Do good. I herd that.

Before I begin, does anyone have any suggestions for getting a dog to stop effing HERDING you? I always said I never wanted any of those annoying herding dogs, and then who went out and got herself a shepHERD mix? What did I think the HERD stood for in that scenario?

Every time I walk down the hallway, he pulls at my pant leg or nips at my ankle, and I'm all, You know, I got down the hallway just fine before you got here. I actually know just where I'm going. Thanks.

So if anyone has any tips other than rushing him straight to the pound, I would appreciate it.

The part where he's tearing up a pillow and foaming at the mouth is beside the point.

Anyway. I finally paired us all up to do our good deeds. This is the person to whom you are accountable, so between now and December 25, your new partner will be desperately searching my comments, tears in his or her eyes, looking for your good deed to make this holiday complete. But no pressure.

Please be certain that you find your name. For example, Outkast Lee, did you sign up twice, or are there really two Outkast Lees out there? I only wrote down one in my matchups. Also, there are, as you all know, 104853053 Lauries who read me, so I tried to say which Laurie or whoever based on anything else you may have said about yourself in your signature.

If you are unsure it is you, please go back to my good deeds post and check your "I'm in!" comment. The person you are assigned to should be right above or below your comment.

And remember, your good deed can be little or big. Take a new blanket to every pet at your local shelter, or just tell some lonely-looking person you like their hat. Whichever. It just has to be nice.

Without further ado, here is the list:


Sleeping Beauty-Lee

Lynn-Outkast Lee


Mother-Laurie S. (in Nashville)


Kim in Columbus-Jan

Linda in CO-Laurie



Joy w/a Chi-LisaPie

Paula H&B-Texas kari



Tammi V.V.-you know who I am



Queen Stella-Nithya

The Furry Godmother-Carole




Jill Munroe-Cyndi

DB in MD-Fawn Amber

Amara-Dawn in Austin


Lisa in Fla-Cosmo’s Dad

Angie-original Joann




Dee Dee-Amy G.


Gussica-Stephanie D

Morgan-Lisa who wants Uggs even tho she lives in TX

Sugar Mommy-Mrs. Oh

Target Steve-Letha

Susan-The Other Erin

Aunt Tettie-Jessica







Please check it carefully before you go telling me you aren't on there. If you email me that you aren't on there and you are, I am sending Edsel to herd you for a month.

Okay! Go off with you! Be good!

87 thoughts on “Do good. I herd that.

  1. Yay Paula H&B! Thank you!!
    It’s amazing how much pizza can improve your outlook. I want to come to NY just for pizza! I hope your friend finds a job quickly. Not just a new job, but the perfect job!!
    My little friend is out of surgery and in recovery. Her doctors expect to have biopsy results and a plan of action for her parents by the end of the week. The prediction is a slow growing benign tumor, but not not not in a good spot. Is there such a thing as a good spot for a tumor in your preschooler’s head? sheesh.


  2. Okay, Mother, I have so far made donations for 2 Angels from our church’s angel tree. Both kids got clothing – several outfits and shoes, as well as requested toys.
    I donate each time I go into a store with a Salvation Army bucket. One way only! 🙂
    More to come!


  3. Yah Nettie! I was so afraid you weren’t going to show up and then HERE YOU ARE!
    Today’s a new day… I gotta come up with something good. I don’t think getting up to go to work actually counts. Although on payday it definitely feels like I’ve been donating my time…


  4. I’m in tears reading what everyone is doing … so lovely … even the small things are awesome! Love you, June, for doing this!!


  5. Hello, Tiffaney! I didn’t see you in the comments, so I hope you’re out there…somewhere…:)
    I’ve done two good deeds since last week:
    A friend of mine just brought home her little baby from the NICU. He and his twin brother were due December 9, but were born September 27. The twin died three days after birth and the newborn had to stay in the hospital until last Tuesday. She has an older boy who just turned two and our family kept him for a few days here and there while she and her husband went down to the hospital to take care of the baby. When we got the news he was coming home, we ran over to their house and put up a big Welcome Home banner my kids decorated, gave them a gift card for a grocery store, and dinner for that night. It was all there waiting for them when they got home, so they could enjoy the evening at home with their sweet little family and not have to go out and worry about groceries and money and dinner and everything.
    The second thing I did was compliment the man at the window of Sonny’s BBQ. He had THE most pleasant speaking voice, soft and comforting, and when I got to the window he had the saddest expression on his face. I told him how nice his voice is and he smiled a big smile and said that’s the nicest thing anyone had said to him in a long, long time. He was obviously gay, and not the cool and stylish I’m popular with all the women gay, but the I get beat up daily gay. My heart was so sad for him.
    More to come!


  6. Good morning, Anita. My good deed for yesterday was donating to the family our neighborhood is sponsoring for Christmas.


  7. PJ who secretly suspects she has been paired with her Goddaughter who is the one who taught her about this blog in the first place but probably doesn't read this blog everyday (but catches up when she can but might not have time to read the comments) and says:

    Merry Christmas, Siren, who will quit if she has to do more than one good deed this month. Don’t hold your breath waiting for mine because I have pledged to do something I would not usually do during the holiday season and that requires me to actually be alert for opportunities since I am so saintly that way that it might take a few days. Actually, it takes being alert and therein lies the rub.
    Also, it helps if I actually LEAVE the house and encounter other people. But stay alert! It will happen.


  8. Hey, Duffylou – yes we are paired (or pared or peared) to go out and send goodness to our corners of the world – which is South Florida for me. I think I can find some places to be kind here.


  9. Hello, Other Erin!
    I sponsored an 8 year old boy for Christmas. He wanted a rip stik, which I had never heard of, but googled it. It’s an interesting-looking scateboard. I found it at Target and my husband and I bought him a lot of clothing and shoes as well.
    I’ll be on the lookout for yours!
    And, hello, everyone else! June, our corgi, Hunter, LOVES herding us, too. It’s insane. A typical scenario involves us all sitting on the couch. If my husband or I get up to get something, when the one who left returns, the dog goes into full shepherd mode — the returning person is “invading” the herd! It’s so bizarre. But we love him all the same as he has a winning smile like Edsel.


  10. Want to share this with you all before I go off an drag out all my Christmas decorations. If you friend Home Depot on facebook you can get in on some special deals that are only offered there. Yesterday I got a 14 pack of paint samples for $4 and a grill tool set for $5. There was a tile saw and a cordless screwdriver too. Missed out on the 4 patio chairs for $10. You just need to keep hitting fresh because you never know when the offers will pop up. There you have it. Have fun being obsessed with hitting F5!


  11. Anita, I’m in north Georgia wearing my thermal underwear, but I grew up in Florida. I feel sorry for you and your fellow Floridians because you don’t have the warm clothes for this crazy cold weather. If it helps, try to visualize a hot summer day at the beach.
    Vicki, how is the weather in France? I shouldn’t complain because we aren’t buried in snow and it is much warmer here than up North.


  12. Last night in the freezing cold I sat outside in the foreclosed neighbor’s yard. With no shoes on either. Anyways I spied more baby kittens the night before and I finally after 6 weeks of looking have located them. I could only see two kitties and one of them had the ‘Yodie’ eye: all crusted over and glued shut. Poor thing.
    After 2 hours I was able to coax out the Ray Charles kittie with some scrambled eggs – don’t ask… and I got her in our house.
    So good deed for me. Hubby is not happy I brought another kitty in the house. Kitty is somewhat happy as I have been medicating her eyes and this morning BOTH eyes are opening and looking much better.
    So anyone want a kitty? 😀


  13. PJ! If you are indeed my secret online fairy godmother, you probably already know that now I’m going completely crazy trying to figure out who you might be.
    Since social anxiety means my face-to-face interaction with strangers is totally non-existent, my one and only random good deed will doubtless take some online form. In the meantime I plan to work up to it with a series of not-so-bad deeds.
    So, PJ, my first not-so-bad deed is to not go through zillions of past comments to figure out who you are and then stalk the shit out of you. You’re welcome.
    Also I did not call my person-who-is-not-exactly-my-mother-type a “menopausal maniac” this morning even though she TOTALLY IS ONE. Does that count?
    Okay, fine. My REALLY not-so-bad deed was the other day I saw something that touched me in a personal way and even though I’m shy to reach out and it scared me half to death to do it, I wrote to the person to say thank you, and in order to thank her properly I had to sort of, you know, let the wall down a little or whatever. That totally counts as a not-so-bad deed because it really means a lot to a writer when someone comes along and says stuff like that. So there.
    I just scrolled up to make sure I wasn’t the only one leaving book-length comments. Phew.


  14. Joy with a Chi,
    I am going out today to do one of my good deeds for you. There is a house I drive by every few days that is in an older neighborhood, a little run-down but not bad. Anyhoo, they put up lights and decorations every month. They are clever at finding ways to change them up and make them relevant to the time of year. I really appreciate driving by and seeing the little touch of cheer they try to put out.
    So I am going to leave them an anonymous thank you card with a gift card so they can replenish and get new stuff and a few dollars to help with the electric bill. I love the idea of leaving it anonymously and picturing in my head how they will react to knowing that their effort really does brighten others’ days when they drive by.


  15. Jill Monroe! Here are my planned good deeds thus far!
    – Making and bringing dinner to a dear friend who just had baby #2
    -taking my daughter’s preemie outfits that she didn’t get a chance to wear (therefore they are still new with tags) and making gift bags to donate to the NICU at the hospital where my little one was for 4 weeks.


  16. Lauri S. from Nashville, I am impressed with your kindness. I have not as yet done my good deed, but I am being alert and present to any situation which may present intself as a chance to do a good deed. I’ll let you know as soon as I do something nice. Oh, I just remembered that I bought 25 hats today to hand out to clients at our free clinic. That’s my first good deed. Keep in touch.


  17. Hey Furry GM!
    Does it count that I did all my sister’s Christmas shopping for her because she can’t drive due to knee replacement? (She refuses to shop online) …..but I’m not done yet! stay tuned!


  18. Hi Sadie,
    The weather in France is pretty cold at the moment, but I’m lucky enough to live in the South on the border with Italy and we’ve got sunshine and blue skies at the moment.
    Happy good deeding!


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