Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday: Whooo are you? Who who? Who who?

It's Wednesday, and it's once again time for Pieces of Wisdom. This week we all took the enneagram test, so we could get a little insight into the frighteningness that is our personality over here at Bye Bye, Pie. Yes, we all have one personality. It is all glommed together.

The enneagram is a personality test that looks at what motivates you psychologically. It sort of shows the way you look at life. There are nine different types you can be: the reformer, the helper, the motivator, the romantic, the thinker, the skeptic, the enthusiast, the leader or the peacemaker.

I picked this particular test over any other type because my stepfather is a psychiatrist, and yes I DO pronounce it pissakyatrist when I write it, and he said he really thinks the enneagram has a lot of credence. I didn't think pissakyatrists liked ANY personality tests, so I was all wow, really?

Because I am articulate.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe there was one type of person who read my blog, but in most cases, we are pretty evenly spread out. I will show you what percentages we were of each type, and I will link to descriptions of the various types if you want to learn more about them.

Perfectionosttype1 Eleven percent of you were reformers (also known as perfectionists). Now, please keep in mind that I am NOT a perfectionist, and also I have a degree in English, so my math may not be exact, here, but I checked it twice and that is what I got. You damn perfectionist.

Seventeen percent of my faithful readers were helpers. I thought it would be funny to show me helping Tallulah hump Winston for this particular shot, and all I can tell you is I have gouges the size of Topeka down the side of my arm. So much for styling THAT shot. So I helped give Edsel the bone he already had. You can see he's all, "alreddy haf bone, mom. i a smart breed. you not helping me. mom kind of a nummskull."

A mere 5% of you are performers/motivators. This did not stop me from striking this ludicrous pose, however. In second place after type 4, the romantic, which is coming up, I was most strongly a performer. So I'm a romantic performer. Ooo! Sounds dirty. Hello, mom.

I am pleased to report that the majority of us are artists/romantics, at 19%. Did you read our description, though? Don't we sound like self-centered arseholes? Asked the woman who has featured four pictures of herself so far on this post.

Fifteen percent of you are thinkers/investigators, and I heart myself so bad.

A mere 5% of my readers are skeptics/questioners, but I figured if Francis were a person he'd be a skeptic. He seems skeptical of all of us here in the house. As in, "Why all you alive?"

My theory is skeptical people have no interest in reading about the day-to-day life of someone and that is why so few read my blog. They are probably all, who cares? Or maybe they think I'm lying. Yes. I'm inventing this glamorous life.

I just noticed I misspelled "skeptic" on my sign, there. Skepic. Perhaps you are skepical of my proofreading skills.

I look less enthusiastic and more like I stepped on a scorpion.

Only 7% of you are enthusiasts/generalists. I am going to have to read up on all y'all, because I don't understand why the term "enthusiast" and "generalist" are used interchangeably for this particular group. Those seem like totally different things. You never hear of someone going to the enthusiast store to get soap and sugar and fabric.

See what I did, there? I put the leader sign next to our pack leader. And yes, she IS and I'm not. Edsel is looking at me like, "oh yes, she totalee is. pleese note she has my bone now."

And didn't I pay the Tea Partier to clean my house? Why is this carpet in need of sweeping? Did I tell you guys my TV was tuned to FOX when I turned it on last night? Swear. But she really did clean as well as watch TV.

Anyway, 10% of you are leaders. Pack leaders. Can you even THINK the words "pack leader" without hearing Cesar's accent?

A LOT of you are peacemakers–12%! You came in third, after the romantics and those helpers. What a group of wusses we are.

So thanks, everyone, for participating. I have no idea what it all means, but it was interesting. We should see how the general population answers this quiz and see if we match up. Also, why did I think making a peace sign in place of an "a" would make sense? Now it looks like it says peocemaker.

Hate self. Hate romantic performing self.

90 thoughts on “Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday: Whooo are you? Who who? Who who?

  1. Linda in CO, I see a dog’s face, in a Picasso kind of way, within the brownish circle of the first painting. Anita saw a condom instead. So it could be the beautiful lady/old crone type of painting, but I only see a beautiful lady in that photo.


  2. Oh, and? LOVE the painting of the grey kitty with yellow flowers in your Artist representation. Is it an original?


  3. Tammi, you’re correct. It is more Dali than Picasso.


  4. I”m a total 7.
    When my other 7 friend and I laugh loudly in public, we say, “Oh, we’re just being 7s.”
    Cause 7s tell each other jokes.
    Cause 7s think they are funny.
    (And we are.)


  5. READING GLASSES! Is what I meant to say. I meant to say those are some kickass-cool READING glasses.
    Oh, and I can’t see the dog for the life of me. I see a condom. Or a bleached anus — thanks a lot, Onondagas. Or maybe a fertilized egg/developing embryo gone wrong.
    What the hell is that thing supposed to be? I have to go back up and read the comments again. Did June ever tell us what it’s supposed to be?


  6. Is that why your blog is Bye, Bye, Pie? Because your pie picture looks like anything, but?


  7. Anita, and everyone will be wondering about us. Like, why are you staring at that pie? They will be afraid to eat it.
    Good plan…more for me.


  8. Well, I hope if you’re staring at your pie during Thanksgiving dinner, you at least can find the clitoris. Although I was always taught that was one of those activities best done in the privacy of one’s bedroom.


  9. I totally had to go look at the pie again, and, you’re right, June! It took me a second but I’ve changed my opinion from Dali-esque to O’Keefe-esque.


  10. I came too late to the party also, to be counted in the stats (because I just got a job, woohooooo!), but apparently I am a reformer/perfectionist with thinker tendencies. All the rest of my scores were 0 or negative. Huh.


  11. So the blog name is really short for Bye Bye Pie, Hello Clitoris?


  12. Congrats on the new job, Shelley! You will be extra thankful on Thanksgiving Day. Just don’t spend too much time staring at the pie.


  13. I didn’t read all the comments, so hopefully you all aren’t on a new topic now. I got bored of taking the test. It was really long. Plus all my answers were “moderately” a or b so I self-diagnose myself as “easily bored and wishy washy.”


  14. I thought it was a flower until I read the first comments. Then I completely saw the dog. Then you all had to start about seeing a clitoris. Now that’s ALL I see. Never did see a pie. Thee is absolutely no condom there.
    Siren ~ Look at it like a melting dog face and you’ll see the dog.
    Sadie ~ June’s blog was once Bye Bye Buy when she gave up any spending other than necessity for a year. She and Marvin saved the money they would have spent on frivolous things and she wrote a post about what they did with it. Then she was going to get healthy or some crazy talk so it was Buy Buy Pie. At one point, June (did you know she is at any point contracting a myriad of disease???) was scared she was going to die because of a mammogram that wasn’t favorable. While we were all concerned, we joked about her blog becoming Bye Bye Die.
    Yes, I am a long time reader.


  15. The painting looks like the entryway to another universe or time…like on “Sliders” or “Stargate SG-1”.


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