June is a tramp

So, I went on a date yesterday, with a whole different boy.

I KNOW! Once June starts something, she really gets into it.

We will call this guy Daniel Boone, seeing as we met under a giant Daniel Boone statue.

Who knew Daniel Boone was a marionette? And also that he seems to have arthritis issues?

Anyway, Daniel Boone my date and I are basically the same person, except he is a boy and I am supposedly a girl. Seriously. We were emailing 90284520582034 times, because neither of us can shut up, and one time at the bottom of his email he wrote, "Sent from my desktop" and I realized my emails must have said "Sent from my iPhone," and I always say something stupid when people send me an email that says Sent from My BlackBerry or iPhone or whatever. I usually say "Sent from my old cheap computer."

So when I wrote him back, I had my iPhone say, "Sent from my pretentious phone" and he shot back: "That's what I set up my iPhone to say all the time! Did you know that? Did you do that on purpose?"

Also, he lived in Seattle. I lived in Seattle. He has a dog (chocolate Lab mixed with something anxious, he says). He stopped yesterday to greet every dog we saw. Also, we sat on a rock on a little lake and got out our pretentious iPhones and showed each other pictures of our dogs. Nature. A wonderful place to whip out your gadgets. So to speak.

The question is, do I want to date myself? I'm already stuck inside myself. Do I want my own self along with me?

At any rate, it was a fun day. We walked all around this historic little town, and I could not help thinking about how Marvin would have loved this town. There was all sorts of ridiculous stuff to see:

but I like how all I managed to take a picture of was this ludicrous ad in a window. Why is this man wearing a shirt with his circulatory system on it?

I am managing to not date anyone today, I mean unless someone at work finds me absolutely irresistible and has to make out with me by the copy machine or something.

It is hard being me.

P.S. Faithful Reader Mary V. made us team buttons! Thank God there are grownups who read me. The link to get your button and put it on your blog, or print it out and laminate it, or take it to your local tattoo parlor, is up there on the upper-right of my blog.


Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

114 thoughts on “June is a tramp”

  1. Hey batter batter…
    As to being like/unlike your mate/date, my husband and I are alike in the following ways:
    I am nuts – he loves me
    I am interested in weird, pointless things – he loves me
    I am absorbed with my self and my own thoughts – he loves me
    I love me – he loves me
    Oh, and I almost forgot:
    I spend too much money – he figures out how to get more.
    Also, the more worked up, overwrought and dramatic I get about any subject or event under the sun, the calmer he becomes. And, he loves me.
    (I really do love and adore him as well, but it’s easier and better for him if he thinks the balance is perpetually tipped in my favor.)
    And would it be June Boone? That’s nice and rhym-ie.
    – Sent from the remotest part of my brain. Which has been vacant for years.


  2. Dynamo:
    1. Generator
    ii. a forceful energetic individual
    live wire


  3. Marcy, If the weather is good, ride the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. You get really nice views of the city and Winslow on Bainbridge has a lot of little shops and cafes.


  4. Oh, dear. We all forgot about Marcy. Marcy, I lived there 700 years ago. But when I was there I liked walking around Queen Anne and looking at rich people houses and I liked going down to the market and eating at the Pink Door. It is just this pink door in an alley, with no sign, but it is worth finding. Also? You could go to Archie McPhees, which is where I get my inflatable meat loafs and so on to send people.


  5. Tammi V.V. - Marcy, take the Duck Tour. Goofy but fun and interesting. Also, get donuts from Top Pot. says:

    Ah, the difference in the male and female train of thought – I was right along with Hulk when he started talking about John Cusack but it screeched to a ha,t when he referenced High Fidelity. My feminine mind went to the scene from Say Anything.


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