The after party

Man, I am hung.over. Woo!

Okay, I don't drink. At most I am Cheerwined over. Do y'all not in the South know from Cheerwine? It is kind of Dr Pepper-y, without the pepper. So it's kind of cherry cola-y. Anyway, it's delish. I told someone last night I was sad to move to the South till I found ham biscuits and Cheerwine. Then I was good with it.

So, it rained a little yesterday afternoon–not enough to ruin anything we'd hung in the back, but enough to cool it down about 10 degrees. So that was excellent. And people and their fears cracked me the Sam Hill up.


Here was my fear. Also, won't you appreciate our new blue walls and white bookshelf? Try to look beyond my sixteen unborn children. And by the way? You may not know this, but trying to navigate with a big pregnant stomach is hard. I kept spilling bruschetta on our child as I carried it to the food table.


Here is my neighbor Peg, co-party host. She is not a fan of the bee. Look at her cute shoe detail. The party was abuzz about it. BAH!



Afraid of the oil spill. Excellent! When she left, Marvin said to her, "Go home and clean up." Who finds his own every utterance hilarious?



Just when you thought it was safe to read my blog. And you know what's not tapped out? "Just when you thought it was safe" jokes about sharks.


I love everyone. I mean, they all really worked (for health insurance) on their outfits.


Everyone, that is, except my friend The Other June. We awarded prizes, and she won Most Lame.


Marty Martin came as fear of failure and his woman Kaye was The Pacific garbage patch.


Here was my favorite. My friend Tank's wife hates it when you go in the water and fish swim around your ankles. She got the Most Original prize.


My pal Hammy never wants to jump out of a plane. Despite the part where she might get to be the Bionic Woman if all went terribly wrong.


And her husband feared time.

A couple hours into the party, I decided to give birth, because that plastic beach ball from the dollar store was starting to stick to my thighs. When I pushed it out (yes, I did), Marvin yelled, "That looks nothing like me!"

Again. Hearts. Him. Self.

Anyway, it was a good TIME, despite someone's fear of it, and everyone stayed till about midnight. Well, my friends did. Peg's friends all left by 10:00. I felt bad, thinking maybe Peg was tired, but she seemed totally not tired, and she did have one friend (who dressed as fear of being a redneck) stay. We broke it up because huge flashes of lightning started zipping across the sky, so all the men quickly carried my furniture back inside, and let me tell you, that went a lot faster than when Peg and I schlepped it our own selves the other day.

I wish I always had a team of men to do things. Like a staff or Egyptian slaves or something. Is that politically incorrect of me to wish? I wish it anyway.

Today I have to (wait for it) proofread something, and also plant the zinnia my friend The Other June brought me. I am quickly realizing the best thing to give me is something to plant in my yard. I could hardly sleep I was so excited to plant my zinnia today. And again. What happened to drunk slutty June who passed out on random floors throughout her 20s?

Hi, mom!

P.S. I forgot to tell you, I have a new fear.


Marvin growing a Tallulah face.

47 thoughts on “The after party

  1. I agree! No matter how politically incorrect, I want a team of strapping men to follow me around and lift heavy things for me and give me shoulder massages and fan me and pop grapes in my mouth. And walk my dog when I’m being lazy! Wait, maybe I got a little too carried away there.
    Looks like SO MUCH FUN! What a great party idea! 🙂


  2. Oh, I love your party and I love your friends! SO. MUCH. FUN!
    And also? My 4 year old daughter just saw that first picture of you with the giant belly and asked: “Mom, is that you?” Not kidding.


  3. Wow – great party! I loved how creative everyone was!
    Marvin cracks me up – and I love the pic of him with a Tallulah possessed by the devil face!


  4. Love the costumes. I’m going to give birth in about twelve weeks and I’m terrified. Lisa Pie, come to Arkansas!
    Your living room looks great. So bright and cheerful!


  5. This tops my list for fun party themes–the last one at the top of the list was a festive hat party and yours blows that out of the water. Loved your costume, June!


  6. Hi, I jumped over from the Nester. What a hilarious party idea! I love seeing grown-ups have fun! I’m from NC but now live out west and I sooo miss good BBQ and hushpuppies. And a good “yes, ma’am with a drawl” 🙂


  7. The only Cheerwine I know of is the stuff we cheerleaders used to drink prior to football games back in high school: Annie Green Springs, Tickle Pink, you know, the klassy wines.
    Your friends came up with some clever fears. My fears/phobias are the same old, same old of heights, clowns and snakes. Ho hum.


  8. Awesome party! And I was living perhaps an even bigger fear during your party time… a sleepover with 8 six and seven year old girls!!! Ackkkkk ….. We survived and everyone had a nice long nap today. :o)


  9. WAIT! No picture of the Miracle Angel Baby??? After all these years? All we get is a photo of his wife’s ankles, calves and fish? I was excited to see Hammy!


  10. Bwhahahahaha Dad of Cosmo.
    Sounds like a great party June! All of the costumes looked great. Love the blue, love the white bookshelves.


  11. Those costumes are so creative!
    I especially love the fish around the ankles because that is my fear too.
    Is your fear being pregnant or being pregnant with 16 because you would totally knock Octomom off her high horse.


  12. Cosmo’s Dad wins comment of the week. I cracked up when I saw your photo. The fish around the ankles is classic, that’s one of the reasons I don’t like getting in lakes/oceans, in other words, water where I can’t see the bottom.
    Your walls and bookcases are beautiful. Why don’t you just cover all your books in covers the color of your walls, then it would be totally color coordinated. Sorting the books by color looks like something I would do, however, my books are by size in our bookcase with tallest from left to right.


  13. bahahaha Cosmo’s dad!
    Love the paint, love your costume, love everyone’s costumes, too. A++ for June (I’m sure Marty will be relieved)


  14. What an awesome party! You have really cool friends. I love your new paint; how did you have time to finish that yesterday? The color coordinated books look great.


  15. What ingenious ideas! How fun for everyone.
    I do love your blue walls with the white shelves. I especially love how you’ve arranged the books by color. By color! It looks so cool.


  16. I was thinking yesterday to stay cool you could have gone in a swimsuit and taken along a kiddie pool, filled it with water and sat in it all evening – afraid of drowning. You would have been the coolest person there. Not sweaty I mean. But the beach ball preggie look was great too!
    Oh and Marvin the shark would have been a great accessory to you in the pool! Fear of sharks while swimming! I’m just saying. Keep that in mind for next party, k?


  17. hahaha Cosmo’s Dad.
    Love the new blue walls and the white bookshelves! I do enjoy you June but I have to admit that on some days I heart Marvin as well. His one liners were pretty good.
    Thanks for the recap.


  18. Go Lisa Pie!
    What a fabulous party. And your look is exactly what I looked like 3 times over.
    I gained over 50 pounds with each of my girls and I never worried, (please ladies don’t hate me), because the weight always came right off afterwards.
    It was the breastfeeding. So, I might not have had to worry about weight ever, but my taa-taa’s have paid the price, terribly.
    My maternity clothes had permanent stains from all the food spills.
    Love the blue walls. They’re so peaceful.


  19. Well, that was a fun recap. Thanks for sharing so quickly! You might not believe this, but I am headed out for a . . . . . .
    Yep, I am a birth doula and i help women through labor. So sorry i wasn’t at the party to help you get unpregnant.
    Everyone send good birthing wishes my way!


  20. What a great party!! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I love your wall color, it was such a great idea to paint the bookshelves. Very pretty!


  21. What a creative bunch of friends you have. It looks like a good time was had by all
    And you went as Kate Gosselin, when she was pregnant with 6?


  22. Junie! Loved the costume…Heeee-larious!
    Wish I could’ve joined the par-taaaay! We are still feeling jet-lagged, however, and I was in bed by about 9:30!! I’m an animal!
    Talu looks like the hound from hell with her glow-y eyes!


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