Talu fill in


Mom get up. Every day I look at mom hair. It do different thing every day. It interesting.

Mom and her hair go to machine in kitchen where she make the hot brown water come out. When the brown water come out, mom get happier. Mom hair calm down after she drink the brown water.

Talu wait for brown water before she start to click around by back door. Before mom have brown water, mom scary.

Mom let me out back door. She call me good dog. Like mom when she has her brown drink.

When I come back in, mom at computer. Talu know what that is, because mom always say, "Talu, leave mom alone. Mom at computer now."

Talu sigh a lot and sleep near mom when she at computer. Talu not like computer. When mom there, lot of time Talu not get to go to park. A lot of time Talu not get to go on the good walk. When mom there, a lot of time Talu not get to go in car. Computer suk.

Mom at computer all day today. She keep saying, "Why more work come in? How much work there possibly be?"

Mom hair starting to get scare again.

Mom know she supposed to remind everyone on blog that book club is Sunday, but mom worry she not finish the book by Sunday. Mom worry she not able to blog today, she so busy. Mom make more of the hot brown water. Mom use the bad words.

Talu typing this to you to ask if it okay we have book club next Sunday instead this Sunday. Talu doing this so mom not get so mad when she notice the toilet paper.

Toilet paper delish.

26 thoughts on “Talu fill in

  1. Sounds excellent, Tallulah! I just got the book from the library TODAY, and was a little nervous as well. I know nobody knows who I am here, but I am very important and should read the book too.


  2. I had a dog once…I named him “Stay”.
    It was fun when he was a puppy, because I’d go, “C’mere, Stay. Come HERE, STAY!” And he’d start, then stop, then start again, then stop again…
    Now he just ignores me and keeps on typing…


  3. Ok, Talu, you can tell us: Big Hair is busy thinking about some girl-on-girl with the newly-available Sandra Bullock … and that’s why Big Hair isn’t getting her book read … am I right?


  4. Ok, Talu, you can tell us: Big Hair is busy thinking about some girl-on-girl with the newly-available Sandra Bullock … and that’s why Big Hair isn’t getting her book read … am I right?


  5. Ok, Talu, you can tell us: Big Hair is busy thinking about some girl-on-girl with the newly-available Sandra Bullock … and that’s why Big Hair isn’t getting her book read … am I right?


  6. I know what Talu mean. I hate when my Mom at computer. She say she doing her class work, but most time, she just play solitaire. I go sleep in bed when Mom at computer. Give her 30 minutes. Then go in computer room and just sit and stare at Mom. It always work. You should try it, Talu!


  7. I actually read the book and am planning to participate. Yay!
    Whenever your ready, I’ll be there with bells on.
    I don’t really know what that whole saying is about, but I’ll jingle all the same.


  8. Dear Talu,
    You are my hero. Mom on computer and I do things she yells about like climb on “her” couch. I got in bad trouble yesterday. Mom yelled at me and called me a bad dog and made me go to my bed in basement. I chewed a delicious giraffe. Why she so angry? Mom always uses bad words about stuff lying on floor, I help her clean up. Mom was so angry and not even brown water calm her down. I wish I could go on walks or even type on the computer. I asked for a facebook page and mom told me no. Hate. I wish I could come live with you. Bailey and Talu, tackling the world together, chewing one book at a time.


  9. Silly dog, if you were cat like me then computer no problem. Way to deal is sit on clicky buttons, this also warms butt! You can try to chew the arrow thing on screen or play with the mouse. But not as nice as fur mouse. If humans ignore means they are not socialised, stick butt in their face so a)they no longer see screen and b)they can find out about your day.
    If you need more helps ask Winston. He looks like knows many things.


  10. We have lots of toilet paper in Michigan Talu-just keep that in mind. I think you should have your own blog. You lead an interesting life. Love ya


  11. Tino also like toilet paper, but hard to get off of roll. Tino like better eat tissues, right out of box. Why not, they stick up like asking for it? Tino think, maybe chew computer cord, then get to go for big walkies. Mama not agree. Mama think Tino bad dog chew cord. Tino lay on new couch in other room and sigh.


  12. I was wondering when you were going to get around to the thing hanging out of your mouth Talu. Also, how is it that you spelled every word correctly but “suk”?


  13. Simon doesn’t eat TP but Simon makes entire family hang roll wrong way because Simon unrolls whole roll if loose end comes over top. (Simon laughing like Muttley now.) When Simon makes really ripe poo, Simon tries to use TP. Also when Simon has a rogue poo (a poo that gets out of box because Simon trying to bury it in such a frenzy because Simon has Felix Unger qualities), Simon tries to cover rogue poo with TP. But since Simon’s family has to hang TP wrong way now, Simon can’t use TP and Simon has to use bathmat or bathroom rug to cover rogue poo. You should hear what Simon’s Mom says when she steps on bathmat that was covering rogue poo! It not pretty. (Simon laughing like Muttley again.)


  14. My dog ate 20 (TWENTY!!) blue muffin papers last week…. I was mortified and wondered which end they would come out. Still have not found evidence of their exit. Toilet paper…. Talu FUNNY.


  15. It is snowing in Texas – my dogs all inside and confused. It was 70 degrees yesterday and they all got to go on their own good walk. Today, 28 and snowing and I’m yelling “get out of the kitchen and out from underneath my damn feet!!” (mostly to the dogs…maybe a little to the husband and kid).
    Current positions:
    Coco (the prince, my daughter’s dog, miniature dauchsund)…cuddled on my lap and under the covers.
    Big Dog (old lady dog, a street rescue, black Lab)…on her own personal blanket near the couch.
    Buddy (“temporary foster dog”- had him for two years, stubborn terrier birddog mix)…stubbornly laying by the back door thinking “why mom not let me stay outside??”.
    Jack (the dumb one, adopted in haste but loved for his sweetness, faster than a sparrow)…shaking and sleeping at the same time, kicking his back legs.


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