Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday: What’s that Smell?

It's Wednesday, which means only one thing. Yes, only ONE. It's Pieces of Wisdom day, and this Wednesday we are covering the deep and sophisticated scents you all wore in high school.

Couldn't I have picked a day that wasn't as hard to write as "Wednesday"? Couldn't I have had Pieces of Wisdom Sunday? But no.

Y'all all are killing me with your Sweet Honesty. And yes, that IS Mindy from Mork and Mindy in this ad. Plus also Sweet Honesty has angelica root. What a relief.

[creepy]loves-baby-soft-ad-c1976_preview For those of us hoping Chris Hansen would come in and ask for some sweet tea and put us on Dateline, we wore Love's Baby Soft. I totally wore this and sadly still have some. I bought it to be funny but sometimes I put it on. Because I am odd.

We also wore Love's Fresh Lemon, and I was among you, apparently being the Love's people's target demographic. I remember wearing the perfume and also some lemon shampoo, and some guy in homeroom saying, "What smells like lemons?" and being traumatized and never wearing Love's Fresh Lemon again.

Because who DOESN'T want to look like Katherine Hepburn in On Golden Pond? Charlie. By Revlon.

Wore that, too. What was my problem? Pick a scent. Geez.

Is this woman vomiting into a bowl? Obsession. The fragrance to mask eating disorders. I hate to tell you I wore this too, in college.

A lot of you said Skin, and do you know Sarah Jessica Parker still wears this? I mean, she probably claims she wears her actual perfume made by her now, but till she made that crappy stuff she always swore she wore Skin Musk. It made me like her even more, that she wore $10 drug store perfume.

Vanilla+fields Do hummingbirds even LIKE vanilla?

So there you go. What slayed me is we all wore the same stuff. There were very few outliers. I guess those marketers do their job!

Oh, wait.

This was probably the same person who picked Meat Loaf last week.


96 thoughts on “Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday: What’s that Smell?

  1. June, there is a 2-hour special on the Biography channel on The Bee Gees tonight at 8pm central. I’m sure you have seen it and already know everything in it, just thought I would let you know.


  2. In fact, Tracy, I think todays standards are more stringent than they were back then, so that is why we are shocked by them now. We were pretty devil-may-care then. Remember 15-year-old Brooke Shields and her Calvins?


  3. Was anybody else having trouble with google reader? I didn’t know June had updated since last Friday and now all of you people have been commenting and I’m so far behind! Jeez. I don’t know why this is so important to me.


  4. Does anyone know anything I might have done to break the effing thing? Because if I get one more email saying, June, your blog is broken, I am going to pop out my eyeballs and roast them like chestnuts and eat them and poop them out and put them back in my eye sockets.


  5. I don’t know, Siren. June may just get a whole new following of grade school aged boys with that eyeball comment.
    I just have her link in my Favorites and check it obsessively multiple times a day.
    And, no, I don’t wear Obsession. Who wants a perfume that says, “Hey, World! I binge and purge.” Not what I want my perfume statement to be.


  6. I cry when my feed is broken. It seems to work sometimes.
    You can try pinging it. Don’t ask me what that is, because I have no idea, I just know how to press the button that says, “Feed still not working, try pinging it.”
    Next suggestion would be to sleep with someone at your feed host. If it’s Google, ask Anita. But don’t ask me. Those little geeks at Google and Blogger, (same company by the way) hate me because I call them names and curse them openly on my blog. Make sure you wear your class ring when you proposition them.


  7. I remember good old Brooke and her skinny self…I also remember thinking how fat I was compared to her…I didn’t realize at the time that everyone was fat compared to her.
    I don’t rely on any reader…I just check every day to see what’s up…and I’m never disappointed! There’s always something going on. I like to read the comments as much as the posts.
    Mrs. Oh…I can almost hear that song! Good one!


  8. I think Mrs. Oh has a hit. Do you write other jingles, too?


  9. The Obsession bulimic was clearly not obsessed with her hygiene. Either that or she is European. Check the armpit hair.
    And Siren? I also looked for the nipple.


  10. KILLING ME. I know I’m a day late (GOOGLE READER WASN’T UPDATING YOUR BLOG, JUNE.) but in high school, I wore green tea therapy body spray, and pearberry body spray, and occasionally Shalimar… because my mother wore it. Still does. Oh, and Opium. I wasn’t that big on perfume though. Mostly body sprays from Bath & Body Works.


  11. Wait, that Obsession ad was a real ad that they used? I thought June just found it on the internet because it was funny. Ya’ll wanted to be just like the bulimic. And Siren, I also searched for her nipple, to no avail. As my husband would say, the best part is missing.
    Can someone send June another email about Reader being down so we can do a “Make June Do It: Burn your eyeballs, poop them, reinsert.”


  12. OMG! I googled perfume ads from the ’60’s and found the perfumes I had been trying to remember, Ambush and L’Air du Temp! Okay, now I can sleep tonight. BTW, those ads are interesting. No wonder we all expected out adult life to be different…and better…


  13. Wore Charlie. Thought it was marvelous. Now I have asthma. Go figure.
    I am mainly sad because I am days behind on your posts due to whatever it is that’s not updating. I read you from the blog roll on my sidebar and it’s not moving you up to the top. The One Lump or Two is the last one showing there.


  14. What the hell is going on in that Obsession advert? That is just gruesome.
    I had this one scent as a child but now I cannot remember what it was. Shoot.
    However… and not really related… I did love Lipsmackers Dr Pepper chapstick.


  15. That Love’s Lemon stuff, yes. Charlie, oh yes. Where is the Jean Nate?
    And then my father bought me my first bottle of Chanel No. 5, the real stuff, and still my favorite to this day.
    My mother wore Shalimar, and if I ever smell it, anywhere, I get an instant trip back in time. Shows how much scent triggers memories.


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