Faithful Reader Hulk

First of all, I am being stalked by somebody in Not by Daniel Boone or Dick Whitman, and I am cracking my own self up with those phony names I have for the two decent normal men I met on there. Some OTHER guy.

He seemed okay at first, and he was funny and kind of reminded me of Faithful Reader Hulk, except not a Republican like Faithful Reader Hulk. No offense, Faithful Reader Hulk. I wonder how many times I can say "Faithful Reader Hulk" in this post?

At any rate, he asked if he could call me and I was all…well…okay, but not tonight because I am busy. I was busy thinking about Faithful Reader Hulk, as you do. But the guy called that night–twice–and has called 340598205 times since. "Hi, June, this here's Stalky StalkerLonely. Just calling to see how yer doin.' "

I mean, really? How many times do you need to call a person and they don't return the call before you get the hint? I'll bet Faithful Reader Hulk would've gotten the hint.

Last night I was working like a demon. In fact, I took this picture with the web camera while I was trying to open something and close something else all up on here:

It pretty much encapsulates my evening. I canNOT get this stupid project done for the statistics company where I freelance and I'm certain at this point they wish to shoot me in the head and feed me to Faithful Reader Hulk. So I was opening one document and closing another and taking sneaky shots of myself and eating a pen when:

Ring! Ring!

For the love of all that is holy.

"Haaaahh, Jooone! Stalky here agin! Jist seein' if you're around."

Okay, guess what. I AM NEVER GOING TO BE AROUND.

Thank God for caller ID. And for Faithful Reader Hulk.

In news that does not concern my newfound love life, we need to pick a book for book club. So far the suggestions have been:

The Historian

The Road to Wellville

Water Music

The Corner of Bitter and Sweet

You know what? There was more and I can't find the suggestions. Try combing through my effing comments for just one thing. Easy it is not. Faithful Reader Hulk might be easy, but this? Nosir.

So if you have more suggestions, make them TODAY during the day, not tonight, and let's decide on a book before tomorrow morning. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

And the first person to come to book club and say, "I'm here but I didn't read the book!" gets a bitch slap from Faithful Reader Hulk.

207 thoughts on “Faithful Reader Hulk

  1. June, have you seen the book Untold Story? It is written about Princess Diana and the premise is that she faked her own death and lives as a housewife after some plastic surgery. It looks kind of fun.


  2. Amish Annie, you really think Hulk doesn’t have any cooter pictures?! They may not be the kind we’d hang on our walls, but I still bet they exist.


  3. bread for africa, cooter pictures for hulk, donate now!
    i think he pouts cause nobody noticed him yesterday,or he is reorganizing his cooter picture collection-CPC. or he reads the lady di book,poor thing, housewife, without the jewelry, the dresses, the servants, the tiaras….the kids….


  4. My favorite southern food here in Atlanta is at the Colonnade. And the people-watching is priceless. 🙂 I do like an OK Cafe, though. And agreed on the Mary Mac’s service. We need to have an Atlanta JuneCon!


  5. Funny thing is Tammi V.V., I actually had to pause after typing cooter picture and think about that for a second. I never considered the more “discreet” cooter pictures that might be hanging out say, in a closet, under the bed, stuck in a sports DVD case…


  6. The Colonnade has the BEST fried chicken, but not better than Chick-fil-A.
    June, are you saying you are in on the Atlanta Con? or the NYC?


  7. Glad you all care so much that through your tears you divided up all my stuff.
    Including my daughter.
    So what are we talking about, anyway??


  8. Glad you all care so much that through your tears you divided up all my stuff.
    Including my daughter.
    So what are we talking about, anyway??


  9. Glad you all care so much that through your tears you divided up all my stuff.
    Including my daughter.
    So what are we talking about, anyway??


  10. Glad you are okay, Hulk! I want to say WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU, WE WERE WORRIED!, but I won’t.


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