It’s me, you old poop!

We just had drama over here at house o' June. I fed Francis his morning bunny and Tallulah tried the whole get-on-the-angry-chair-to-check-it-out move that Edsel's been doing.

You have never seen so much fur fly in your life. Francis smack smack smacked poor Talu, leaving her with a bloody snout. Tallulah showed her teeth and barked, but please. Fran so won this round.

I cleaned her up and she is sticking close to my chair now. My big tough Pit Bull.

You know what Francis has not done? Is mellow in his old age. Also? The bunny food is going to be a constant source of struggle in this house.

We really get a nice view up Talu's nostrils in that shot, don't we? Hello-hello-hello-hello! Echo-echo-echo! Don't you hate people who shout "echo" into a place where there's an echo?

Oooo! The mailman's truck is stopping at my house! Hang on. In eight seconds, old bloody snout will see it and that'll be the end of my eardrums.

Crap. He's just SITTING there, probably reading my extra-special mail. Maybe it's my Sopranos boxed set! Did I tell you I splurged and bought it on sale? Did I tell you I'm unemployed? If it's my Sopranos boxed set you will never hear from —

Oooo! Doorbell!

Aaaaaccckk! It's here! It's here! And I have to go to stupid Raleigh today to see Norman (Rockwell, not Thayer) with my pal Carpool Queen, and then after I have to get my hair done.

Crap. Do you think I can call in Sopranoed to both things? "I'm sorry, I can't live my actual life because I want to stay home and watch a TV show."

Okay, that's pathetic. And then TONIGHT of course we have the reunion of The Real Housewives, which I cannot miss. Why does God present me with these struggles?

So I was really just writing to say I had to go cause I have to get to Raleigh, but I'm glad you could be here for this special occasion. EIGHTY-SIX EPISODES of the Sopranos. Dying. Dying then getting cut to pieces in a bathtub and put in a bowling bag. Which is only funny if you watched the Sopranos.


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