Pieces of Tasteful Wisdom: June’s Ball

Oh, you all came up with BEAUTIFUL ideas for Edsel's neutering party! You should all be professional neutering party planners. Which now that I think of it, someone said in the comments, as well. I have no original thoughts. You all came up with them.

So, based on your ideas, Ima serve a cheese ball with crackers, brownies with nuts (aka Before) and then another pan without nuts (aka After), and then some kind of meatball.

Now, I failed to mention that my mother is coming to town, so you better watch out, you better not cry. So we will be out all day the day of the party and what I want is a meatball recipe you can make in a crock pot.

I was hoping for kind of a sausage-y crock pot recipe. Anyone? Bueller?

So I'll go shopping tomorrow, and in the meantime, yesterday I got party decorations. Who loves herself so bad?

I got little spade dishes that I think I will hang up. I know male dogs get neutered and not spayed. Shut up. It's funny.

One of you suggested chili lights, but they were $12.99, so I got dangling swirling chilis instead.

And a big inflatable chili.

And spade  hors d'oeuvres picks. Does anyone need heart and club toothpicks? Also? I had no idea how many party themes there are out there till I went to this party store.

Red crayon erasers as party favors. Love love love myself.

One of you suggested lipstick as a party favor, but they didn't have lipstick. I looked in the whole little girl party princess theme area? They have lip balm for kids now. Which, why? That's way messier than lipstick.

I told the checkout girl what I was doing, as she cashed out my 50 white balloons and white string that Ima hang from my ceiling, and she thought it was so funny that she told the other casher, who was a man.

"Ma'am, y'all just made my stomach hurt," he told me. "You can't tell a man about stuff like that."

I told him Edsel failed to see the humor in this party, as well.

Someone said in the comments that I should decorate Edsel in a Swiss flag to show he is neutral, and I'm totally on the lookout for said flag. Because I cannot give up a theme once I get started, apparently.

So thanks again for growing a pair and helping a sister out!


75 thoughts on “Pieces of Tasteful Wisdom: June’s Ball

  1. I am so going to make Jan and Lee’s crock pot meatball recipe this weekend. I made Sadie’s lentil soup last night and it was fantastic! Hmmm; a BBP cookbook sounds interesting.


  2. The hand sanitizer idea cracked me up! Sterile!
    A BBP cookbook would be fun. I will contribute the vegetarian recipe.


  3. I didn’t notice they were clubs… I was sort of wondering how they fit, till I read June’s caption, then thought “oh, spades… spayed… I get it” I had to go back and look when I read the comment!
    It all looks like great fun, and I’m definitely making those meatballs!


  4. Buy frozen meatballs, thaw them, and heat up with your favorite BBQ sauce-in-a-bottle. We do it all the time, & people love them 🙂


  5. Yep, agree with Katie…large bag of frozen meatballs, bottle or two of BBQ sauce. Delicious! I’ve never heard of using grape jelly with that, but I might have to try it.


  6. All Y’all’s meatball recipes sound delicious. I’ve only had the grape jelly and chili sauce meatballs that a friend always makes and they are soooo good, but I must try Lee’s recipe.


  7. Shoot, now I don’t know for certain what my friend’s recipe is. I know she uses chili sauce and I just looked on the bottle and it has a recipe that uses a can of jellied cranberry sauce in place of the grape jelly. Now I think she uses the cranberry sauce, not the jelly. Whatever it is, it is super easy and always a hit.


  8. Oh June…I lurk in the shadows and chuckle every day…but today I am crying at my desk at work. It was funny enough when you learned you had bought clubs…but when you made the crack about your diamond engagement ring, I totally lost it!


  9. I just caught up on all your posts. Hadn’t been by in almost a month (yes, I know, sacrilege.) This post cracked me up, so much so, I had to read it to hubby. He was in Edsel’s court, thinking it wasn’t as funny as I was with my hysterical laughing. Sounds like a fun party to me! hehe


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