I am clean-clean-cleaning, because an old friend is coming for the weekend. Hope she likes chicken and lettuce!

I have not seen my pal Jen since I think 10th grade, maybe 11th. She is driving to Florida and wants to stop over on her drive. It's going to be so exciting!

Why don't I end every paragraph with an exclamation point?

Yesterday I went out and bought a new comforter for the guest bed, a thing I can ill afford, because every comforter we own has red dirt on it from dogs and cats.


 Comforter2You know, some people do not have pets. Those people are clean.

Anyway, she gets here at about noon on Saturday. We are grilling chicken and having a salad. Surprised? Then, fortunately for her, Marvin and I were invited to a large potluck dinner party anyway, and the hosts said it was okay if we brought her along, and here is where I need your help.

Marvin and I are part of this supper club, and every month it has a theme. This month's theme is pregnancy cravings, because our hostess is seven months pregnant. So you are supposed to bring things people crave when they are pregnant.

The only things my friend Renee craved were Bubble Yum and Perrier. I cannot bring that. I talked to my friend Lucy from TinyTown yesterday, and she said she craved tomato juice.

Didn't anyone crave ACTUAL FOOD?

So help a sister out. Food cravings that I can make and bring to this party, please. I will be cleaning and checking back all day. And purchasing chicken.

P.S. What about this song for my drag queen contest?

135 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. Forgive me if this has been asked, I tried to skim the millions of comments to see if it was, but a million comments is… a lot.
    ANYHOO, that’s a beautiful quilt! I love quilts. Where did you get it? I’m guessing Target. Listen, when she’s gone FEDEX it to me, alright? Cool. 😉


  2. I craved Oreos and green olives, together, with my first.
    Triple cheeseburgers (I’m not normally a beed eater) with my second.
    Dairy Queen corn dogs with my third.
    I noticed you had over a hundred comments and I’m boo-hooing that I don’t have time to read them all. I’m on the road, with just a quick stop to see what’s going on with June.


  3. I am currently pregnant with my first. My cravings thus far:
    – boxed mac and cheese mixed with steamed broccoli florets
    – pasta with butter and grated Parmesan cheese
    – crispy oven fries dipped in honey mustard
    – grapefruit slices with honey (only now in the 2nd trimester though)
    I’m not sure I can count the fries/honey mustard as a craving because I would eat that any day, any time, pregnant or not. It was my favorite late night college snack (ordered from Cluck-U), and was probably entirely the reason I gained 20 pounds in college.
    I also love the new quilt. It’s lovely. Are you going to take it off the bed when your guest leaves to preserve it from pets and dirt for the next guest? That’s what I would do. OK, have done.


  4. I think I feel bad for your friend – this dinner sounds like it might be awful!!! The new comforter is nice though…I agree..they are an investment, are they not?


  5. I love “Get It Real” for a woman pretending to be a man dressed as a woman? Perfect. You can’t get more real than that. And you must make those faces. They are so attractive.
    Poor you. They should make caffeine patches for people giving up coffee.


  6. Not that you need any more great ideas! But this is easy…..Cheetos, Pepsi, Hot Dogs. All the major food groups represented.


  7. Ok, Dad o’ Cosmo. Per your suggestion about menus from the stoners, it’s been YEARS but the munchies always demanded one or all of the following: Bean burrito with extra cheese from Taco Bell, Sourdough Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box and/or a Celeste Cheese Pizza. Or a Stir and Frost cake. Anyone remember those? All you had to do was add water, mix and bake and viola! A cake in something like 20 minutes.


  8. I craved Watermelon with my first and McDonalds Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuits with the second.
    Weird, I know. And probably not very helpful.
    The fun things about this theme is that you can pick just about anything you want… pregnancy cravings are no respecters of taste!


  9. I’m late on this, but only because i just found you…and you are a TREASURE!
    Like Linda in CO, it has been so long ago, 47, 43,41,37 and 32 years, that i really don’t remember anything special except EAT EAT EAT!


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