June Gardens’ almost-June garden

Here it is. Memorial Day weekend. Are you barbecuing out? Are you beer bonging? Are you hitting that beach?

Me neither.

I told Marvin we could (a) paint the living room, (b) clean up the back yard foliage, or (12) adopt the puppy I saw yesterday at the shelter. Yes, I do just go to the shelter for fun. What do you want from me?

Marvin opted for painting the living room. I like how it never occurs to Marvin to tell me to go eff myself, we are doing none of the options above. He acted like he really had to do one of the three.


He is also removing our broken dishwasher and throwing it out, as is evidenced by this crystal-clear photograph.

I thought if you weren't busy throwing your shrimps on Barbie or whatever that you might like to take a look at my burgeoning garden. Okay, I knew that you would not really want to do that, but now you are stuck here and you have to look.


I purchased these hanging plants yesterday at the farmers market. I bought some just like them last year and they did really well until about November, so here they are again. They are succulent-like, or maybe they really are succulents. One of my best friends hates the word "succulent." I think I'm gonna call her and tell her to be sure to read my blog today. Anyway, I asked the saleswoman, the farmer, as it were, what these were called and she said they were ph-somethings.

Welcome to my gardening blog. So educational. Ph-somethings. I just remember it starts with "ph."

Or maybe "f."


I understand that my dog is not a plant. However, we have a large mulberry tree in the back yard and this time of year it is blooming, which by the way the blooms make my throat close up to the size of a pin, and it is also bearing fruit. The birds eat the fruit then poop blue on my priceless Restoration Hardware lawn furniture, and also Tallulah rolls in the fruit, causing her to look like she has Kaposi's Sarcoma. When I took pictures it barely showed up but please see evidence above.

I think this is why I started calling her Tallulah Blueberry Gardens. I had forgotten how she got her middle name. Although technically it should be Tallulah Mulberry Gardens.


Speaking of my pets, I understand that this plant is not my pet. However, underneath this plant is my dead pet, Ruby. It is a day lily–the plant, not the dead cat–and I put it on her grave last year and as you can see it keeps TEASING me with buds and will not bloom. Which is appropriate, because Ruby herself was quite shy.

Casual fran

Francis on his angry chair. No reason, just passed him while I was taking photos.


The last of my azaleas are blooming, and I like this pale pink one as opposed to those garishly bright ones I had earlier this year. It looks nice against my pink sage. Everything in my garden is pink. Have you met me?


Last year I planted a hydrangea outside my front window, and I am obsessed with the part where it might actually bloom. I thought maybe it was too hot and sunny where I put it. But look! It looks a little bloomy!

When did I become 95 years old? I didn't used to spend Saturday mornings perusing my garden. I used to spend them sleeping off a hangover. Oh, how the old me would giggle at the current me. Well, once I was awake. In like three hours.

I have to go shower because I am going to see the Sex and the City movie again. Yes, I am obsessed. No, it wasn't really that good. Comment of the week goes to Target Steve. Click on This Week's Special to see.

35 thoughts on “June Gardens’ almost-June garden

  1. I have a friend who hates the word clematis. I try to use it as often as I can.
    I must be 95 too as I am going out to clean up my garden on the fine saturday afternoon. I don’t even sleep in anymore. When did that happen?


  2. The only thing I have planted that doesn’t grow food is herbs. My lavender is blooming now so I do have that bit of color. Any other color is from the ripening heirloom tomatoes and the blossoms of the squash plants.
    We had 2 years of horrendous drought and water restrictions and as much as I love things like azaleas and hydrangeas and peonies, I have had to become brutal about what gets the rationed-out valuable water.
    And so I thank you most gratefully for sharing your lovely garden with me!


  3. Yay, another Fran sighting! Team Francis, here!
    Because I have become a crotchety old lady and no longer like to be around large crowds of people, I am spending my Memorial Weekend at home puttering around the house while TheManTheMyth and Thing 1 are out racing their dirt bikes in the desert. I will FINALLY watch the LOST finale and cheer on the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup. And wait for the phone call from the menfolk letting me know they’re safe and sound. Or at the hospital. Again.
    I’m a lousy gardener. Maybe because my last name is not “Gardens.” My idea of gardening is to fling out packets of seeds at the planters and cross my fingers that they’ll grow into flowers. It’s pretty hit and miss.


  4. Your day lilies do not look anything like mine. However, most of mine do bloom at some point. I have a few that have only bloomed every few years and that is when there have been torrential downpours nonstop for about two weeks. So may more water has something to do with it???


  5. Lindy, I love the name Pickle. Love it!
    How many times have you seen the movie now June?


  6. I played in the dirt this morning too. June, how do you keep your hanging baskets looking nice way into November? By the end of August, mine are begging for a mercy killing.


  7. The only ph flower I can think of right now is phlox, but it doesn’t look like that’s what it is. A succulent type flower with an F is fuschia, but I feel like you would have remembered that cause it’s also a color name (If it isn’t fuschia, though, I highly recommend them to you.. they’re pretty and gaudy all at once) The picture is hard to tell, but they kinda just look like petunias to me. But what do I know.
    I wish I were moved already, to the apartment with the deck, and not in this dark icky basement. My green thumb is itchy. Come on, July!


  8. Since Beth has a secret desire to be June Gardens,it is funny when your life and ours contain coincidental circumstances. Today, we went downtown and walked through an SPCA adopt-a-thon. We were late to the party, or we might be coming home with a new puppy today.
    Also, Beth is shopping today for a new dishwasher as ours can be heard by Diane J and 12daysold out there on the west coast. Perhaps Marvin can do the labor for us? Does he work cheap? I can’t really tell if he is good at it without the full shot to see if his butt-crack is showing.


  9. Those plants look like portulaca. Pretty fleurs, succulent leaves.
    And that day lily looks suspiciously like an Asiatic lily or an Oriental lily…Day lilies are totally different – they don’t have those tall stalks and they have profuse low-lying foliage.
    So shoot me! I’m a gardener! And don’t forget tomorrow is my birthday! I’m SHAMELESS! : )


  10. I got up early, too. And the old me hates the new me because of it. I cleaned and mopped my porch, cleaned my porch furniture and wiped down all the siding on the front of the house. Then I finished planting all the flowers I have already purchased and am about to go buy more. I have been doing laundry. We are going to a park tonight for a cookout.
    Tomorrow we are going to Six Flags Great America.
    Monday we are going to do more yard work and PAINT THE LIVING ROOM!
    We all live such parallel lives.


  11. Hmmmm. Terra and I had a meeting of the Rhodes Drinking Team here last night to kick off the weekend, so today we slept in and were hungover. Went to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken for some Sweet, Spicy Love Sauce. Came home. Napped. Going to watch a movi in our underwear. Tomorrow we plan to fooze around. Maybe go to the zoo. Weed. Whatever. Rinse. Repeat. On Monday, you know.


  12. Your pal from MA is right – that’s some other type of lily, not a day lily. Day Lilies have those long, thin, kind of droopy leaves and have yellow or orange or red blooms. They’re virtually indestructible.
    What color did you decide to paint your living room?


  13. Joanie (and Spotte who both love to sit in the armchair with feet on the ottoman and read,read,read) says:

    I want Furry and Terra’s weekend! Unfortunately, I’ve drawn the “cleaning out the back room” weekend. I must pick more carefully next time.
    Also- I’m with Friend from MA – your lily looks Asiatic or Oriental not day, and if your lily is the oriental type it will probably smell wonderful! (or maybe that’s if it’s the Asiatic type – it’s one of those anyway)


  14. No plants or flowers at our house yet due to some work being done all around the outside of the house that started out earlier than planned but came to a sudden standstill.
    Spending yet another holiday weekend waiting for the a/c repairpeople. It never fails. Originally scheduled for 10 p.m., recently persuaded them that after a scheduled service call 6 weeks ago and $800 bill then, perhaps we could be moved up a little . . .


  15. Not a day lilly, I put my day lilly flowers in salads, no real taste, texture kind of like a thin melon slice, sweet yes. Oh hydrangea, how I love you! My Brugmansia , that lived in the garage all winter, “Angel Trumpet Flower”, oh gosh, super fragerant (whatever, smells awesome and blloms after dusk).
    We have a playground in our neighborhood, there is a sign there that is posted as “park closes at dusk”…..
    11pm last night,
    We are on a good night walk for the doggers,
    2 teens in the park,
    I greet them and ask if they would read the sign to me,
    “park closes at DUCKS”.
    So when ducks are around the park is closed?
    We also have a sign for those “other” children “SLOW, children at play”.
    Maybe those teens were a little too fast.


  16. You all are having a great weekend. I cannot say the same. Hubby and I just saw our grandkids and kids off and now he is having a M.A.J.O.R. gout attack. Poor guy is 200% hurting. I took him to the emergency room for confirmation and some meds which haven’t kicked in yet.
    I guess stress can bring it on and he has had that.


  17. We are, or we WERE, moving this weekend but things did not go as swimmingly as we hoped. We had to order a new washer and dryer (unplanned), and furniture that we had planned to use in our bedroom won’t work and now we have to buy new. Grrrrr. So the delivery schedule of that stuff is going to dictate when we actually relocate. BAH.


  18. We are, or we WERE, moving this weekend but things did not go as swimmingly as we hoped. We had to order a new washer and dryer (unplanned), and furniture that we had planned to use in our bedroom won’t work and now we have to buy new. Grrrrr. So the delivery schedule of that stuff is going to dictate when we actually relocate. BAH.


  19. We are, or we WERE, moving this weekend but things did not go as swimmingly as we hoped. We had to order a new washer and dryer (unplanned), and furniture that we had planned to use in our bedroom won’t work and now we have to buy new. Grrrrr. So the delivery schedule of that stuff is going to dictate when we actually relocate. BAH.


  20. Hydrangeas can take a year or two to bloom — they like to settle in for a while before they bloom. We had one with lots of foliage and one bloom for many years and then – shazam!!- it had about 6 blooms last year. Quite finicky, it is. So, if not this year June, maybe next.


  21. Purslane! That was the word I was looking for earlier! I even tried to look it up in my book, but it said the portulaca. When I bought mine last year, they had a tag that said purslane. Now I’ll be able to sleep tonight.
    Cosmo’s Dad- my mom gave me a cutting of a trumpet lily many, many years ago. I stuck it in the dirt near the mailbox and became the envy of the neighborhood. It grew HUGE and had the most beautiful blooms. Oh, I miss that smell. How lucky for you.


  22. Good grief. Or is there really good grief? Anyway. I am still recovering from my second hang over in my entire life and let me tell you it’s not so much fun in your 40s as it wasn’t in your 20s.
    Love the garden and love seeing Fran.


  23. Love your garden. Are you getting a new dishwasher?! I understand why Fran sleeps on the angry chair, it looks so comfortable. Cats have a way of finding the best place in the house to sleep and lounge.


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