Looks like Snow

I have the best best best best best news ever. Maybe.

Last night Marvin and I were walking the cur, as we are wont to do every night of our lives, and you know I enjoy strolling past Snowflake.

In case you are just tuning in, Snowflake is a beautiful mixed breed doggie who lives a few blocks down.

There are three little girls who also live where Snowflake does, and they are always playing outside, which is nice to see for a change, and anyway you have no idea what this dog endures. They roll on her, chase after her, kick dirt in her direction without noticing it, and all sorts of things that would send Tallulah into a fit of the vapors. Snowflake just stays cheerful.

They got her as a puppy last Christmas, and I am sorry to tell you that I covet her. I have wanted Snowflake since minute one. She is SO calm, and so BEAUTIFUL, and so smiley.

So there they all were last evening: Snowflake; the rambunctious girls; and even their dad, whom I have never spoken to. I guess he has figured out by now that I'm a perv for his dog, not his kids, so he's fine with me.

Well. The Snowflake family got a new PUPPY! A round, fluffy, wriggly chocolate brown thing that you an imagine I was delighted with, even as I petted Snowflake.

"YOU WANT TO HOLD HER?" Oldest Towhead asked. They never speak in indoor voices.

You know my answer. Oh, no. No puppy holding for me. I am a busy professional.

That puppy lick lick licked me and nuzzled in my neck and I was so smitten.

"THAT 'NOFLAKE BROTHER!" screeched Youngest Towhead. They have told me their names 487 times but I never remember. Snowflake's name I retained. Them? Blond chicks. 

That annoying, overused screeching-of-the-needle-on-the-record sound effect literally happened. It just scratched across the sky.

"'Noflake's BROTHER?" I asked, forgetting her S.

That was when the dad came over. "Eeeeeyep," he said. I asked Marvin later if we thought perhaps Dad was born and raised here. "I been havin' the same family of dogs since I wus 10. We jus' keep gettin' puppies from 'em, and they's good dawgs."

He might as well have been shucking something. And yet? Would have soul kissed him for this information.

"You mean, that puppy has the same parents Snowflake has? Are there…more puppies available?"

I was getting my screechy high voice. And probably sounding sort of Michigan-y, because when I get twittered I get my Michigan voice back. Dad probably went inside and told his wife some Yankee wanted his dog.

"Well, ma'am, I can call my sister. There may be some left. You want you a girl, so's Tallulah don't get pregnant? Or is she spaded?"

I am hoping Snowflake learns her grammar from my brief visits.

Anyway, he TOOK DOWN my name and number so he could call his sister to ask if any SNOWFLAKE PUPPIES WERE AVAILABLE! And Marvin said I CAN HAVE ONE because we know how cool Snowflake is!


In fact, I told Dad, over there, "Oh, I would love to get a puppy just like Snowflake, with that disposition."

And he said, "Well, now I don't know if they have their shots like Snowflake does."

Do you think he thought "disposition" meant "inoculation"? That has been bothering me all day. Not as much as the part where it has been THIRTEEN HOURS and why hasn't anyone called me about my new puppy snickerdoodle?

I mean, why didn't he call her right away? What if someone is out there taking the last puppy? MY PUPPY?

"You know, Snowflake prob'ly won't care that that's her brother. We'll prob'ly have puppies, too."

I guess spaded-ing is not a priority for this family. But the thought of getting a CHILD of Snowflake is almost too much for me to bear. Even though the new puppy is maybe three months old, I am so going over there with candles and Marvin Gaye on the boom box later. Set the mood.

So what do we name him when we get him? Marvin so far has thought of Three Me Night (instead of Three Dog Night) and Dog Stevens (instead of Cat Stevens) (then in a few years he wants to change Dog Stevens to a Muslim name), and Person the Bounty Hunter.

Marvin is not allowed to participate in a real way in this discussion.

I was thinking that since the dog family keeps interbreeding we could name him Charles, like Prince Charles. Even though he screwed over my favorite person on earth. And I hate to say it, but the NAME Camilla is pretty as long as you don't think about that royal homewrecker. Tallulah and Camilla. That'd be lovely.


55 thoughts on “Looks like Snow

  1. Perhaps if a puppy comes, and WHY IS NO ONE CALLING ME? we can have a contest based on his/her appearance. Also, at least half the reason I want a puppy is because I am thinking and hoping Tallulah will be amused by it. She goes to day care, so it isnt like she hates other dogs, and remember how she laid down like the Sphinx when we saw that silver Lab puppy the other day? I am hoping that she is good with babies, like she was with Henry. So often the cats are together and she is left out, like right now. Winnie and Henry are eating that poor chipmunk and Talu is staring out the window whining.


  2. Oh, Noflake is just so soft and fluffy looking. Makes me want to just rub my cheek up against her. Sounds like you need to get your shoes on and go for another walk down the street. Maybe the little towheads will be outside and you can squeal, GO GET YOUR DAD!


  3. Oh, I am so excited! I will have to check your comments obsessively for updates on the puppy! I hope they call soon and give you good news. I am glad Marvin is letting you have this puppy. Get your shoes on and go for another walk!


  4. so…..if I read that correctly, ‘Noflake’s mother has been having babies for the last 10-20 years or so? Assuming the dad is in his 20s or 30s? That’s an old bitch right there….
    Perhaps he was thinking “distemper” when you said “disposition”? Which still makes no sense, because you said you want one WITH S.Flake’s disposition/distemper?
    GO PUPPY! I am going to be checking in here for a phone call update!


  5. Puppies! I’m so excited for you! And I think Dad was confused between “disposition” and “distemper”.
    I’m hoping for a little male puppy for you. In my experience they are the most affectionate plus then Talu can keep her alpha role.


  6. OhmygodohmygodohmyGAWD!!!!!!
    This is so exciting I could spit! Patooey!
    Snowflake is just the sweetest looking doggie and I just know that her ears feel like velvet just like my girl Lady’s did. Oh, to have a puppysnickerdoodlesweetiepie like her!! SO jealous. SOOOO jealous!
    We, of course, have our Koty-boy, the sweetest, funniest, smartest dog in all of the universe. And then there’s the other one.
    I sure hope Mr. Towhead calls soon, or better? Get your shoes on and go visit them pronto! : ) Keep me posted, Junie! I’m so upcited for you!


  7. HAVE THEY CALLED???? WTF??? Have they met you??? I am all atwitter with excitement.


    A wittle puppy! I can’t stand it. Why HAVEN’T they called yet???
    Names… you could go the obvious route and name it after one of Demi and Bruce’s other children. Scout or Rumer, oh or Ashton. Talulah and Tillie. I do like that. Talulah and Sadie.
    You could name it Nuggett, after our beloved kitty. He passed away on Labor day.


  9. HOW EXCITING! Oh that Marvin is a good guy saying yes to a puppy. Get those red sexy shoes on and high tail it down to Noflake’s house and see what the hold up is! Don’t they know that you have no patience?? Not when it comes to puppies!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the new Gardens…..


  10. Ohmygodmhmygodohmygod I’m so excited for you! Eeeee! Can’t help with name suggestions since I’m a student and all my animals are named after alcohol/computer game characters.
    But another pretty name that’ll sound good would be Delilah. But then you’d really have to get her spaded to prevent her from turning into a minx. A hair stealing minx.


  11. Well bless my soul, Miss Sadie, this is the BEST.NEWS.EVER!!!!
    Maybe the string and tin can aren’t working at Jethro’s sister’s house. Or they’re all hopped up on the moonshine. I’d offer to make the call myself. Take charge, GF!
    Marvin, we love you, man, for making our Junie the happiest girl on the planet. You are back on our favorites list.


  12. Well bless my soul, Miss Sadie, this is the BEST.NEWS.EVER!!!!
    Maybe the string and tin can aren’t working at Jethro’s sister’s house. Or they’re all hopped up on the moonshine. I’d offer to make the call myself. Take charge, GF!
    Marvin, we love you, man, for making our Junie the happiest girl on the planet. You are back on our favorites list.


  13. Well bless my soul, Miss Sadie, this is the BEST.NEWS.EVER!!!!
    Maybe the string and tin can aren’t working at Jethro’s sister’s house. Or they’re all hopped up on the moonshine. I’d offer to make the call myself. Take charge, GF!
    Marvin, we love you, man, for making our Junie the happiest girl on the planet. You are back on our favorites list.


  14. I’ve never been more excited for you than I am right now! I would love to have one of NoFlakes’ relatives, too! And I can’t figure out how to e-mail you, so I’m just going to tell you what I would e-mail you if I could figure it out: The mere fact that you even came by has made my day. 🙂 I’m an avid reader and think you are so hilarious! I don’t know how you do it. And if those Pop-Tart covers weren’t already sold out (I’m sure because you linked to them), I would buy one in a hot second! Have a great day.


  15. Congratulations June! I think you’ve already come up with a great name – Snickerdoodle. How can you not love a name like Snickerdoodle?


  16. I like Snickerdoodle . That way no matter if you get a male or female it will work for either sex.
    Maybe Camellia in place of Camilla. Good southern name….. Camellia Gardens. Woooot , woooot.


  17. Can you go take a pic of ‘Noflake’s new sibling and then post it so we can see? That can be your excuse for stopping by their house. To stalk their new puppy. And what about Sparklefraffle for a name??? Just kidding. I actually love B’s suggestion for Camellia. Or what about Lily? A flower name sounds good. If you get a girl. Oh, I so hope they call you!!


  18. OK, I’m excited that you are getting a puppy, but I just want to steal Snowflake in the middle of the night and get her spaded RIGHT NOW! And Snowflake’s brother too. (OK, neutered for him. Either way, fixed for both of them.) Inbreeding and overpopulation. Way to go, Towhead family.


  19. I’m voting no to any name that can be shortened to begin with an L. Can’t you just hear June saying “Lula, Lily…” or “Lula, Lila…” or “Lula, Lugubrious…” (in case the puppy’s not as happy as Noflake). I think she needs a little less alliteration in her life.
    I hope you hear soon.


  20. Marvin, please know that June has ONE fan out there who is laughing her ass off at Dog Stevens, later to be changed to something Muslim. LOVE IT! 🙂


  21. OOOHHHH! I LOVE names! LOVE LOVE LOVE naming things! We name everything in our house – even things that have no real life in them. But a puppy! OH TOO FUN!
    I love the Tallulah/Vivien story, but how about Scarlett? Or, stay with the Snow theme and name him/her Blizzard! “Here Blizzy!” Oh, too cute!
    I will also say I love Marvin’s suggestions – I *heart* cleverness to death! Dog Stevens. Cracks me up!
    I would also suggest throwing Marvin a bone (haha! See! I even crack ME up!) and call that cute puppy Geddy. Or, to continue the previous theme, how about Large Hands? Haha! Not catchy, but imagine the reactions you will get. Geddy Large Hands Gardens. Oh, this will be fun! WHY HAVEN’T THEY CALLED? Maybe they only climb the telephone pole once a day?
    As for the in-breeding issue, we recently learned that a great-great-great-great grandmother married her own brother. Accidently. He came to the states as a baby (he was given to a friend! weird! happy birthday, here’s a baby?!?) and she came many years later. They met, fell in love and had eight kids. No one knows if they ever figured it out. But our family – we’re f-f-f-f-fine! So no worries on that front!


  22. First: YAHOO! On the possible new puppy front,
    B#2: I also laughed at Marvin’s suggestions,
    Fin de semana: Do you think the Dad thinks the “distemper” shot has something to do with temperment? I remember my pup getting a “distemper” shot at some point?


  23. Why not call the puppy Snickerdoodle? Or Nickerdoodle?
    Inbred southern dog. Good luck with that! J/K – I am sure she/he will be a sweetie – sister-dog’s smile is awesome!


  24. I LOVE Marvin’s names. I will probably try to steal them for our next dog, but my husband will be June and veto them all.
    Dog Stevens, and then changing it to a Muslim name a few years later. WAHAHAHAHA.


  25. Eeeeeeeeek – New Puppy! I’m so excited for you!
    Oh, I heart Snowflake so much, I really think I’m actually in love with her. My Aunt called over with her puppy last night, she is GORGEOUS and called Sadie and I love her. I pretty much ignored my Aunt the whole visit and played with the puppy on the floor.


  26. After years of driving I-20 between Atlanta and Augusta and passing Church in the Now with it’s giant-ass sign declaring that Bishop Jim Earl Swilley, husband and I thought that would make a grand name for a dog. We would of course call him B’JESus for short.


  27. I am late to this party – I am just catching upon zee blogs from dork conference attendance last week.
    Anyway. Sounds like you are getting a male puppy? This is good. Don’t get another female. Sometimes it works out to have two female dogs in the same household, but often there are power-struggle issues. I learned this the hard way. You are safer with male and female; the male dog usually just lets the female push him around and there is peace in the dog universe.


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