Deadtalu EDSEL: talu dead in yard…

Luvumom …so edsel sit half inch from mom. luv uuu, mom.

Playwiftoy hey! dat skwirrel toy? edsel like skwirrel toy. nom nom nom.

Ahhahahahahaha TALLULAH: Edsul think he play wif Lu skwurl? hahahahahahaha! And live? hahahahahahaha!

Gimmethat Try to breave wif Lu paw on neck, dowg. You breavin’? Not so eazy. You leave skwirl alone?

Biteneckout Hey? How you get up? Lu byte Edsul neck out.

Edselbitelu EDSEL: edsel not scare! that my skwirl toy too! leave edsel alone, bully lu!

Serious TALLULAH: Look small jirk. Lu serious.

EDSEL: okay. ma’am. skwerl yours, ma’am. edsel sorry.

Thatwin TALLULAH: Hey! That Winston over there? Lu go see.


Luseewin TALLULAH: Hey Winston! We playin’! You want to play? …Winston? Where you go? …Winnie?

Edselwinner EDSEL: edsel win. nom nom nom nom…


42 thoughts on “Drama

  1. This should be a weekly feature, along with Pieces of Wisdom.
    Winston gets my vote for Comment of the Week with that oh-so eloquent “What.”
    I think Lu is enjoying having her very own pet although Eduardo von Edsel hasn’t *quite* bowed down to Talu’s dominance.


  2. TALLULAH: Look small jirk. Lu serious.
    EDSEL: okay. ma’am. skwerl yours, ma’am. edsel sorry.
    Dude, I know its still your first week and you’re figuring out the pack, but you’re seriously gonna have to grow a pair. Take a few ninja lessons from Winston.


  3. We have that squirrel, too, but it is no longer Koty’s favorite. He now prefers the little pink pig and little green elephant that he got at the groomer’s this summer!
    I LOVE Edsel’s face and the stern talking to that Lu gave him! Hee hee!! Made me giggle!


  4. “Me need ta crap. Where Mama’s shoe?” Original JoAnn, you slay me! My vote for comment of the week! June thanks so much for the running commentary! I LOVE IT! And, as all the others have said – I too am impressed with the still-stuffed squirrel. That would have been dead in 5 minutes at my house too – 1 minute if there was a squeaker mixed into all that stuffing!


  5. Riley the Cat: “Why can’t her animals talk properly? They sound positively beastly…”
    Hulk: “They’re from North Carolina.”
    Riley the Cat: “Ghastly…Say, could you be a good fellow and bring me a few more of those salmon-flavored treats? Ah, thank you, my good man.”


  6. ha, ha … sooo sweet! I agree with Jan. This has to be a weekly installment!! Love the pics and the story line. Seriously cute pup!


  7. This should be a weekly episode here at Bye Bye Pie. For Halloween you could have the dogs being menaced and stalked by Francis.


  8. They’re all awesome but I especially love, Lu serious! Lu’s stance. Edsel’s face. Classic.


  9. That was just too cute! Thank you, just what I needed this morning. I hope you have a great day and a fun long weekend to enjoy with Marvin and the rest of the family.


  10. LOVE! I heart your dogs. And their ability not to shred a squirrel toy in 2 seconds. That’s what happens here. We gave up on stuffed things.
    Love the adventures of the Gardens 2-some.


  11. Too cute – love the facial expressions, couple of hambones you have there.


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