mean the picture of the book? Who would have thought? My bad. Good tip.


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