wE haVe GUd daY. byy Talu anN EDSel.

i think we going somewhere fun, edsul.

Notshuri dont no. edsul scare bak here.

Reallygudgudgudoh stop being skare of everytheeng. this gonna be rully rully good, Lu can tell. Beside, mom said it was gunna be fun playse.

Stilnotshurno. not shur. sometime mom say we going fun playse and it end up we go to vet.

Stayncar…krap. we here now? no thank yu. Eds stay in kar.

Meetngreetoh. wate. dis not scaree. other dogs! fields! we run free! what dis plase?

Happywho care what it is? dis best plase ever! hey! there ant lilly and uncle chris, mom's friendz!

Cllieflowersdere is food in ground!

Gotnycatzare there cats in ground we can dig?

Barnkittyhate oh! dere a cat! it not in grownd…yet. i think he not like you, edsul. heeeeeeee….

…talu! …talu!? what.is.THAT over der?

HarseAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKK! woofwoofwoofwoofwoofWOOFWOOF!


Momnharseagain srsly mom. it real! it no joke!

Sleepee sigh. that was a gud–zzzzzzz….

109 thoughts on “wE haVe GUd daY. byy Talu anN EDSel.

  1. Love the photo journalism! ilove to see yourdoggies running free (but not TOO free, Talu!) -they are soooo loving it! That’s how it is when I take my dog to visit our sisters in OH.


  2. I bet yer dawgs were so tired when they got home they slept all evening!
    I lived in Missouri for a few years after college, but never went to Joplin way over there on the other side of the state. Terrible storms.
    Down here in Texas we haven’t had a drop of rain in ages! Best part of that is no water, no mosquitoes!!


  3. Sadie offsets the bad news of destructive storms by laughing with Amish Annie today and the furor she has caused here with her mutinous (to June) comments concerning Mo.

    Funny, hope you were not affected by the tornadoes. It has been a scary year so far with these horrendous storms.


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