Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday: Break on through to the other side

I asked all y'all all everyone to put up with me saying "all 'y'all all everyone," and also to do something sort of courageous for today's Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday.

I asked you to write in and say something nice about the other side, whether "the other side" was the political other side, or the opposite of your spititual beliefs, the family member who bugs the bejeezus out of you, the Sham-Wow guy–which wasn't nice of me to mention because he's dead–what have you.

What would make you decide to name your product "Sham-Wow"? In what meeting did they decide, hey. You know what would be a snazzy name, here, for this shammy? What about Sham-Wow?

Really, if you think about it, "shammy" is an odd name.

I am on iron pills. Which is a whole 'nother post. I wonder if they are making me a little Cheech?

At any rate, many of you participated so well! You really tried, and didn't add any caveats like, "My mother has a lovely smile when she's grinning at a bag of dead puppies." Although someone did say, "My mother-in-law doesn't eat puppies," I think.

Some of you were jerky (Paula H&B), and I deleted or altered your comments, AS I WARNED YOU I WOULD. IN CAPS JUST LIKE THIS!

My goal was to try to encourage all of us to let go of some of our resentment, because it really does no good. And saying something kind about the "enemy" doesn't mean we think they are da bomb. It's just sort of step one in trying to live in the same world with them without constantly screaming about them.

And I have no idea where this idea came from; I just woke up and had it. It's the iron pills talking.

Because this whole thing started when I was irked about how Jane Russell's death got all political, I paid homage to her in my photographs with the dry erase board. Oh yes I did.

You really have no idea how you can improve your figure with a few of your husband's socks in your brassiere area. Also, I thought Cristy's comment was one of the most stunning. The topic of abortion is never, ever neutral, and to see anyone even acknowledge the other side of the coin was, I thought, really brave of her.

I saw a lot of this in the comments. That even though there is a group (liberals, conservatives, fundamentalists, etc.) out there that the commentor vehemently opposed, in their heart of hearts, they knew this group, like the commentor, just wanted what's best in the end.

You know would be best? Is if I really had this body.

Liberal people have said a lot of stuff about George W. Here is a positive statement. Also? Edsel and I want you to know this bed was made; the bedspread was turned down. It irks me that it looks unmade. See, someone barfed on it night before last so all the bedding had to be cleaned, and Marvin got the sheets out the dryer and made the bed while I was going through these comments and he made the bed and–oh, who cares.

Isn't Edsel getting big?

Conservative people have said a lot about Obama. Here is a positive statement. Clearly, the whole idea of politics is a big snoozefest to the Eds.

There were a lot of comments people made about their family members, too, acknowledging the good parts of people they must see as pretty much evil the rest of the time. And commentors made me say something nice about Gwynneth Paltrow (cute kid, Apple) and Angelina Jolie (oh, that was hard. She cares about the world).

Oh, and when I was culling the comments to pluck out the argue-y ones, a lot of people wrote joke-y things about Charlie Sheen. I didn't even think about those. I just kind of smiled and went on. Then a relative of Charlie Sheen wrote in and said he or she genuinely hopes no one writing in has to deal with addiction.

Wow. I went right back in and deleted all the Charlie Sheen jokes. I can honestly say I didn't even think of Charlie Sheen as human, or as having relatives, when I read those jokes. Isn't that horrible? And as someone who, you know, no longer drinks, I should have been more sensitive.

I guess celebrities are another "side" we have in this world.

Anyway, I think Diane said it best, and who better to pose with this message of forgiveness and love?

After I took this photo, Francis spit on this message.

(P.S. Just because it's another day doesn't mean we get to argue in today's comments.)



248 thoughts on “Pieces of Wisdom Wednesday: Break on through to the other side

  1. When I was in college, I had two friends who shared the responsibilities of one position in a service organization. One of the friend’s father died, and the other one had the audacity to b*itch that she wasn’t helping enough immediately afterward. That’s the sort of b*ullshit with which I group Carin’s behavior. It’s like telling the Bloggess not to mention her rheumatoid arthritis or telling Dooce not to mention her ppd. Funny bloggers still have hard spots, and commenters are not meant to kick them when they are down. It’s code. I think we are all justified in telling persons who don’t respect the code to keep their negativity to themselves.


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