You would die if you knew how many people sent me pictures of Henry with Barry Gibb hair.



Henry Gibb II 

Faithful Reader Christine sent a really good one in Flicker, which won't let me cut and paste. Stupid Flicker. Here's the link.


But it was Faithful Reader Rebecca who sent in her photo first (above), winning her the coveted inflatable fruitcake. I like that she included the eagle medallion, which of course Henry would wear.


I know! Lucky! It's a $6.95 value. June's blog. Where you come for the good contests.

Thanks to everyone for sending me your photos of Benry Gibb. Or Barnry. I wanted to show everyone's picture but I got so many that I didn't have time to download them all.

Oh, but there was one more I wanted to show you, because you are gonna spit up.


61 thoughts on “Benry

  1. My favorite one is Henry with the guitar. But they are all great. I wish I knew photoshop. But it’s probably good that I don’t.


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