Don’t get testy–party pictures are here!

Ep9d A good time was had by all.

Ep9a_1Maybe too good of a time.

And before you start saying, “Wow, that June sure learned some photography skillz overnight,” all these photos were taken by my friend Laurie, who had a 200-foot-tall camera with her.

Ep9n People were very good at following the theme. Here is Laura with Dry Sack sherry.

Ep9r And Hammy with In Heat Beer. She added the word “not” to every bottle.

Ep9s Melon balls, hot peanuts, mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes.

Ep4 Laurie made cake balls that were to die for. Here is mom. Holding the balls.

Ep9p Here is also mom, scolding Jessica for no reason.

Jessica is going to this boot camp thing? She gets up at 4:50 a.m every day and works out with this trainer. Anyway, she has to write down everything she eats and they give her a graph of her fat and calorie intake. She said last time she came to my house the graph shot up dramatically and that last night was “another 3,000 calorie night.”

Ep9o Winston didn’t care about his figure.

Ep3 Neither did Francis. Believe it or not, he stayed in his angry chair all night, even though people were in that back room. Everyone emerged with their blood still inside their body, which was a win.

Ep8 People enjoyed my decorations, although one friend said he was here for about half an hour before he noticed stuff hanging from our ceiling. Observant.

ShakeItPhoto Photo Jackie O called. Wants her dignity back.

Ep5 I failed to tell you all that I got my hair cut. I did not tell you because I think I look like Justin Beiber. But people last night told me it was cute, including Carpool Queen, here, but we all know she lies like a rug on a regular basis. Carpool Queen made a BRIS-kit. Get it? It was delish.

So I’d say the party was a success.

Ep2 Edsel was properly feted.

Ep9i Now, who’s gonna come clean this shite up?

77 thoughts on “Don’t get testy–party pictures are here!

  1. Love your hair.
    Love your sweater and brooch.
    Love Francis.
    I totally would have done the dishes for you. I hate doing my own (whhhyyy did we buy a house without a dishwasher??), but I love doing them for other people.


  2. Oh Laura … that’s hilarious!!
    Love your hair, June!!!! Definitely not the Bieber look. I’m sure he’s a nice kid but seeing his hair only leaves me with the urge to tackle him and shave it all off!! (Tom Brady inspires the same rage.)


  3. June, it was totally worth cleaning your tub for the party. You look radiant and the party looks like a great success. No surprise the men didn’t think Edsel’s tutoring was something they could celebrate.
    I’m sure they had the same reaction as the male employee at the party store.


  4. AmishAnnie, the cake balls were really Oreo cookie balls. Quite easy to make. Take a pound package of Oreo’s and put all but three cookies in a food processor or blender to crush finely. You could also place them inbetween wax paper and use a roller pin. Add 8 ounces of room temperature cream cheese to the mixture.
    Roll into balls and place in the fridge for at least one hour. Remove and add the sticks. I then melted a package (2 pkgs would be ideal) of Baker’s semi sweet squares.(You could use white chocolate or milk chocolate) Dip the balls and place in small muffin papers. I place the balls in papers just to make the clean-up and transportation easier. Wax paper works too.
    After dipping the balls I tried to then dip them into a bowl of jimmies, but that created too much of a mess.
    One of my favorite foods of the evening were the stuffed mushrooms….Mmmmmmm.


  5. Laurie, did you do anything with the reserved 3 oreo cookies? I mean, other than eat them.
    Your recipe sounds yummy.


  6. Sadie, I gave them to Mr. Wonderful. Probably more information than you wanted, but they constipate the heck out of me.
    The SB game on FOX here in Greensboro was in spanish until shortly after the first TD?!?! I was livid. I screamed at Collins for his excessive celebration. What a risky move for the game wasn’t won at that point.


  7. Late to comment, but the party looked fabulous and you were devine! Love the new hair and oufit! Gorgeous!


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