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And the check June picked was…


Oui, oui, mon chere. Crepe Suzette! Poodle! French toast.

Yes, I am fluent in French. Hence the French checks. And do you like how I cleverly painted over my name and account number? I am Fort Knox. But I'm French, so I'm Forte Knoxe.

So for those of you who guessed the French check, or cheque, you are correct.

And really? Puppies? Really? I mean, I know I like Tallulah and all, and I ask for a new puppy 6,385 times a day, but do I really seem like a PUPPY CHECK person to you? I never.

I did a random number pickerizer and the winner of the contest is Gra, which means I have to send a bacon tuxedo jigsaw puzzle to fricken Ireland. But I am happy to do it, Gra. This is the price you pay when you are so worldy, so welcome, like June is. Plus also, if I suck up to you enough you will invite me to visit and then I can just hop over to Paris from your house. That's easy to do, right?

So give me your address. I will also send you some nice Irish Spring. Because I know how the Irish enjoy them the Irish Spring.

My father really nailed it best, though. He emailed me and said, "I bet you picked the Eiffel Tower or else the gardening checks" and in fact I was IRKED when I went online to show you potential checks and saw that Marjoleen Bastien had garden checks, because I totally would have picked those. So dad was right. But he's not getting any tuxedo bacon puzzle.

He would never play with it, for one thing, and also he did not leave a comment. So he was not even up for selection by the random pickerizer.

Also, I do really love Bugs Bunny, and to prove it to you, here is a nine-second Porky Pig cartoon. Which I know is not Bugs, but I love the whole genre. Believe it or not this cartoon was actually shown in theaters, even though it has a shocking word in it.

Now that I have rocked your world with that, and you are crying in your morning beer over not winning the coveted bacon tuxedo jigsaw puzzle, I guess the only thing to do is tell you about my dessert night with Faithful Reader Laurie.

Faithful Reader Laurie, one of the 204850149 Lauries who comments on this blog, lives locally. We met at a party at The Nester's a few months back and since she has big hair, we bonded immediately.

Tonight we got up with each other, as they say here, and had us some desserts.

Do you think she is going to unlike me now because I said she has big hair? But look how she has pretty ringlet-y curls, whereas I always just had large puffs of frizz.


Here we are together, and do you like how I have managed to get my whole head in there, and just barely eeked hers in the corner, like a bug? Have I mentioned she is going to unlike me?

Laurie is a professional photographer, which is why she was drawn to my blog of course, and also she is a medical person. She does not specifically say on her blog what she does in the medical profession so I am not giving it away here, but suffice it to say I may hire her to just hang around me all the time.

After our hummingbird and cheesecake (yes, she got hummingbird cake. No, it was not made from real hummingbirds. I asked), we both had to go to the grocery store. I needed something for heartburn, and she needed toilet paper and plastic wrap.

God, we're glamorous.

So that was my night. Thank heavens I put on my bacon tuxedo, just in case.