Your Hostess

Photo on 11-9-12 at 7.28 PM #3
Okay, I just totally tried to invent a Bye Bye, Pie gang sign, then forgot the web camera would reverse and I hate myself. Hate white ungangy self. Word.

I am June Gardens. Yo.

I started a blog in 2007 in Los Angeles because I was going to go a year without spending any money. Which I did. That blog was called Bye Bye Buy and I wrote for a year. Not continuously. By the way, we saved a ton of money and managed to buy our house when we moved here to North Carolina. I mean, we didn’t save enough to buy a whole house in its entirety, but we had a down payment because we went a year without spending. We saved about $3,000 a month. I KNOW!

God, that was a tedious paragraph. At any rate, once the year was up, I realized I liked blogging and having an invisible Greek chorus out there commenting on my daily life, so I started this blog, which was gonna be a health blog, hence the name Bye Bye, Pie.

I did stay sort of healthy that first year, 2008, but then after that I gave up on themes and just stuck with this blog name, which now makes absolutely no sense.

As for the rest of the info on me, I hate vomiting (as opposed to the rest of you who absolutely adore it), I have large hair and it really never looks good, I have many pets, and I am a copy editor for a living. Also I am really getting sick of the word “veggies.”

Oh, and I grew up in Michigan, moved to Seattle after college because they read more books there per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., loved it there but met my husband who lived in L.A., lived in L.A.from 1997 until 2007, then came to North Carolina. I am now divorced from said husband, but it isn’t because he made me leave Seattle. Although I am kind of peeved, in the grand scheme of things, that I ever had to leave Seattle. But my big hair and that rain were never a good combo.

I have an “email me” button on the right side of my blog, I mean, the right side if you’re looking at my blog and not inside it, which, if you are, get out my blog. My point is, I READ everyone’s email but sometimes I get a ton and forget to reply. I know I am annoying. I still like hearing from you, though.

P.S. Veggies. ACK! Just irritated my own self.