Piece of mind


Let's discuss my childhood.

This was at my GRANDPARENTS' house, with the peace sign pumpkin. For goodness sake. I think it would have been hy-LAR-ious had I turned out super conservative. And, like, a colonel in the Army or something. Does the Army have colonels?

Despite my lack of Army-ness, I DO have a fondness for the Colonel. Of KFC fame, I mean.

And why couldn't my hair have stayed like that? I don't mean under a veil, but straight and blonde and all-American looking. LOOK at it! It's cheerleader hair! I was six! Too young to use it to my advantage. It'll probably get all nice again when I hit 80.

I was looking once again for a childhood picture of myself for work. Can you tell? They asked me to bring one in for the wall in the lobby I told you about, the one with everyone's kid picture on it. I guess since it's week three they feel sufficiently assured I am really gonna work there.

They brought in gelato today. This guy came in with a cart, and four flavors. Hell yeah, I'm staying there.

Anyway, I am not using this one. I'm bringing in the pool table one I showed you a few weeks ago. You guys said I should use it, and I believe you were correct.


Obviously, they are going to be cropping dad out the picture. Sorry, dad. Unless you want a job there. I know how you'd like to stampede right back into the working world.

My father is not one of those "I have to stay busy or I'm not happy" types. Retirement suits him fine. "Why stand when you can sit," he always says. He also says, "Why sit when you can lie down."

Anyway, I look happy in this shot, and I like my necklace and my asymmetric bangs. Mom, did you EVER cut them straight? Ever? Did we live in a FUN HOUSE? Were the floors slanted? Were you high on the gange? I understand it was the '60s. But yeesh. Vidal Sassoon you were not.

And mostly what I like in this shot are my feetses. In the tights. I remember having to wear tights and always having to pull them up, and not caring who saw me tug at them in a huge stomping sumo wrestler motion. I am kind of the same way now. Frankly.

So that's all I have to tell you about that. Oh! But I had a good idea! You know how I love that photography blog, The Blue Hour. Oh, I think his photos are good. And it's his HOBBY! It's not even what he does for a living. Which is probably how you feel about my fine photos.

At any rate, he did a series of pictures recently called Green, which were all (are you sitting down?) green-themed. I thought you all could write in with ideas for me to take pictures this weekend of a theme, like, you know, purple. Or happiness. Or feetses. Or peace-sign pumpkins.

Whatever. Just don't make me photograph snakes or vomit and we will be all set. I will pick whatever idea strikes my fancy, or maybe I will do a whole bunch of them. My only caveat is I PLAN to take said photos this weekend, but it's my birthday and anniversary, and if I am taking care of my new PUPPY, or Marvin whisks me off to BRAZIL, I will not be able to. But I think I will be puppyless and Brazilless. We won't even see the MOVIE Brazil. Is my theory. Or even GET a Brazilian.

Okay, so let me know what theme you'd like me to photograph. With my fine photography skills.

Peace out. Peace out or a piece out, as my cousin Brigid likes to say. She did not grow up with peace-sign pumpkins.

68 thoughts on “Piece of mind

  1. Who you gonna call?
    It’s a Van Gogh self portrait. Maybe self portraits could be a theme this weekend.


  2. I don’t know about your picture quandry, but I soooo have the match to that brown chair in the first picture. It was my daddy’s chair and has been recovered many times. Currently, it’s yellow with a red toile print, because yea, it’s time to recover it again.
    But, seriously. A very cool chair. It rocks and swivels, and my aunt broke it so my dad, who was a weldor, made it a new frame. An iron one.
    I’m kind of over the chair, you know, but it was my daddy’s, so here it is in my den.
    In case you were wondering.


  3. People who look like their pets.
    Front doors in your neighborhood.
    Your pets. Wait that’s been done.
    I also like the idea above… Things Marvin should have given you for your birthday, but didn’t.


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