Her arse? Where did it go?

I have to work my arse off today. And wouldn’t it be nice if that literally happened? Oh, what’s on the floor, there? I guess June really worked today.

But anyway, I give you a photo of Tallulah, because I love her so bad.


Why you bother Lu when she communing with sheep?

And since I have to go, I will leave you with a question so you can all scream and yell at each other in the comments. What do you think of that whale that killed the woman at SeaWorld? 


123 thoughts on “Her arse? Where did it go?

  1. Lots of great comments! I agree animals need to stay in their natural habitat and not ripped away from where they belong just to entertain humans. Leave these creatures alone! This whale was a KILLER whale, what do they expect?!!!! A we DON’T need any government inquiry, the government needs to stay out of our lives.


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