Pieces of Lesbianism Wednesday


It's Wednesday, and time for another chilling edition of Pieces of Wisdom. Yesterday I asked you who you would, you know, get down on it with in the celebrity world if you had the chance. Turns out? Many of my straight female readers are a little lesbianical. You kind of like you the ladies.

Which does not explain my photo above, but my photo above is funny if you read yesterday's 97 million comments. Trust me on this.


So yeah. A lot of you listed some womenses, which I thought was pretty cool.

Jamie Lee Curtis topped your list of women you might, you know, dabble in. Who knew? Really? Maybe it's because we all know she's regular, what with her yogurt consumption and all.

Moving on to men, here was a name I kept reading, and I was all, "Who?"

Then I looked at his picture and I said, yeah, okay. This is Virgo Morganstern or someone. I have no idea what he has ever been in. Must be something adventuresome or sci-fi.

Also too, y'all all liked you some Robert Downey Jr. He just happened to be lying here with his toes pointed. Let's find a more manly picture.

Downey Better. Do you know he dated Sarah Jessica Parker for many years? It's true.

Denzel You also liked Denzel Washington, but I have never liked his front teeth. I did, however, get an email from my father yesterday wondering why no men of color were on my list. Because I do find the man of color atttractive.

Tyson_beckford-777 For example Tyson? Who is forever calling me and begging me to be his? And also the president speaks to me through the television and the FBI is bugging my oatmeal? Now HE buries Denzel, if you ask me.

James_Garner_Leo_Fuchs_A09_163 This one surprised me. A lot of people said James Garner when he was young. I never even knew we KNEW James Garner when he was young. The first I knew of him was in those Polaroid commercials. Once, though, I was working at the same function he was? When he was old? And he was effing HILARIOUS. I loved him. So I am down with James Garner. I can see it.

And of course. The Chanel of men. The one everyone would do and has done, if you are unbelieveably hot and under 24. Good old George. Could his life be any better? Seriously.

I had many answers, and some were ridiculous and some were killing me and some I was all, "WHOOOO?" but I did have one favorite:

I would do anything for this blog. But I won't do that. Yes. Someone said Meat Loaf. Who is that beleaguered woman who had to press up next to his arid self? How much is she getting paid? It can't be enough.


Yeah. Meat Loaf. That's just weird.

103 thoughts on “Pieces of Lesbianism Wednesday

  1. Dwight Howard. How could I forget him? Oh to watch him slam dunk! Use your own smarmy comment here ladies. I was disappointed he didn’t participate in this year’s competition.
    He is a fine example of American athletic talent. Mmmm hmmm.


  2. But wait. Hulk has quite a few buckeyes on his OSU helmet. He still looks pretty buff and brawny too.
    Hey Hulk? How YOU doin’?


  3. 1. Hulk’s Chris Farley comment made me howl with laughter.
    b. That’s Karla Boniff there with sweaty McMeatloaf. Or, as she’s known today, “Mrs. Robby Benson.”
    iii. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that schwing so I’ll stick with the men.
    And plus also too, the hot dog looks WAY too big for that hallway. Kind of a tight fit so that’s definitely not Madonna’s um, hallway.


  4. Forgot to mention that I actually tore myself away from reading the comments yesterday to vote.
    (I meant in the general election, not just on our top 5.)


  5. Hey June! My sister mentioned that she has started reading this here blog and thinks you are absolutely hilarious. I asked her what she thought of the comments and she said she didn’t read the comments, that she doesn’t have time to read the comments and I’m all, WHAT??? NOT READ THE COMMENTS?? I’m trying to educate her but she’s just not getting it. Poor thing.


  6. YES YES on the Boris Kodjoe and Idris Elba. If you haven’t seen The Wire, there is a Wire-shaped hole in your soul and you need to see it immediately.
    Also: I know Seal’s scars make him questionable, but I got to record/talk to him once and I don’t know why, but in person he is mad hot and I wanted to just climb him like a tree.


  7. OJ-Farnsworth has pitched for ten teams if he’s pitched for one. And Jan (Yes-I’m acknowledging you)-I remember that game. I was watching it when it happened. I never saw a pitcher just pick a dude up like that and body slam him. I personally think it was ‘Roid Rage, but…


  8. OJ-Farnsworth has pitched for ten teams if he’s pitched for one. And Jan (Yes-I’m acknowledging you)-I remember that game. I was watching it when it happened. I never saw a pitcher just pick a dude up like that and body slam him. I personally think it was ‘Roid Rage, but…


  9. OJ-Farnsworth has pitched for ten teams if he’s pitched for one. And Jan (Yes-I’m acknowledging you)-I remember that game. I was watching it when it happened. I never saw a pitcher just pick a dude up like that and body slam him. I personally think it was ‘Roid Rage, but…


  10. Oooooooo… Just saw who Idris Elba is. Definitely added to the list. My, oh my!


  11. I am now consumed…CONSUMED y’all, with figuring out my Top 5 Athletes. And I don’t particularly like sports,except for boxing and cage fighting. There is a cage fighter dude that goes to my church and my husband is fully aware of the sinful things going on in my head when he sits in front of us. Lordy be! Jan and I also saw him once at the ER when we were there with our mom. I was all, “uh uh uh yeah, hi, nick, yeah, what? why am I here? uh uh uh uh uh, hmmm, yeah, what? yeah”. He was there for his head wound from cage fighting. Oh. my. gahh.


  12. June cannot believe her comments have turned to sports talk. June is bored silly.
    However, the running-into-someone-at-the-hospital thing reminds me of when my poor grandmother was dying, and my aunt and uncle ran into someone. Aunt Kathy was so excited. She and my uncle were getting on the elevator and she was still waving and smiling excitedly. The acquaintance asked, “What’s your mother in here for?” and Aunt Kathy, still grinning, said, “CANCER!” like it was the greatest thing on earth. When the doors shut, my Uncle John was all, “Geez, Kathy. Could you have been more thrilled about the cancer? LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE!” he mocked, while he smiled and waved ecstatically.


  13. Ok had to Google that Boris guy – I think Hill Harper from CSI: NY is just as good looking. Besides, is Boris really a moanable name? I would get the giggles thinking of Natasha, Rocky and Bullwinkle.


  14. June, I’m with you. I’m not a lover of the sports. I know Andy Roddick was on my list, but that’s because years ago I read how he helped save people from a hotel fire (in Italy, I think). I’ve been in lust ever since.


  15. Yep, actually getting some work done since I submitted my list yesterday and am not a lover of sports. Sorry, Hulk.


  16. Those of you who claim not to like sports might want to take a look at a couple of posts on my blog from this summer’s World Cup.
    Just to make it easy on you, here’s a few links:
    and this one
    You’re welcome : )


  17. Not a lover of sports either but there are a few I just know.
    Like Michael Jordan. Only when I even try to imagine that hookup I’m like, umm, ouch.
    Evander Holifield. Hello. I totally stalked him at the Mall of America a few years ago. His assistant was watching me like a hawk, cuz you know, short, hefty, white, jogging suit wearin’ mom in the mall of america is gonna hurt Evander.
    Those brothers who play football. One of them plays for Indiana I think. Yeah, they are hot.
    And that one guy that plays tennis who was married to Brook Shields. He used to have long hair and is bald now.
    And Lance Armsrong, only I don’t think he has the testicles anymore.
    June ~ The CANCER!!! cracked me the hell up.
    Who are the skurviest dudes in the entertainment industry?
    I’ll start….Billy Bob Thornton


  18. As to the mention of thighs I had an attorney how had a fetish for women a bit thick of thigh. He told me I would be perfect if I had thicker thighs. Um…I have NEVER had thick thighs. I have always had stick legs. Now thick thighs on men…well just look at all those sweet young things in those really tight pants prancing here and there twirling and whirling…on Sunday night football….


  19. The Manning brothers are hot????? You guys must be seeing two other football bros. Eli is a little better looking, but that Peyton is homely. And I know from homely after watching John Elway his entire career.


  20. i have to say that the young james garner is a very nice man. when i was a kid, i lived down the street from a family named baumgarner, which is james garner’s real name. they came down and got me and my mom to come meet him when he was visiting them, right before he was on “the rockford files”. we took pictures and got autographs and he was very nice. he told us to call him “jim”!!! he took us to get root beer in frosty mugs and my mom got to sit up from with him. i wonder whatever happened to our photos?


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