Play Dog

Today, Edsel had a play date. I know.

My pal Emily, over there at Chatting at the Sky, got her own puppy snickerdoodle some weeks back and I have been obsessed with meeting him since minute one. Bringing Edsel over was an excellent way for me to obsess about HER puppy along with my own.

Edsel was a big hit with Chatting's cute family. And I know you all like it when I call her "Chatting" instead of Emily.

And no, Tallulah didn't get to go. Because she's sizeist and would have bullied poor Finn, Chatting's puppy. Y'all know how she is. I felt terrible when I got Edsel's collar on and Lu stood there like, "Lu go bareback today? Why no collar for Lu? Surely Lu not being left. Lu here first. Where you taking that teeny jerk?"

I told Lu to stop calling me Shirley and bolted out the door. Poor Talu.

Anyway. Introductions were made.

Finn was ready to play immediately and Edsel was all, "edsel no u? who u? why you spotty and not blonde like normal dog? edsel fear forinn dog."

"okay, it seven seconds later. edsel play. edsel over xenophobia."

"let play like mad men and stomp over chile!"


"dis fun. edsel enjoy. here my tongue."

"here MY tongue! okay, more stomp on chile!"

Incidentally, someone may want to call Child Protective Services on Chatting.

Chatting/Emily=Chatmily pointed out that we each matched our dogs. I do not know why Edsel looks so melancholy in photos so often. I promise you he is a happy dog in real life. And look at Finn! Who is making Chatmily get a DNA test on Finn? Who is certain Finn is Boston Terrier and, you know, something?

Her husband, Mr. Chatting, thinks he's Boston Terrier/tuxedo tabby cat. I am thinking Mr. Chat is touched in the head. Although that dog DOES have a Francis look about him. Heaven help that family…

On the ride home, I looked over and Edsel was sleeping sitting up. I think he had a successful play date.

Thanks for letting us come over, Chatting family! Although this was probably our last date, since I just insinuated you put your kid in a dog crate and that Mr. Chatting is nuts. Way to make friends and influence people!

The End (Finn)

P.S. You know what I am? Annoying. I wanted to mention that this week we do not have comment of the week but rather blog of the week. Because what Mrs. Oh did with Hulk's photo had to get a special mention.

Okay, really the end. (Finn)