Coco hair. Which could get sticky.

Thank you all for being nice to me yesterday. What would I do without my nice commenters? It's like I have my own Greek chorus.

In the meantime, I want to cut off all my hair. Which I always want to do when fall is approaching and do not ask me why. Maybe my mother used to get me school haircuts. Do I know?

In the neighborhood where I work, I am right near the arts district. It's really cool. Sometimes at lunch I go walking around and visit galleries and little shops and drink pretentious coffee and such, and I was doing so yesterday (I had a brown-sugar latte. hello.) when I noticed there was a movie playing that looked good.

I called Marvin at his pressing job at the beach. "There's a movie about Coco Chanel's supposed affair with Stavinsky playing tonight near work. Do you want to come down here and see it?"

This is the good thing about Marvin. He will always go see movies like that, particularly if he thinks there will be a lot of booty in them, which there was.

We had dinner there first, and when I left my office to walk down to meet him, there was a huge concert going on in the backyard of my building. All the streets were closed off and there was all sorts of crap going on around the neighborhood. I had forgotten it was First Friday. So after dinner, Marvin and I stood and watched these street performers.

It was this man and woman who had long, lean muscles, much like Marvin and me. They were barely dressed, and they kept climbing over each other. First the woman would pick up the man, then vice versa, then she'd lie on him in some gymnastic way and he'd balance her, and vice versa. "He's got his harble right up in her face," Marvin said.

They kept getting boxes and going higher and higher off the ground. The man was shaking. "Are you grimacing, then?" Marvin asked me. I hadn't even realized I was, but I had to leave. I did not want to watch either of their medulla oblongatas spill onto the street before terrified onlookers. Oh, it was tense.

At any rate, eventually our movie began and is there anyone more stunning than Coco Chanel when she was young? Yes. The actress who PLAYED Coco Chanel. That's who. Anyway, she had a cute 1920s bob and it looked good while she continuously humped Igor Stravinsky WHILE HIS WIFE WAS IN THE HOUSE and the whole thing made me as nervous as those gymnasts on the street.

Anyway here's her hair.


"I eem loooking at youuu eveeen though your wyyyyfe ees in the next rum. Let's do eet."

Her hair looks a little Miss Jane on the Beverly Hillbillies in this photo, but trust me it was cute in the movie.


"Let us lean agaysnt a Kleenex box and do eet. Whar ees your wyfe? Who carrs."

Should I have an affair with Igor Stravinsky? Should I cut my hair? Should I get this wallpaper? Do tell.

Don't forget to join me tomorrow for book club at 7 p.m. my time. In case you do not know what "my time" is, and could I be more self-centered, that would be Eastern time. We read Breakfast with Buddha. I know I never updated Mince Words with June to say this. Have you met me?

Oh, and comment of the week goes to Carla talking about her husband and Igor Stravinsky wanting to have sex all the time. Click This Week's Special to see.


Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

37 thoughts on “Coco hair. Which could get sticky.”

  1. Sex and Booze for Carla!
    How I envy you June for working near the arts district. I never have the nerve to drive to any of them near me alone, so I don’t go.
    Coco clone’s hair is indeed awesome but it looks like upkeep would be a b*tch. And how I weesh I cud talk like theez all thee time, yez?


  2. I am so impressed with Beth SW. Was that a work office or a home office? Your hair was adorable and a little Coco Channel-ish, not Coco Arquette-ish, although I’m not sure what her hair even looks like or if she dresses like a maniac like her father.
    I think curly hair is easier to maintain and style when it is short. Less work, less fuss, a little anti-frizz, a little pumping curls and maybe a blow-dry, maybe not. I just discussed this with a friend last night. I stated since all the late 80s early 90s styles are coming back I am almost hoping perms come back with a vegence. My hair was always easier to do when my natural curl had a little boost to it.


  3. My daughter has curly hair and it is always darling when she cuts it short like Coco.
    Hey Duffy-lou, I weesh to tahlk like theez, too! I wandarr how long beefore I get on zee hubbeez nerves?


  4. We have first Friday Art Walk here too, and I completely zoned out and forgot it. Yes to the hair, no to the wallpaper. Coco is playing here too, would love to see.


  5. Wow! Your night sounds like so much fun!! The hair cut??? VERY cute.


  6. I feel pretty, oh so pretty…Target Steve, you so funny! I didn’t mean to imply I wasn’t safe in our arts district. I am too much of a wuss to go by myself. I yam zee puhsee dufeelu ven eet coms tu driveeng somewhere artzee by myself.


  7. I am dying to see that movie. Frankly, I am no hair-ologist, but wouldn’t yours be a little, um, “wider” if that style? My sister has very naturally curly hair, and if she cut it like that, it would form a triangle.


  8. I think if you cut your hair like that you should expect to have Marvin halfway down your blouse like ole Igor there at all times.


  9. I think if you cut your hair like that you should expect to have Marvin halfway down your blouse like ole Igor there at all times.


  10. I think if you cut your hair like that you should expect to have Marvin halfway down your blouse like ole Igor there at all times.


  11. I’m late to the party but read all yesterday’s comments. I completely agree. Cake Wreaks isn’t even much of a personal thing, it’s a contribution of people. And sometimes I don’t care for the snooty tone that the authors can have.
    I’ve tried The Blogess since she’s so popular but do not find her funny. Not one bit.
    You were robbed, but at least WE know what a gem you are.
    BTW, check these out:


  12. I think you should consult with a curly hair specialist before taking the Coco plunge. After 28 years of fighting my curly hair, my fellow curly friend dragged me to a curly hair salon (Devachan in NYC). The stylist was amazing – he looked at me for a minute and decided how my hair would look best. He cut individual curls to just the right shape. It’s a bit expensive (for cheap ol’ me), but you aren’t supposed to cut curls that often, so it averages out to reasonable amount. You definitely want to avoid the frizzy triangle look, a la Cathy in the comic strip. With the right stylist, though, the Coco look could be totally possible.
    I no longer go into the city to get my hair cut, as I was lucky to find a stylist closer to home who is Devachan trained. So, even if there aren’t any Deva salons near you, maybe you can find a trained stylist.
    My curly haired friend swears that reading Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey changed the way she thinks about her hair. (Lorraine Massey is the founder of the aforementioned Devachan salon.)
    Sorry, that was long. I guess I feel passionate about curls.


  13. I know you’ll rock it and it will look awesome if you decide to cut it.
    how does OhhhnnnREEEEE feels about ze cutting of ze hair.


  14. Right now my hair is half way down my back and it hasn’t been that long since I was 13. I feel like a Presbyterian librarian – not that there is anything wrong with being a Presbyterian librarian or anything unless you aren’t one and just look the part. I was seriously considering one of those bob cuts that are longer in the front and shorter in the back – but ever since you pointed out how silly those are I can’t compell myself to get it cut. Me looking like a Presbyterian librarian is now all your fault June! 🙂


  15. Hey, why didn’t you get any photos of those gymnasts? I’ve been obsessing on that all weekend. Our “first Friday” has no such entertainment, though I did spy someone letting their 3 or 4 year old son take a leak around the corner of a building. Not exactly hidden from public view. In a place where there were, like, 50 billion businesses with bathrooms open. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?


  16. So I know this doesn’t have anything to do with coco or gymnasts or hair, but I am in the parking lot of the Wal Mart in Saginaw, waiting for my boyfriend to get an electronic thingy for our new little camper trailer and I just had to stampede to the Internet on my phone even though I’m supposed to be on vacation to tell you. I’m sure you’re so excited. I would go cruise your old crusing road but I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyway, we’re on the way to the UP for birthday camping & meteor shower watching -both Thursday :)- which is the only reason I’d have a reason to be in Saginaw in the first place. What’s the deal with all the guys hanging out in feint of the army recruitment center next to the hobby lobby? Are Michiganders that eager to join up, or is it just the cool place to congregate? Anyway, this is getting ridiculously long, back to my adventure.


  17. new reader here-just want to say, if your hair is wavy, DO NOT GET THAT CUT. I just did that (I have waves. the enviable kind when my hair is long, beautiful, beachy, perfect waves.) I donated my hair, and went right to a 1920’s cut. IT flips up, out, under, over. one side’s big, one side’s flat-my stylist’s great, too, and has similar hair, but with a huge slice & dice, you don’t know how your hair will lay on a daily basis.
    My new cut? Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie. I lasted 2 months with the 1920’s bob before I caved.
    Also, if you don’t have strong cheekbones, it will obliterate what you have.


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