June 2 Love You

Somebody broke into my work email and sent all sorts of girl-on-girl action emails to my old bosses and such.

Nice. I am certain my conservative female choirmember ex-boss has always wanted to see Lez2LoveYou2, and now it has been added to her repertoire.

Can it live up to the original, is what all the critics are asking.

Also, I just went to the mailbox and had a check from my dad (thanks, dad) (I am 45 and getting checks from my dad), a freelance check, and a gift from one of my oldest friends. Don't you love good mail days?

She sent me a cookbook on how to eat clean, which I have been wanting, and also some soup recipes because of my whole can't-eat-soup-ack-MSG thing. I am a pain in the ass.

Speaking of ass, I am in love with Pippa, I have decided. I mean, I still love Kate more than anything on planet Earth, don't get me wrong, but Pippa rocked it yesterday, didn't she? Both that bridesmaid's dress and then the emerald evening reception dress. Pippa-middleton-2-300
Was she always hot? Did she just get hot for the wedding? Is Kate mad that Pippa stole the show? Do you think Pippa might want to star with me in Lez2LoveYou3?

She is rockin'. Crush on the Pippa. Do you think Harry did the walk of shame back to his room at the Marriott from Pippa's room this morning? Did they exchange embarrassed glances at the buffet room this a.m.?

I have to go. My new job starts in two days and I have done nothing but work on this book and watch this wedding and the house is a mess and I own approximately two items that are work-appropriate, so I must finish this stupid stupid stupid statistics textbook and head to the store to pick up worky clothes. And shoes. At my last job you could wear whatever you wanted so I bought 78 pair of silver flip-flops.

Not so much at this job.

Tomorrow I have an announcement to make this is kind of exciting. I want to wait one more day to make sure it is still going okay before I tell the world. I cannot keep it to myself any longer.

Comment of the week goes to a conversation between Amish Annie and that always-chipper Siren.


June Arthur Phillip Louweeee. Of Cambridge. Of the loving-Pippas Phillip Louwees of Cambridge.


  1. Calm down, calm down everyone. Obviously, June’s big announcement is that she and Barry fell madly in love last week, when they met at the Pet store, and now are in the process of buying a zoo together. There, that was simple. haha Can’t wait for your announcement!!! 🙂


  2. I don’t even know if you’ll see this comment because you get nine million comments for every post (I was going to show nine million numerically, but I have no idea how mnay zeros that is and I’m too lazy to google it), but I have to tell you that you never fail to make me laugh. I read your posts and the say to myself, “Joan, your name is almost June and people actually call you June at work when you have to state your name at the beginning of each horribley boring insurance phone call that you do to make a living,…but I digress…Joan, why can’t you post more often like June does?” And I then reply to myself, “because June is so freaking funny and so much more interesting and obviously so much more dedicated to her readers”
    Thanks, June for making me look forward to seeing what you have to say every day!


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