In which June is stuck on the word “appalled”

The angry chair has brought out the anger in my kittens.

I wonder what Francis would think of this? I think he'd have been appalled. And perhaps cranky. Also? Nice cornhole, Roger.

In other news, I will always turn up the volume when this song comes on. I wonder if it's hard for sober Dave Navarro to sit right next to that idiot with the wine bottle?

And hey! We need a new book to read for book club. Suggestions, please. One thing we discussed in the comments was everyone watching It's a Wonderful Life instead of reading a book, as I was as appalled as Francis when I realized some of you hadn't watched it. Suggestions, please.

I must go, as perhaps I stayed up late yakking on the phone again. Oh! But before I do, did anyone see Ryan O'Neal being interviewed on Piers Moran the other night? First of all, what kind of a phony-ass name is "Piers"?

June. Losing readers named Piers since summer of 2011.

How big of a narcissist is Ryan O'Neal? He was appalling! Like Roger and Anderson in the chair, he was appalling! Nothing was ever his fault, he blamed poor Tatum O'Neal for everything. No wonder none of his kids turned out okay. Yeesh. Please tell me someone else saw this.

Okay, really going now.

216 thoughts on “In which June is stuck on the word “appalled”

  1. Great youtube video by NC boys Rhett and Link about the cornhole game. The game is played by tossing bags of corn into a board with a hole, hence the name.


  2. Dear June,
    Do you cook very often? Do you have any aprons? Can we get together and make a sauce?
    Yours culinarily,


  3. Hahaha, very funny, Cosmo’s Dad! Nice back doors, and awkwardly funny script. The gal reminds me of a younger Rue McClanahan.


  4. Amish Annie, maybe Hulk should try cooking this way on dates. It looks like it only hurts if you turn away from the pan. Ouch. I can't believe I just spent three minutes watching this.

    Oh my lordy Dad of Cosmo, WHERE do you come up with these kinds of things? It screams 80’s but I’m not sure; naked male butts probably look the same no matter what decade it is.


  5. I used to be on a message board where all of the women thought it was the height of hilarity to say, “I am just up-HAULED!!!”
    I was appalled at that!


  6. Amish Annie, it's sad when a good person marries/partners down ie Farrah and Scummy McScumbag, instead of making her a better person, he brought her down to his level and kept her in his pig shit. Can't figure it out.

    I like how Roger is twice the size of little Anderson Cooper yet he looks so dramatic trying to protect himself from the little guy.
    Mozza, as a guy you would rarely have the awful experience of sitting on a wet toilet seat. Now that is disgusting. Years ago I worked at a country club and Tuesday was Old Rich Ladies Playing Cards day. Every single week after the old ladies left, the bathroom stalls consistently looked like twenty male cats were cut loose and marked their territory in there. I’m not kidding, I didn’t know women could splash on floors and up walls like that.


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