Pink pink pink pink. Pink blog.

My blog is pink now. In case you hadn't noticed.


Here is my favorite song, Pink Moon, to celebrate it. Yay. Please note I did not spell it "yeah," "yea" or "ya." Heavens, people's Facebook updates irritate me.

And speaking of my signature color, Miss Doxie made a blush and bashful picture of Edsel, because apparently he is gettin' all the ladies this week:

Look how she has captured the underbite. Dying. (And, of course, his propensity for slipping on a tutu.)

And speaking of friends I have made through this blog, yesterday Faithful Reader Lilly told me her husband Chris had hatched several baby geese ("not literally," she told me) and did I want to come over and meet them, seeing as she lives nearby. "I promise we won't kill you," she said.

"Here is the thing," I said. "I don't CARE if you kill me, as long as I get to see the baby geese first."

So off I went, and have I mentioned that my death will eventually be at the hands of my love of animals, somehow? Swerving to not hit a bunny, climbing into the leopard's cage to kiss his head, going to a complete stranger's house to hold a baby goose. Whatever.

You guys. I stayed like three and a half hours. I was the blog guest who would not leave.

They had a whole FARM, and it was BEAUTIFUL, and they were SO COOL, and had TWO DOGGIES who greeted me when I got there!


I not easy to photograf cause I all blak. I know you gots foto skillz in first place.

Yellerdog When you leevin', anyway? You comin' over to kiss ma head agin?

Harse Hay-y-y-y-y-y! You suppo-o-o-sed to just meet geeses and goo-o-o-! Kwit harsin' around! Hrrrrr!

Jiveturkey You go-o-o-obblin' dinner here, too?

I so go-o-obbled dinner there, too. HOW RUDE AM I? I stayed to dinner! I petted barn kitties! I stayed for strawberry pie! I'm surprised I didn't ask if there was a guest bedroom where I could bunk down and maybe could one of the horses get in bed with me. I was having such a good time, though! Me and a barn full of animals? Come ON.

And despite their 405820505 animals, even the two dogs and one housecat? I walked into their house and I was all, "Wow, everything's so neat and tidy. How do you do it with all your pets?"

"I vaccuum," said my hostess.

"Hunh, vacuum," I said, making a mental note.

And oh! Was the food delish! Oh, I ate, I talked, I petted. A good time was had by me. They had to be up in seventeen minutes to get back to the farm, but HEY! Did I mention my good time?

Oh, and finally, here are the baby geetzes. I did hold them and their little webby feets, and I do not know why I didn't think to ask beleaguered Chris or Lilly to photograph me doing so, but I was too busy being enamored, I think.

Babygeetzes peep! peeppeeppeeppeep peep!

Sigh Honest God. WHEN you and flippy hair leavin'?


144 thoughts on “Pink pink pink pink. Pink blog.

  1. ohhh Linda, I forgot to suggest GEESE babies too. And then I forgot that cute geese fuzzballs become a turbo fulled flock (Hecatonchires) that come at you and rip out your eyeballs. So thank you for the reminder. June..please just raise the babies, then sell them in little pink gift sacks (you can build a Lemonade Stand kinda thing outside of your front gate) to wealthy hipsters that will start their own organic egg farms.
    To Laurie (hey that’s my name too!): You are so right. June… this might go terribly wrong unless you can wean Francis off Duck, and over to canned GOOSE.


  2. Hulk (Don't all you animal rights goofs frown upon people buying chicks and ducklings and bunnies and such?) says:

    THAT’S who you are…


  3. Yes, Hulk, we do. We are having the good fun here. And it’s not like June would be using them for playoff hockey pucks (or cat food) or anything.


  4. And by the way? You know how Fran keeps tiring of this nine million dollar cat food? And I keep having to get different odd flavors? Now he is eating deer and green peas. I am not making this up.
    Sent from my iPhone


  5. I, too, adore the pinkalicious look to your blog! It’s gorgeous!
    And ya know what else? I would totally buy a t-shirt or coffee mug with that drawing of Edsel on it. Totally would. Yep.


  6. I, too, adore the pinkalicious look to your blog! It’s gorgeous!
    And ya know what else? I would totally buy a t-shirt or coffee mug with that drawing of Edsel on it. Totally would. Yep.


  7. I, too, adore the pinkalicious look to your blog! It’s gorgeous!
    And ya know what else? I would totally buy a t-shirt or coffee mug with that drawing of Edsel on it. Totally would. Yep.


  8. I just clicked on the “Your Hostess” button and I am cracking up that this was going to be a healthy eating blog.
    I need to (re)read the Bye Bye Buy blog because my finances are in the shithole.


  9. Deer and green peas? Seriously? Well, hell! With all the roadkill deer around here, you can make your own or pay one of the venison-grinder people outside the city limits to do it for you. Really, I bet you could find ground-up deer somewhere around here.


  10. Hulk, you are so right! With her naturally curly hair! Wait, that’s another girl.
    Is Sally in love with Linus? Yes. She sits out in the pumpkin patch with him. I dunno, June, you’re more independent than that! 🙂


  11. June Gardens – I am so happy that you got to visit the animal farm and that you got a pink blog with a beautiful pink header and that you like Pink Moon. I’m wishing you nothing but good pink things in your life from now on! 🙂 Nancy


  12. june. so late here. missed yesterday’s post yesterday. but read it today. laughed hard enough to get the hiccups. how DOES that happen? love love the pink. but of course you know that from the hello kitty issue.
    me and my hiccups have 1 week and 2 hours to final divorce court date. are you going to be glad when i stop counting that ding dang date down?


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