The one where June suddenly says bank

When we still lived in Los Angeles and Marvin was going to school to become a teacher, he said, "Have you considered going back to work and getting a real job instead of freelancing? Because once I become a teacher, I will be making a lot less money."

I really hadn't considered getting a real job. Because I am a partner in life that way. But once he brought it up, I started looking. That was back when you could actually look for jobs and get them, and doesn't THAT seem like 50 years ago. I found a fabulous job at an in-house ad agency at a company that makes things you have heard of, including some pretentious water that if I named it, you'd say, "Oh, yeah! I know that water!"

It's really good water.

I know you think all water is the same, but this water tastes better than other water. For a while we did not get it for free at work, but then we did right before I left. Yeah, thanks.

Anyway, the point of my story is, I did make a lot more bank, and how much do you like me for saying bank, and before I forget a lot of people asked about Marvin's garage sale and he made SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS this weekend. But back to my riveting story about my job in LA.

I loved that job so bad. We had free yoga at noon, an on-staff curator, free flowers we could take home, coworkers I am still friends with who read this blog (hi, Anthony!) (hi, Stephanie!) (hi, Virgo!), but the thing is, it was 16 miles away from my front door. Which translated to LA means it was an hour drive each way.

So I told Marvin I needed a satellite radio. Because otherwise I was going to be like Michael Douglas in that one movie where he gets a machine gun and blows everyone's head off on the LA freeway.

Then Marvin could not find a teaching job in LA because it is really competitive so I had to quit that job anyway and move here, and I insisted that I get to keep the satellite radio. Because now I am hooked.

Which leads me to the point of this post. My satellite radio has a '70s station, and also an '80s and a '90s station. It does not have a 70's station, because the '70s do not own anything, nor are we saying "70 is." Thank you. You want to send shivers down my bottle? Be sure to write 70's.

Because I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to my '70s, '80s, and '90s stations, I have been reminded of all sorts of times from my past, which I am sharing with you. Isn't it funny how a song will put you right back in a certain time? Here are some songs and here are their attached memories:

  • Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. In the late '80s, my friends and I followed this cover band around every night from bar to bar. When I say every night, I mean we were there on Thanksgiving. I do not know if they played on Christmas, but if they did, we were there. We were obsessed with this band. One of the songs they played was Bizarre Love Triangle, a song I loved. Sometimes they'd play it as soon as we walked in, because they knew we'd dance to it. When I linked this song just now? I danced to it in my robe, with Henry looking at me.
  • Jealous Guy by John Lennon. Really, any song by any Beatle and there I am, back in my childhood.
Childhood When my white-'fro parents were not listening to the Beatles, I was at my grandmother's house, and my aunt and uncle were blaring out the Beatles over there. I'm sure my grandma was thrilled. She was hanging her goat high.

I really like the song Jealous Guy, and I also like the song Junk by Paul McCartney, but apparently Paul McCartney has, like, Fort Knox on all his songs and you cannot put them up on any blog. Lighten up, Paul. Don't you think you probably have enough bank?

  • Tempted, by Squeeze. There is NO SONG, no song, that transports me to college more than this song. I am in my boyfriend's dorm room, watching his put Spritz Forte in his pompadour. I am sitting on the floor with my housemate Edie, screaming the lyrics drunkenly. I am bartending at Small Planet, dancing to this song and pouring beer. I mean, Tempted. So college. Love this song.

Yes, I DID decide a perm was a good idea when I was in college. A PERM. Maybe I wanted the 'fro to be like my parents.

  • Black, by Pearl Jam. One of my favorite songs, anyway. But I moved to Seattle right when the whole grunge thing was happening, which I did not do on purpose. This song reminds me of getting to Seattle, and falling in love with it, and going to clubs, and wearing black and trying to seem deep and depressed and not naive and Midwestern which is what I really was.
  • Let Love Rule, by Lenny Kravitz. In the summer of 1990, I studied in London. I had a stupid boyfriend who was an archeology student, and he was going to Mexico all summer to dig something up. He never called or wrote the entire summer. Not once! It was hard to get ahold of him because he was in the middle of nowhere, so I spent all summer worrying he didn't like me anymore.

        One of the guys in my study group knew I liked the song Let Love Rule, and one afternoon he stood under my balcony and played guitar and sang it. It was so cool and it cheered me right up. Every time I hear that song I remember that beautiful sunny afternoon in London, in the middle of the park where I lived, that goofy guy singing Lenny Kravitz to cheer my ridiculous self up. I was in LONDON! I was YOUNG! I was CUTE! Why didn't I just lighten the eff up?


Okay, obviously I am at Stonehenge here and not London. Same summer, though. Nice front butt. Maybe I wasn't as cute as memory serves.

What songs remind you of stuff? Do any songs remind you of making bank?

90 thoughts on “The one where June suddenly says bank

  1. I was so messed up, nearly all songs from the 70’s and 80’s are depressing. Loved the 90’s though. Alternative. Good times. It’s sucked again the last 10 years.


  2. Oh my god…Jack and Diane… I went through a training class where 2 of the particpants were named, Jsck and Diane. It was in San Francisico, 1992,…oh my, oh my… in the lobby of the hotel they had a really large bowl filled with fortune cookies. We ate all of the fortune cookies … with each one as it was read, we commented (actually exclaimed) “between the sheets”, you know
    “you will never be the last in line, you will always excel! ….betweeen the sheets”, and I kept all the fortunes, I have a celedon jar filled with hundreds of fortunes. Any way, out partying that night…Jack and Diane the classmates… the song…oh gosh…
    Auntie M…I’m with you..Maybe it was
    Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
    Who could hang a name on you?
    When you change with every new day
    Still I’m gonna miss you


  3. “New Year’s Day” by U2 will always make me think of being in high school and staying up all night long on the weekends watching Night Tracks on TBS waiting for that video to come on. That song changed my taste in music.
    Seal’s “Crazy” was huge the summer I moved out to Seattle. Much like June, I decided to leave Michigan for a place where I had never been and knew no one. That song was on the radio all the way across the country. I especially remember one early morning driving across Minnesota when the atmospheric conditions were such that my car radio was picking up a Las Vegas station, and the blast furnace heat across South Dakota in my little unairconditioned car. If it had been any hotter I think my sister and I would have had to drive at night and sleep during the day.
    Finally, “These Are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs will forever remind me of the 1993 LGBT March on Washington. The Seattle Queer Nation group arranged with the DC group for places to stay. So I slept on an air mattress on the floor of where this skinny long-haired gay guy lived. And by “air mattress” I do not mean one of those air beds, I mean an actual pool toy air mattress. Anyway, he said I could use his stereo and 10,000 Maniacs was one of the few areas where our taste overlapped. That song, in particular, was perfect because that event was utterly unlike anything I experienced before or since. I can’t compare it to anything. It was beautiful and amazing. I’ll always regret not taking a camera with me.


  4. From your oldest reader:
    “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” — was playing in the gym as I was being a tour guide for a student teacher whose dad was a Rhodes Scholar (and I didn’t know what that was and there was no net waaaaaaaaaay back then).
    “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” — many a sweet night at college
    “Blessed Assurance” — sitting on the front pew as a tyke while my mother sang in the choir
    “Heard it Through the Grapevine” — hubby heard it in the middle of the jungle from another grunt’s radio
    “Georgia on my Mind”— Ray came to campus!
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many: CCR, Eagles and more— we had the BEST music, bar none.
    And now I like some bluegrass! Not met much music I don’t like! sorry for rambling!! Just listened to “Snoopy and the Red Baron” on youtube…LOL


  5. Have any of you heard a clip of the new song by Countess LuAnn de Lesseps (from Real Housewives of New York) called “Money Can’t Buy You Class”? If not then you must all google it. Ohmygoodness. It will always reminding me of cringing in horror on my couch.


  6. Told you Joann would have this big list! That girl loves her some songs. And I just want to know, who in the h.e.l.l. wouldn’t want to turn back time and be fast forever friends with Furry? Dyed Monkey? Girl.


  7. June spent a summer in London. A guy serenaded her. I believe we need to hear more.


  8. Dee, how about:
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    I’ve Looked at Life from Both Sides Now
    Puff the Magic Dragon
    Abraham, Martin & John
    Blowin’ in the Wind
    Purple People Eater
    California Dreamin’
    Sugar Shack
    59th Street Bridge Song
    I Am a Rock
    Sound of Silence
    ah, the memories


  9. The one song that takes me back more than any other is Brandy. Yeah your a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life my lover my lady is the sea….
    Maybe that is why I’m addicted to Deadliest Catch and think Captain Phil was just the bomb. RIP Phil.


  10. Black is an awesome song. So is Jealous Guy. Love the picture of the folks.
    Gladys: I’m hooked on Deadliest Catch too. I had a chance to see Phil last year at a casino here and didn’t go. I could kick myself.


  11. June, I know. I’m kicking myself that we didn’t hang out at all while you lived out here. Well someday when you move back, we will.


  12. First of all, I totally nodded out loud when I read your sentence regarding jobs. I’m about to graduated with my Bachelor’s (which, for some reason, does seem to have an appropriate apostrophe in it. I have checked) and yeah… jobs? What are those? I can’t even get an interview for the things I’m well qualified for; it’s so depressing.
    Second of all, regarding the 70’s vs ’70s… I went to my university’s writing lab and there was a tutor there who swears that she has seen it acceptably written as 70’s. I argued with her a little bit because I just could not see a common situation where it would be acceptable. Crazy people. (And this is a state school, not a fly-by-the-night-get-tuition-rich in this bad economy school.)
    Lastly… I almost prefer not to think of songs that would transport me back to my youth because I grew up in a time when music was CRAP. Grunge had entered the scene and I was not into that noise at all. So I hated all the songs I heard all the time on the radio. In Jr High it was stuff like New Kids on the Block and Milli Vanilli which I also hated. In high school it was grunge hitting CO, and bands like Offspring, Radiohead and whatever. *barf*
    Oh, and Ace of Base. And Cranberries. Alanis Morrisette was okay, but highly overplayed. I shall digress. I was not a very happy camper.
    To survive I just kept listening to my classic rock and other stuff I liked.


  13. Probably built at the same time as those houses. I lived about three blocks from the fairgrounds. I could hear people screaming on the rides at night during the fair, and you could see our house from the double-ferris wheel.


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