Treat?!? Treat!? Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday

Goodness, you all certainly like to indulge yourselves. And I am glad of it. Nothing's worse than some I-have-no-time-for-myself martyrdom. Cut it out. Is what I say. Maybe I could take over Dr. Laura's soon-to-be-vacant position with my fine advice.

"Hello, Dr. June? I find myself increasingly sad. I can't sleep, can't eat, I enjoy nothing any more."

"Cut it out."

Yes. I have found my true calling.

Anyway, thank you all for participating in Pieces of Wisdom Wednesdays. You know, "Wednesday" is a hard word to type. Every time I type it, in my head I am going "wed-nes-day." What a stupid word, Wednesday.

In case you are just tuning in, and if you stuck around after that last paragraph I really have to hand it to you, Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday (wed-nes-day) is where I ask my faithful readers a question on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I share some of the wisdom y'all all offered me. This week's question was, How do you treat yourself?

Fortunately for us all, I was able once again to capture some of your answers on film, with my magic erase board.

Wasn't there some magic picture thing on Captain Kangaroo? Am I hallucinating again? Remember the Toothbrush Family?


Brush your teeth.

Round and round.

Circles small.

Gums and all.

'Cause brushing your teeth the round and round way will keep your gums healthy and stop tooth decay. So brush very carefully three times a day.

Go round and round.

Do you think I remember the preamble to the Constitution? I mean, past the Schoolhouse Rock part? Do you think I can tell you anything from that big table of elements we were supposed to know about? What was that thing called?

But the Toothbrush Family song? That stayed right in there. Why?

Despite this, I still feel I deserve treats occasionally and apparently so do you. Here are some of the answers you gave me yesterday to my query:

Many of you went the spa route, including manicures, pedicures, massages and so forth. And I am sorry, but Marvin's disgusted expression and having to touch his least-favorite thing, feet, is so hilarious to me that I have to include both photos that I took. Because torturing Marvin is a hoot.


Another big favorite? Reading. You buy yourself books, or you go read somewhere. Obviously, you can't all be expected to read the highbrow stuff I read. I mean, we're not all brilliant like me. And the princess. And whenever I refer to Princess Diana, I call her "The PrinCESS" in my head, with an emphasis on the last syllable, like the British say it. At least I think that's how they say it. Whatever. Obsessed with the prinCESS. Could not have been more traumatized by her untimely demise. I wish Harry would hurry up and marry Kate Middleton, so I can obsess over someone new.

For some of you? Just getting alone time is good enough. I do not know why Marvin had to get six centimeters from me, so that you'd have to struggle to understand that I am in a closet. Perhaps you're wondering what that silver thing is above my head. It is left over from when I didn't get to dress up as a drag queen.


Speaking of treats, I told Tallulah she could have a cat treat (because she is on a diet and we don't even HAVE dog treats currently) if she'd go to her bed and pretend to sleep. And do you know she went right over and did it? Who grew up starring in my blog? Who knows what's expected of her? Who loves her a salmon-and-other-cat-flavors Pounce even though she's a dog?

Anyway, some of you said you nap, and at least one person said they nap with their dog as a special treat. I enjoy napping with Tallulah. She's a good little sleeper, and if you are readjusting and accidentally kick her, she doesn't hop off the bed in a huff like the cats do. The cats are such effing divas.

So that wraps up Wedges of Wisdom Wednesdays or give yourself a wedgie Wednesday or whatever we call it. Thank you again for participating. And if no one remembers the Toothbrush Family I am gonna feel like a total freak.

P.S. Happy Laura Ingalls Wilder's wedding anniversary! The fact that I know that makes me much less of a freak.

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