Her arse? Where did it go?

I have to work my arse off today. And wouldn’t it be nice if that literally happened? Oh, what’s on the floor, there? I guess June really worked today.

But anyway, I give you a photo of Tallulah, because I love her so bad.


Why you bother Lu when she communing with sheep?

And since I have to go, I will leave you with a question so you can all scream and yell at each other in the comments. What do you think of that whale that killed the woman at SeaWorld? 


123 thoughts on “Her arse? Where did it go?

  1. Lots of great comments! I agree animals need to stay in their natural habitat and not ripped away from where they belong just to entertain humans. Leave these creatures alone! This whale was a KILLER whale, what do they expect?!!!! A we DON’T need any government inquiry, the government needs to stay out of our lives.


  2. This is going to sound harsh, but: whales are wild. No one should be surprised when wild animals act wild. Especially ones that already have a history of killing. I’m going to assume she knew the risks she was taking.
    It’s tragic; I’m not being unsympathetic here. But it’s not exactly surprising.
    I also believe that some animals are meant to be domesticated, like the chickens and cows and pigs I love to eat so much. Not all farms torture the animals they raise. So go get yourself some delicious, nutritious FREE RANGE meat.
    Finally, I think the government needs to stop involving themselves in everyone’s business. They have real jobs to do, and a whale investigation is not one of them.
    And those are all my thoughts for tonight. Good night!


  3. I’m pretty sure I read that no one was supposed to be in the water with him as it was already – and that the whale had actually jumped up and grabbed her while she was walking by the side of the pool. Also, that the attack would have been intentional, based on how it happened – it was in no way an accident.


  4. Wait Joann, Furry never said anything about squid. You never know, it may be the dumb cousin of the octopus and okay to eat.


  5. Furry… when I lived in your happy town..Memphis, I went to a Zoo fund raiser…1997…gosh you were there…and a big pink boner to everyone else.


  6. Hulk (Who apparently is the ONLY person here who realizes that the Earth has taken everything the humans have thrown at it and survived one HELL of a lot longer than us...) says:

    Now I have to cut the plastic before I throw it away?
    Oh Moses smell the roses…


  7. I agree with Hulk, for the most part, but the continuous “show” of animals is disgusting. Let them stay in a “natural” habitat and kids watch them roam, float, or swim. Some of these mammals would die if they stayed “in the wilds.” However, have any of you thought about the plastic that holds a six pack of Coke/Pepsi, etc.? Ever think about the birds and other creatures that are dying because they are not cut into pieces? So, remember to cut all sides of the plastic holding that six-pack before you toss them.


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