Ben. And also Pieces of Rodent Wisdom.

Last night, Marvin and I watched the season finale of Hoarders. There was this guy? And his wife died suddenly at age 39? (Hoarders always have some terrible thing that happened before they become hoarders.) And he got two rats as pets. But then they mated. And anyway, by the time help came, he had 2,350 rats in his house.

That was not one of my exaggerated numbers. TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. RATS.

Oh, it was a good show. Rats everywhere.

The other featured hoarder on the show had 40 cats, and Marvin said, "There's the solution. Just fix the cat woman up with the rat guy."

In the end, the Humane Society came and humanely took all the rats, which, you know, really? I'd have just set the whole house on fire. They showed the adoption fair where people were getting them some rats.

"Hello. I'm…Mr. Winston. I'd like 50 ratz to adopt, pleeze," said Marvin in a high voice.

Anyway. Then we went to bed, and who could not shut up about the rat show?

"That guy was RATtled," said Marvin. "He showed erRATic behavior."

Then he was quiet and I was hoping he was drifting off.

"And he had such nice RATtan furniture," said Marvin, giggling at his own self.

"They had a real Mickey Mouse organization helping him out." He snortled and guffawed and could not get enough of himself.

I rolled over. Then I said, "That guy's favorite movie? BoRAT."

"…All this time and that's the only one you could come up with?" he asked.

"I wasn't TRYING to come UP with any. I was TRYING to sleep," I huffed. I thought BoRAT was good.

Marvin was up late because he had a snow day yesterday–AND IT HADN'T EVEN SNOWED YET–and today, and there is snow with a coating of ice now, and Henry BEGGED to go out in it, hurling his body all stretched out across the door. So I let him out. And I wish you could have seen him.

He was all, "Why shiny? Why slippy?" and then crunch, his little foot would go through. Oh, that bothered him. He'd take another step and crunch–leap! He'd do a little leap of shock. It took him and hour and a half just to go down the porch steps. But now he is out there stepping and crunching and his nose is all pink and he is beside himself with excitement.

Marvin loves it when there is gonna be a snow storm, and it's nighttime but the sky is all pinky white like it's day.

I love the first real day of spring, when you go outside and you're all, oh! I don't need to brace myself! It's nice out!

I also love a really bad thunderstorm, with the booming and the lit sky.

So that is today's pieces of wisdom question. What is your favorite kind of weather day? A good snowstorm that keeps you indoors? A hot, sunny day? Breezy autumn afternoons? What is your very favorite?

If you don't answer, I'll RAT you out to your mom.

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  1. Siren, Took me two days but I finally ‘got’ the humor of your post. Duh. And does anybody but me go back two days to read the comments again? Is my life pitiful or what?


  2. Furry, I’m late to the party to be commenting, but YES!! It’s a pretty well-known fact that lobsters used to be the bottom of the barrel as far as food goes! They used to feed it to prisoners and use it for fertilizer, etc!!
    If you really think about what they eat and where they live, they are pretty much the cockroaches of the sea!! In fact, lobsters are still called “bugs” by the lobster fishermen and women! Kinda gross!\
    But, OH SO TASTY!!! : )


  3. I also enjoy the first spring day. I work on a college campus and I LOVE when the campus becomes all busy with students playing frisbee outside or lounging on blankets listening to the radio. It’s like everyone has come out of hibernation and is so excited to see sunshine!


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