wE haVe GUd daY. byy Talu anN EDSel.

i think we going somewhere fun, edsul.

Notshuri dont no. edsul scare bak here.

Reallygudgudgudoh stop being skare of everytheeng. this gonna be rully rully good, Lu can tell. Beside, mom said it was gunna be fun playse.

Stilnotshurno. not shur. sometime mom say we going fun playse and it end up we go to vet.

Stayncar…krap. we here now? no thank yu. Eds stay in kar.

Meetngreetoh. wate. dis not scaree. other dogs! fields! we run free! what dis plase?

Happywho care what it is? dis best plase ever! hey! there ant lilly and uncle chris, mom's friendz!

Cllieflowersdere is food in ground!

Gotnycatzare there cats in ground we can dig?

Barnkittyhate oh! dere a cat! it not in grownd…yet. i think he not like you, edsul. heeeeeeee….

…talu! …talu!? what.is.THAT over der?

HarseAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKK! woofwoofwoofwoofwoofWOOFWOOF!


Momnharseagain srsly mom. it real! it no joke!

Sleepee sigh. that was a gud–zzzzzzz….

109 thoughts on “wE haVe GUd daY. byy Talu anN EDSel.

  1. I love both their collars. They are some lucky dogs, with a mom who takes them on field trips.
    Matze, someone else can explain where it came from (I don’t remember), but Furry was referring to “Pants on the floor, Pants on the floor, Looking like a fool with his pants on the floor”, some stupid rap thingy. Maybe it was ground instead of floor.


  2. And I guess I should read all the comments before I respond too. Everyone else is so much more up on cultural references than I am (who has never seen a RHoAnywhere).


  3. Duffylou - "when we're fighting, that's love for us. love, love, love." that turned out okie dokie says:

    Great. Now all I have in my mind is a picture of a sweaty Whitney during her triumphant, ha, comeback attempt. Thanks for that, June.


  4. Hulk (Oh, did you hear the one about the new guy in hell who's talking to the devil by the coffee machine?) says:



  5. Amish Annie usually reserves the word sizzlin' for Maurice, but the word is very applicable to June in these pics as well. And no, you don't look like Mo, you have much better hair than he did. But you look as skinny as he did; you're really rockin' those says:

    The picture of Lu with the caption: “oh stop being skare of everytheeng. this gonna be rully rully good, Lu can tell.” Priceless.
    Gorgeous pictures by the way. Especially of the super scary horse.
    And finally, lordy June, you look sizzlin’ hot.


  6. Plus I totally forgot I was gonna have Talu make a Charles and Camilla joke about the horses, much like I forgot about book club. Id forget my hair if it werent everywhere on earth.


  7. Oh yeah book club! I read the book and everything!
    Aaaw your day looks like it was a lot of fun. You look so happy and pretty as well! Clearly you need a farm.


  8. I can’t help it that Mo and I had a special connection. When he looked at me from the album covers with wind blown hair, both chestal and headal, we just bonded. In a way that doesn’t end with death.


  9. Letha, I yelled for June when I drove through Greensboro yesterday, but she must have been at the farm, she didn't yell back. says:

    Barry had enough hair for all the boys in the family. And enough teeth too.


  10. Anita, 1/4 of the way down on Mo’s head began a lot of hair that flowed well below his ears. Also his chesticles were hairy, not Barryish hairy, but hairy enough. In fact, if given the opportunity, I’m sure my fifteen year old tongue could have wrapped that chesticle hair around it three times.


  11. My name is Pamela and I am Soul Sister #2 and I logged on last night for a non-existent book club and Ashton Kutscher did not jump out of a bush! says:

    What a lovely post! I enjoyed that so much, as I love your pet language, June.
    I was bugging out over the forgotten book club! I posted “where is it” yesterday and no one said a word! I finished that book in record time in preparation for a rousing discussion and…NOTHING. Thought I had been PUNKED, since I’m new to the blog and all!
    Well, at least my daughter was proud to see that I could actually finish a novel instead of abandoning it to the piles of unfinished novels I have in my room.


  12. I figured I would make someone throw up in their mouth on that one.


  13. so happy that you have arisen from the sick bed! And i love it when the dogs talk to each other…My poor dog has only me to converse with and his side is almost always more intelligent than mine – he loves to throw big words around


  14. Seriously, that is so disgusting, Amish Annie. Ack! I’m gonna have to go to bed now and hope the nausea passes!
    Also, Marzi? Thanks for the early b-day wishes!
    And, Laurie, if June sends me any more of those EFFING friendship birds, (and I told her this already), I will drive down there and poke her eyballs out! And I might steal her dogs and Roger just for good measure!! : )


  15. I KNOW Furry, the thought of kissing Camilla is DISGUSTING!


  16. Amish Annie wants to set the record straight so that people will stop with the retching and vomiting; hopefully it works, I don't want people think I'm weird. *sorry, still giggling* says:

    Geez! It’s not like I said butt hair or back hair or elsewhere hair. I simply said his chest hair.


  17. Sadie thinks it will be a trick because June may be at Hulkapaloosa on her birthday, but she better wear safety googles just in case you drive to Michigan. says:

    Pal, sounds like June reeeaalllyyy wants to see you since she is provoking you to drive down there.


  18. hahaha let’s not pick on annie, she is special, it’s ok annie, but please, let’s not include the butt hair in that discussion.
    i’m sure there are people who want to lick charles’ ears or pick tina knowles’ nose.
    since paula hb mentioned the royal canary everything is allowed here.


  19. Beth Ann, brand new visitor to this here blog, never been here before or commented. (okay maybe formerly known as Amish Annie, crap, this can be a tough crowd) says:

    Matze, you mean special in a good way, right?


  20. Amish Annie, I appreciate your picture! I couldn’t take Hairy Barry. (giggling like a school girl with you now).


  21. Oh, I came over here, all innocent and unsuspecting, to say something consoling about poor wussy Edsel and what did I find? Things involving chest hair, things too heinous to repeat. Images burned into my brain that will haunt me until I die.


  22. Dear Carol from Bama, BFF, Fellow Mo Fan Club Member,
    I will love you for your courage and honesty forever. *sniff*
    Love always,
    Your new BFF let’s do a sleepover sometime I’ll bring the Bee Gees posters and Mogen David and we’ll make fun of all the people who need glasses cuz they can’t see how sexy Mo really is Amish Annie


  23. Sadie offsets the bad news of destructive storms by laughing with Amish Annie today and the furor she has caused here with her mutinous (to June) comments concerning Mo. says:

    Funny, hope you were not affected by the tornadoes. It has been a scary year so far with these horrendous storms.


  24. I bet yer dawgs were so tired when they got home they slept all evening!
    I lived in Missouri for a few years after college, but never went to Joplin way over there on the other side of the state. Terrible storms.
    Down here in Texas we haven’t had a drop of rain in ages! Best part of that is no water, no mosquitoes!!


  25. Love the photo journalism! ilove to see yourdoggies running free (but not TOO free, Talu!) -they are soooo loving it! That’s how it is when I take my dog to visit our sisters in OH.


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