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In which we all see June’s buttockals

I stayed up late watching Mad Men last night, so I got no time to gab. I leave you with this stunning photo from my childhood.

I could not even be bothered to pull up my pants before I stopped to pet/strangle our cat, Booker T. Which is kind of the story of my life.  

31 thoughts on “In which we all see June’s buttockals

  1. Team shown, and got no bad ass comment today.


  2. How about shown?
    My hair used to be straight and shiny too. What’s up with my cap of carppy, curly frizz?


  3. How DID your parents have cameras at the ready for these priceless moments? I know your dad’s a photographer, but did he just happen by the bathroom while you were petting/strangling the kitty bare-bottomed and you cooperated by continuing to do your thing while he grabbed the camera and shot? Every time I try to get a cute kid shot, they are way over the cute activity and on to something that is not a photo-op by the time I’ve found the camera.
    Really cute picture.


  4. June, have you decided on a haircut? I thought about your hair this morning for some reason and wondered if you have made a decision yet? I would suggest cutting it off and donating your hair to locks of love. I keep thinking about cutting mine, but always regret it plus I have a round face and long hair is better for me I think. But you would look stunning in the Coco Chanel hair I think.


  5. Hulk (Who thinks Junie should have a contest to see who comes up with the best tramp stamp for this picture...) says:

    Dear Junie,
    You know, that didn’t look right the minute I typed it, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
    Stupid hangovers…
    Love, Hulk


  6. Hulk (Who REALLY does NOT want to see what the SECOND picture would've shone you doing with that cat...) says:

    Well that’s nice…
    Hey! Somebody out there do that Barry Gibb hair thing with THIS picture…


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