Diamond June

Who can't stand herself?

I set my alarm for 8:00, because I have an appointment at the headache clinic today. You go there and they bang you over the head. BAH.

No. It is the final day of my meeting with them about the experimental migraine drug they have had me on since June. Other than the part where I grew a monkey out my arse from all the nausea it gave me, it was a fine drug.

Anyway, the alarm went off at 8:00, and who crossed the room, turned it off, went right back to bed, grabbed Tallulah and slipped of to dreamland until 10 minutes ago? I hate everything. Now I have to scream over there and I have no time to blog.

But I did want to show you what Faithful Reader and Friend in Real Life Laurie gave me last night when we had dinner with her:

Yes, my very own pink diamond ring. I know!

Also also, I guess it is time to give those flowers from Dottie the heave-ho.

Okay, screaming off to the headache clinic.

P.S. OMG, I am SO LATE, but I forgot to tell you, I may or may not have been shopping for a Christmas gift for Marvin yesterday, and the store owner may or may not have been the best-looking British man in the world other than Barry Gibb, and he may or may not have just flown in from London the night before. Okay, will stop with the annoying "may or may not" now. Anyway, I asked if London was excited about the Royal wedding and he said:

"We give a kipper's dick about that wedding."

Kipper's dick. That is so my new phrase. And I had to act like I gave a kipper's dick about that wedding, too, when of course it had been at the tip of my tongue to ask if I could stay with his relatives when I flew over there April 29, with my jobless self. OKAY SO SO LATE GOODBYE.

76 thoughts on “Diamond June

  1. Yeah spotted dick sounds a lot like a disease. I also remember a conversation with cousins who’d moved from India to Boston and we were discussing how yukky it is to have raisins in desserts and they’d thought I’d gone off on a child-trauma tangent: “the worst thing about lunchtime at school was how they expected us to eat spotted dick nearly EVERY DAY.”
    Eton mess and figgy dowdy are also unattractive names for lovely desserts. Toad in the hole is a gross name for a main meal. But then someone was like “yeah and steak and kidney pie sounds like it’d have kidney on it,” and that’s when you know they’re going to heave it back up when you say yes, yes it does.


  2. I think if you have the phone on silent it does not make the camera sound. If it were me, I would still not take a secret picture of a stranger, just letting you know.


  3. Annie who wants to keep up with the other RAoK'ers and also apparently likes to give away wine to unpleasant people says:

    Being inspired by all the RAoK’ers here, yet not being brave enough to formally sign up this year, I charged a struggling, single-mom customer only 15% of what her bill really should have been yesterday. And then later, spur-of-the moment, I gave Cranky McCrankyPants Delivery Driver (did I mention he’s cranky?) a nice bottle of wine, just because he seemed to be especially peeved with life. Next time I see him, if he’s not spewing venom that day, I’ll ask if he gave a kipper’s dick about the wine.


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