’80s shoes

I cannot believe how many people participated in a conversation about ranch dressing yesterday. It just goes to show you you have NO IDEA what will make people comment.

Take, for example, my new shoes, a riveting topic. Today I will probably get zero comments. Nevertheless, I am showing them to you.

Now, I hope you are sitting down. Because those of you who have read this blog for awhile? Are going to be stunned when you hear what kind of shoes I got. Yes. Yes, I did. I got more silver metallic shoes. Yes, I am C3Po.

Although wasn't C3Po gold? Okay, yes, I am Jiffy Pop.

And speaking of '70s icons, apparently the '80s are back, so get your curling iron and your frosty Wet 'n Wild lipstick, because I purchased Dr. Scholl's and Sperry Top Siders. I am not making this up.


When I was in high school, everybody HAD to have ridiculous Sperry Top Sider boat shoes, which really are not that pretty. But we wore them, with NO SOCKS, in Michigan, when it snowed 80 feet and it was 900 below.

However, these are flip-flops. For my new job. How many people say that, really? Who aren't lifeguards?


Aren't they preppy? Plus I figured pink would go with my entire wardrobe. And life.


For my more glamorous days, I got the silver metallic Dr. Scholl's. They were marked down from $70 (SEVENTY DOLLARS!) to $14. Apparently I am the only person who wanted silver metallic Dr. Scholl's.


I thought it'd make a more interesting picture to pose on Tallulah, but as you can see, she was having none of it. Won't you enjoy her buttockal arena? Chuck from Dooce she is not. This is why I don't make $40,000 a month, Tallulah.


Then I thought I'd stick poor Winston's foot in the shoe, and this was the only blurred image from that fiasco. I don't know why no one wants to help a sister out.

So that was it on my new shoes. I don't know which ones I am wearing today. It's an exciting mystery. I live on the edge.

Do you want to go back to talking about ranch dressing?

64 thoughts on “’80s shoes

  1. I was just gonna say ” get your Dr. Scholls at the drugstore girls! I think they are still like $5!”. And then I was too late.
    But I did make a follow up appointment for a melanoma recheck, thanks to our cheerful discussion from yesterday!


  2. I get to wear flip flops, shorts, tanks, jeans, yadda yadda. But then I work in the corporate office for a clothing store so we *have* to wear their clothes. And the clothes are designed for teens to 20-somethings, and not so much my style at almost-40. Sounds kinda good until that’s all you’re allowed to wear.
    I miss my advertising days!!! Enjoy the freedom!


  3. Go to Amazon to see what is available in Dr Scholls. Can middle aged women get away with wearing Barbie Dr. Scholls, or the pairs with hearts and shamrocks without looking like a Lucky Charms ad? I think we can!! Oh, June, they have them in pink!!!


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