Shred. Which just kind of makes me hungry for hash browns.

Okay, since so many people have already said they are into doing the 30-Day Shred veeedeo with me, here's what we'll do. Everyone try to get it this weekend. Then sometime between Sunday and Monday night, try to do the veedeo. And I promise eventually I will stop saying veeedeo.

Also, if anyone wants to send me Before pictures, I will put them up on my blog over the weekend! Those of you who already wrote to say you are in, I am adding you as officially in.

Here is my Before picture:


Okay, not so much. First of all, who's gonna believe I am 19? Also, how mean are her parents that they named her after a candy bar? She was doomed from day one.

I tried to take a Before shot by myself but it was a bust.


Like, literally, you're just getting shots of my bustal area. Wooo-hooo!


I was floored by the shot. BAH.

Okay, I give up. 

Please send your much better Before shots and I will display them.

Okay, go get your veeeeeedeo!  

45 thoughts on “Shred. Which just kind of makes me hungry for hash browns.

  1. LOL at Target Steve. My thoughts exactly. June, really? You are fabuloso just as you are… Which is what I tell myself everyday which is how I now rival Baby Ruth there for fattest girl ever. But you? Really. You look mahvelous!


  2. Can someone tell me if it works out your arms? My arms have started to get that little kid chub, which while is cute on a little kid, doesn’t really display my tattoos the way I would like.
    MJ’s DVD Closeouts will be sending me my copy from NC. So it looks like I’ll be a little late to the game. Which means I’ll be terrified to do it after reading everyone else’s progress. I’m excited!


  3. Oh Lisa… no you didn’t…when do you tell yourself? Everyday or every day
    I am on day 12 of the Shred. It sucks. I hate it. It will kick your hiney.


  4. I have that DVD. I did the beginner level for three weeks, almost every morning and I did feel more toned and had tons of energy. Let me tell you Jillian kicks your butt. Christmas holiday rolled around and I got out of the routine and haven’t done it since.


  5. For real? What are you trying to lose woman? Is this some sort of mass suicide thing? We will all be found on the floor in our living rooms wearing spandex and Shred playing on our tv’s. June will be at her desk, laughing that evil laugh of hers stuffing her face with ho hos. I can see it now. But I would like for my arm to stop waving when I do.


  6. I wish I could Shrek with ya’ll. I’m not sure it would be appropriate for a big, pregnant woman. I guess I could Fiona, since that is who I currently look like. I’m extremely swollen and my nose is spreading out. Sexy!
    I did go to pre-natal yoga last night and have been walking 2-3 days a week.
    I should actually veeedeo myself trying to do JM’s Shred. Now that would be funny!
    Happy losing everyone!


  7. Steve also made me lol. So did the person who revealed June’s motives for us to exercise.
    I was actually wondering what Dips were, but I didn’t want to sound lame in front of all my homies by having to ask.


  8. Ok, I ran out to Target (hi, Steve!) and got the veedeo earlier today.
    If anyone wants to be an overachiever and has cable, On Demand features some of the Jillian veeedeos, but alas, not the Shred.
    And June? mynameislucailiveonthefloor? hilarious.
    Anita is totally comment of the week.


  9. Yay! This is going to be fun. However, you could not pay me enough money to send a before picture for all of your followers to see. Nobody should be put through that pain so I’ll spare you all.


  10. Okay, I am in. I have the video. I have done it before. Ain’t gonna lie, tears were shed. Anyhoo, count me in. But, yeah, I’d rather take a bullet than post a before photo.


  11. I want to join in but I leave on a 9 day trip tomorrow, so I’d be totally behind. Plus, I’m already depressed that my “after” photo won’t even look as good as June’s “before” photo!


  12. Count me in! I’ve lost 35 pounds since last fall but haven’t lost any over the last two months. I need a kick in the pants and the 30-Day Shred sounds like just the thing.


  13. Have you ever visited a site called “Cats who look like Hitler?” Cause I think Francis could join the whole Hitler Cat world. Francis really looks like a half of a Hitler but still.


  14. I’m in but I’m afraid. Also, I think I overspent at Borders ($14.99 ). I also will hold on to my before picture so it doesn’t end up on Animal Planet.


  15. I think you posted the after pics…. you don’t need to lose weight woman! You are a stick with big hair….. and I mean that in the nicest possible way! 🙂


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