June at six

In the same place I found my glamor shots from the other day, I also found these:

Dote June-being-doted-on-by-her-grandparents-on-her-sixth-birthday shots.

First of all, nice secondhand smoke. All my grandparents smoked, and I am certain I was up to at least a pack a day by age six. Also? I have this same hairdo right now. Have I mentioned I will be delighted when this haircut grows out?

However, I think I am wearing an Avon pin with solid perfume in the head, there, and if I am correct, it was from the It's a Small World collection and I had the Asian doll. Also too, please note my bike basket behind me. I was riding a bike with training wheels, a thing I would do until I finally gave up and stopped riding bikes altogether.

I rode a two-wheeler for like a week. Then I forgot how again. Swear.

And how cute is my grandmother (she is the one I am turning into. Where is my Salem Light?) with her purse on her lap? Is she worried it is going to be snatched? Also, my grandfather looks 12.

Picky He was that kind of grandfather who always told jokes, and funny stories, and acted silly, and would talk to just you when all the other adults were talking about work or politics or other horrid things.

Lily I do not know who was dumb enough to give me the Lily Tomlin album. Perhaps it was the two of them. If so, they got to leave the house and not have to listen to it 92049458204 times. Also, that butterfly was a window decal. It was purple and pink. Because it was 1971. My maxi dress (because it was 1971) was lavender and made for me by my best friend's mom.

My memory should be studied by scientists or something.

In other pressing news, WHAT IS TAKING THAT COMPANY SO LONG TO HIRE ME? I have to sit here looking at photos from 1971 to keep myself amused. If I do not get three jobs in a row I am gonna take up smoking. And putting my purse on my lap at family gatherings.

I have to get dressed, though, because I am going to Faithful Reader Laura's house for lunch. She is the one who has greyhounds. She invited me for lunch and I said, "Will there be greyhounds?" I am a regular Jackie Kennedy, with my politeness. At least I am changing out of my checkered pajama bottoms and Owls Are Assholes t shirt. Which is from the Jackie Kennedy collection.

And that's the truth.

154 thoughts on “June at six

  1. So THAT’s why Grandma isn’t sporting blue hair; she was only in her late 40’s.


  2. Oh, this post has too much funny! You in the maxi dress and grandma in the… mini skirt? And why did we call them “maxi” dresses? Couldn’t we just say “long”? Weird.
    Those Avon pin on perfumes were the BEST! A couple of those and the little sample lipsticks they passed out and an average 8 year old like me could be smokin’ hot! More than one of those lipsticks found their way into the laundry, unfortunately.
    All the adults in my family smoked. We kids used to hold our breath as long as we could and then slowly exhale – smoke would pour forth from our little lungs. The grownups should have been worried, no? They were instead amused.
    And YAY for the job!!


  3. My Great-grandmother always had her bag on her lap, and it was always kept ajar. This way she could tab her fags and just dip the ash into her bag if there were no ashtrays available. She did this with panache and (willfully) never knew about non-smoking restaurants or homes (even though they existed and she frequented them). What a wonderful woman she was, she also made bombs out of baby food jars for the IRA in the 1960s and loved watching the wrestling on the telly. Seeing the photo of your grandmother has brought “Nana-with-the-Hats” memories flooding back to me.
    Thank you and congratulations on the new job.


  4. Yay! Congratulations June!
    This entry was awesome. You are so funny, clever, sly and so on infinity. Your memory should be studied by the world’s most famous scientists.
    Don’t go to any of my doctors. I finally have a good bunch. Just saying. Hee.


  5. June, I am a wee bit older than you and in the first picture I can tell that the wrapping paper was tissue paper that was varigated colors. Remember? And also, Lily Tomlin: “One ringy dingy!” Good times.


  6. Josie, your Gram probably could have kicked my Gram’s butt. However, my Gram appreciated strong, independant women and probably would have invited your Gram over for a big old Sunday dinner. (She would have told her to smoke outside though.)
    BTW Pal or June, it would be cool to see a picture of the both of you in your maxi dresses or jump roping or terrorizing the neighborhood.


  7. Yay for employment (with or without ice cream!).
    And a Lily Tomlin album for a 6 year old? Interesting. I’m not sure my household even had a record player when I was that age, but maybe one of my brothers did.
    Lily is a total sweetheart too, from my very limited experience. Quite a number of years ago I worked for a lesbian organization in Seattle (which I’m sure you remember, June, since that’s where we ran into each other) and we were celebrating our 25th anniversary and trying to get a prominent lesbian to come to the event. Lily was one of the ones we solicited and one morning our director was all excited because there was a voicemail from Lily Tomlin herself. Even though she couldn’t make it because she was going to be in New York filming some or other thing, her message was so sweet. She thanked us for thinking of her, said she and Jane would have loved to have been part of it, etc.
    That totally trumped the thanks-but-I’m-booked letter I got from Dorothy Allison, which was also very sweet. And it was stark contrast to a certain desperately-in-love-with-herself lesbian author who was a total blowfish to deal with. I won’t say her name because I wouldn’t put it past her to sit around Googling herself, but her initials are RMB.
    There we were this fairly small lesbian organization, trying to put together a 25th anniversary fundraising event and she had a huge list of demands to be met if she were to grace us with her presence. Two first class airline tickets, several nights at a 4- or 5-star hotel, some generous daily meal allowance, there might have been more. And all of this was communicate through her agent. She couldn’t be bothered to respond to us herself in any way. Needless to say, RMB left a very bad taste in our mouths. So to speak.
    In the end, Jewelle Gomez was the headliner of the event. She was not the box office draw we had hoped for, but she was a complete delight to deal with.


  8. As a young bride, my grandma lived on the outskirts of Abilene, Texas – truly the prairie. We have a fabulous picture of her in a ruffled blouse and a long skirt carrying a shotgun. She looks like Annie Oakley, but she certainly wasn’t making bombs for the IRA.


  9. Congrats on the new job!
    My grandmother always kept her purse on her lap as well, she dipped snuff and her spit can (a glass jar with a top inside a brown paper bag) was in her purse. All my grandparents dipped.


  10. Chief, I am so disappointed to read that – RMB has written two of my favorite books ever, one a dog whose name is spelled out in a children’s song, and one that describes where you want to ride if you are the passenger in a car (just in case she’s googling her books too). I don’t care for her cat books, though.


  11. Help, please, from some uncaring commenter. Who the hell is RMB? Even with the hints from LindaPie, I do not know, and I am so intrigued.


  12. Chief-there’s only been lesbians for 25 years? Dang…
    For Zadge: Twins, heh heh heh…and The Zadge?


  13. Chief-there’s only been lesbians for 25 years? Dang…
    For Zadge: Twins, heh heh heh…and The Zadge?


  14. Chief-there’s only been lesbians for 25 years? Dang…
    For Zadge: Twins, heh heh heh…and The Zadge?


  15. Siren, I was going to go thru the same gyrations to clue in RFJ (Dorothy’s slippers, etc). I was going to describe it as her seminal work, and decided against it, first because I wasn’t sure seminal was the right word, and also because seminal sounds too much like semen, which just seemed wrong to use when discussing a lesbian. (I never made it thru that book either, tried several times).


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