Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday

So, how many weeks do you give me before I forget to do Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday? Do you think it'll be next week? That's pretty much what I'm thinking.

In case you didn't tune in yesterday–

–oh, and let me interrupt myself to tell you about a new thing that bugs me. You know how I'll be going along and something won't bug me then all of a sudden I want to stick a shish kabob skewer into the soft palate of everyone who does the new thing that bugs me? Like how the word "veggies" didn't bug me until it did?

My new thing is when journalists or TV personalities or whomever start talking about someone who is recently popular. And they will say, "Unless you've been living under a rock this past year, you know Robert Pattinson is a hit with all the girls."

"If you've been stuck on a desert island for the last three years, you do not know about Spencer + Heidi = Speidi."

"We assume you all know who Lady GaGa is, unless you've been living underground with Osama Bin Laden."

Oh, har-de-har-har. Thank you for that original joke. Really. And it didn't bug me till, like, yesterday when I heard someone say it and I was all OKAY WITH THAT WHOLE JOKE about you know who [blank] is unless you've been [somewhere remote here].

Also? Teenyboppers. I hate that phrase. Stop it.

Anyway, unless you decided to live like the Amish yesterday with Osama Bin Laden on a desert island eating veggies, and you didn't read my blog, we all decided to have a new feature other than the one where I interrupt myself and go off on tangents. That new feature is called Pieces of Wisdom Wednesdays.

On Tuesday, I will ask y'all a question, like, what's is your favorite way to make stuffing, or how are you making sure you're living your life to the fullest, or how do you keep from spending 20 hours a day on WebMD (again, I should probably keep my own issues out of the questions), and then you all answer me in the comments and on Wednesday I will post some of your answers.

Yesterday I asked,

What do you do in order to be frugal?

and I got a ton of answers. If you want to see them all, just go to yesterday's comments. Also, I have a new category at the bottom of my post called Pieces of Wisdom, so in the future you can click on that category to see all the tidbits from my many smart readers.

So here are some of the answers I got. I thought instead of just typing them down I would be like the dry erase girl and show them to you. Yes, I did go out and spend $5 on a dry erase board in order to show you how people lived frugally. Shut up.

A lot of you said this, and you also talked about debit cards you can get that give you $$ while you spend. Again, go look at yesterday's comments if you want to see everything.

Well, not everything. There is not a picture of Gerard Depardieu naked, sitting with the Eiffel Tower going up his arse. 

I have no idea why that was the first example that came to mind.

Who thinks she's funny? You know who thinks I'm not funny? Probably Gerard Depardieu. I wonder what's up HIS butt. God.

Not only is this site helpful, it's refreshing. BAH. And won't you all enjoy the Acme blemish near my lip? Yes, I said Acme on purpose. Wile E. Coyote ordered it for me.

This was the point that Marvin got tired of taking my picture. Can you tell?

So those were just some of the many tips we got from our frugal readers yesterday. Note no one said, "Do not buy Bye Bye, Pie Tshirts and mugs!" and thank heavens for that. Some things are a necessity.

Like Speidi. And teenyboppers.

37 thoughts on “Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday

  1. I might be the only one, but I disagree with the mint.com thing. One, when I used it it actually made me less frugal because I didn’t have to do anything. Putting crap into Quicken or Excel is kind of a pain, but it’s making me face the fact that we somehow spent $60 at Burger King this week. (Mmm, tendergrill chicken.) Two, I don’t like that they sell user data. I don’t care if it’s anonymous aggregate data or not; if they can get it to bundle it with a bunch of other user data then they can get the individual data.


  2. Now that you have an iPhone, you should try the squirrelizer app, its fun to doctor up your photos. It’s good for some laughs. Just a suggestion.


  3. You are wearing an apron?! Does this mean you are actually doing some cooking? with real food? in your own home?
    And, yes, I realize I am posting this so ridiculously late that no one will actually read this comment and so in actuality (sp?) I am talking to my self (in a really long run-on sentence).


  4. My husband just walked by the computer and asked, “who is that holding that board with their FEET?” Cracked me up.
    Loved the apron. And I have one of those dial phones in my kitchen as well. It’s original to the house circa 1976. Our neighbor’s teenage kids came in one day and wanted to know how to use it.


  5. Oh, aren’t you just so cute with your dry erase board! And flexy feet! And Catholic school handwriting (as if!)!


  6. Oh, aren’t you just so cute with your dry erase board! And flexy feet! And Catholic school handwriting (as if!)!


  7. Oh, aren’t you just so cute with your dry erase board! And flexy feet! And Catholic school handwriting (as if!)!


  8. I went to my bank this morning and signed up for internet banking just so I can do that Mint.com site! Love the apron!!


  9. 1. What Shelley B said.
    2. Now I totally want a toxic water bottle.
    3. I like how you had to go stand somewhere completely else for photo number three.
    4. Very agile feet!
    5. Because I like my lists to have an odd number of items.


  10. Anita, it really reminded me of the girls from The Price is Right too. June, you should go all out with glamorous eveningwear for the Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday photos next week! 😀
    All of the advice was great…I am gonna be so super rich you guys wont even recognise me with all my bling and my diamond encrusted mouse mat. Hmm…okay, maybe not that rich, but not AS poor anyway…
    ps – I love the mustard-yellow phone, It makes my white phone look so Blah.


  11. Speaking of frugal, is that really a working rotary-dial wall phone in mustard-yellow in the first picture??? Wow. You must have saved a ton of money by not going push-button. Or cordless. How long does it take you to dial that thing, anyway?


  12. I’m sorely miffed that you did not mention giving control of finances over to my tight fisted husband.
    Angry much?


  13. June – love the idea and I’m going to check-out mint.com right now.
    Also, I love how there’s a Saks Fifth Avenue add right next to this post…who loves her some irony? Me.


  14. Oh June, I was worried I would just have to read all of yesterdays comments in todays post, but NO! You made it all fun and stuff. I still love the apron and am so excited to see you wear it. It should be in every picture. Didn’t you promise to wear your snuggie in every picture this year? Just thought of that. Maybe I am hallucinating.
    Anita, I do the same thing, I go to the store not hungry and don’t feel like buying food and then there is NOTHING to eat at home. Hate self for doing that.


  15. I think “pet peeves” should be the next Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday. Unless the phrase “pet peeves” is bugging June by next Wednesday. Then you could call it “What grinds your gears?” Unless you don’t watch Family Guy, and have no idea what I’m talking about. Gerard Depardieu? What’s his problem? You know, besides the Eiffel Tower being up his butt?


  16. All good advice. However, how about calling it “Wedges of Wisdom Wednesday”?
    My pet peeve is “I could care less.” Gaah!! It’s “COULDN’T care less,” you boob!


  17. I will resist the urge to comment on the picture of you with the bottle in your mouth…


  18. That last one sort of back fired on me yesterday. I went grocery shopping right after having lunch with my husband at a Greek place. Yes, I went out to lunch but only because I don’t cook Greek food. But I was then so full that everything just looked disgusting and I came home without buying stuff to cook with.
    Loved the little dry erase board. You sort of remind me of the girls from The Price is Right. I have no idea why.
    You know what bugs me? When people constantly say “you know what I mean?” after every statement.


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