Update: Pictures of the puppy Marvin won’t let me have. Because he be mean.

The Other June finally emailed me the pictures of what SHOULD BE my puppy.

Okay, she took 'em with her phone and it was dark out. LOOK AT HIS SLEEPY SELF! Don't we look like we belong together? We belong, we belong together. Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better, we belong, we belong, we belong together.

22 thoughts on “Update: Pictures of the puppy Marvin won’t let me have. Because he be mean.

  1. So, what can we (your faithful readers) do to convience mean ol’ Marvin to allow you to have this puppy? Clearly the two of you (you and the puppy) were made for one another. What part of that is Marvin missing? Give us the scoop on what we need to do and we will get right to it. You need that Puppy!!!


  2. Nope. Needs to be named Boomerang – call him Boomer. Makes jokes about him always coming back whenever he runs down the street trying to herd things.
    I wouldn’t have asked Marvin, personally. You must remember – it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. 🙂


  3. Oh I can see it now .. that little Australian shepherd .. named Crickey of course .. or Robbo or Jonno or Stevo .. sitting on your lap loving being a Gardensalad. Marvin is mean .. he is the biggest meanie I know. 😦


  4. Don’t listen to my mean husband, Jeff. That puppy was totally relaxed in your arms, & he would keep Talu on her toes 🙂 I think the cats are probably siding with mean Marvin, though.


  5. 1. Your hair is beautiful. I’m jealous. and 2. You should train puppy to do something useful and fascinating that Marvin won’t be able to resist. Some suggestions: fetching a Kindle, playing guitar, or enjoying a Rush documentary.


  6. Oh look at da puppy wuppy wuppy.
    Why is it when I had a baby I didn’t baby talk him; but my dog? how’za big girl, you so cuuuutte. *muah muah muah*


  7. I love his little back legs sticking out backward. That is the cutest puppy trick! You definitely need him to be your puppy-poo! You could name him Jackman after Hugh Jackman in the movie Australia.


  8. I have photos just like these of me with the baby girl I adopted three months ago, I’m holding her just the same way with that same adoring, blissful gaze, while she’s slumped trustingly and fast asleep-ly in my arms.
    There’s a certain meant-to-be quality to it all. You can tell that my daughter and I, and you and your maybe-baby were meant to find each other. Tell this to Martin. One must never mess with fate!
    (I’m sure you realize that after all this Martin’s going to have to get that puppy for your birthday. You are a wily, wily woman…)


  9. Isn’t that the kind of dog Dooce has? The kind that’s totally insane???
    Just wanted to mention that. But then again, I’m not really a dog person. (Shocking!)


  10. Big props to Marvin for trying to keep things sane. It’s a cute dog, but every household has a pet limit, and that limit is the lesser of the indiviudal limits of the people who live there.


  11. I second the Australian Cattle dog. He looks like my cattle dog. I want you to have him. You should have at least two dogs. Darn Marvin.


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