Pieces of Lesbianism Wednesday


It's Wednesday, and time for another chilling edition of Pieces of Wisdom. Yesterday I asked you who you would, you know, get down on it with in the celebrity world if you had the chance. Turns out? Many of my straight female readers are a little lesbianical. You kind of like you the ladies.

Which does not explain my photo above, but my photo above is funny if you read yesterday's 97 million comments. Trust me on this.


So yeah. A lot of you listed some womenses, which I thought was pretty cool.

Jamie Lee Curtis topped your list of women you might, you know, dabble in. Who knew? Really? Maybe it's because we all know she's regular, what with her yogurt consumption and all.

Moving on to men, here was a name I kept reading, and I was all, "Who?"

Then I looked at his picture and I said, yeah, okay. This is Virgo Morganstern or someone. I have no idea what he has ever been in. Must be something adventuresome or sci-fi.

Also too, y'all all liked you some Robert Downey Jr. He just happened to be lying here with his toes pointed. Let's find a more manly picture.

Downey Better. Do you know he dated Sarah Jessica Parker for many years? It's true.

Denzel You also liked Denzel Washington, but I have never liked his front teeth. I did, however, get an email from my father yesterday wondering why no men of color were on my list. Because I do find the man of color atttractive.

Tyson_beckford-777 For example Tyson? Who is forever calling me and begging me to be his? And also the president speaks to me through the television and the FBI is bugging my oatmeal? Now HE buries Denzel, if you ask me.

James_Garner_Leo_Fuchs_A09_163 This one surprised me. A lot of people said James Garner when he was young. I never even knew we KNEW James Garner when he was young. The first I knew of him was in those Polaroid commercials. Once, though, I was working at the same function he was? When he was old? And he was effing HILARIOUS. I loved him. So I am down with James Garner. I can see it.

And of course. The Chanel of men. The one everyone would do and has done, if you are unbelieveably hot and under 24. Good old George. Could his life be any better? Seriously.

I had many answers, and some were ridiculous and some were killing me and some I was all, "WHOOOO?" but I did have one favorite:

I would do anything for this blog. But I won't do that. Yes. Someone said Meat Loaf. Who is that beleaguered woman who had to press up next to his arid self? How much is she getting paid? It can't be enough.


Yeah. Meat Loaf. That's just weird.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

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