Partyin’ Around Our Pie Parts

As you know, I went to Michigan this weekend to go to a party thrown by Faithful Reader and Friend in Real Life and Thorn in My Side Hulk. It was Hulk's birthday yesterday, but I don't think he was really throwing himself a birthday party, because unlike me that is not something he would do.

Please see references to not one but TWO surprise parties I have thrown for my own self in this lifetime.

Not only did I haul myself all the way from North Carolina to attend Hulk's bash, but readers of this blog Mary, Duffylou and Kathy all came, too, along with Duffylou's 21-year-old daughter, which you have to hand it to her. Can you think of anything more dreadful than having to attend the party of a bunch of old people when you are cool and 21?

I would not know, because I have never been cool. But I imagine it'd suck.

At any rate, they have been posting pictures from the party on the new Facebook page that readers started–did you know about this page? It's called Pie on the Face: Friends of Bye Bye Pie and if you want to go on there and complain about how boring I am, get on there, girl! Because I am not a member of Pie on the Face. I am BANNED.

Ohlookmymouthisopen Despite my banishment, photos of me abound on this site. Including this one from Hulk's party, where I am receiving a Hello Kitty necklace and WHO WOULDN'T SHOW THEIR UVULA over that!?!?

Kitty Photographic evidence also exists of the kitty who walked right into Hulk's party like he owned the place and got on my lap. Like he owned it. Which he does. Hulk, is he still hanging around? Because you had better sit down for this news: I love that kitty. That Francis lookalike kitty.

Here is Duffylou and her cute daughter serving Hulk the boob cake they made him. Hulk. Appropriate never.

In the meantime, while we were raising the roof over there in Saginaw, Michigan, three Atlanta readers got together for their own Piefest.

How fun does this look? Here are Faithful Readers Sadie, Beverly and Letha, showin' their uvulas for June. Yay! Uvulas! June. Forcing readers to show their tonsils since 2007.

I like how everyone's glasses and tiaras actually coordinate.

So I guess fun was had by all this weekend. I mean, unless your personal weekend sucked. In which case I'm SORRY, okay? You're like the woman at work who, when we all got asked out for margaritas today, sent an email to all of us detailing how the body processes alcohol and how bad margaritas are for you.


Speaking of work, my next-cubiclemate was desperately trying not to think of the song Lyin' Eyes by the Eagles today, and you know what's a good idea? Telling me something like that.

"Can't wait till 5:00!" I emailed her. "Headed for the cheatin' side of town!"

When it was time to leave, I said, "I have all this stuff in my hands. Wish I knew how to open doors with just a smile."

Who was not opening any doors with her smile? Was it Lyin' Eyes coworker?

June. Making friends at work since she met The Girl Who Doesn't Get Me in 2008. Remember her? Oh, how she did not get me.

Anyway, that is all. My uvula and I will be back at you tomorrow.

P.S. Because I can never shut up. Miss Doxie was mortified that she never got Matze's emails asking if she wanted to send me a birthday message. If anyone thinks they can email her on her blog, apparently your email there shrivels and dies. Anyway, she just sent me these:



243 thoughts on “Partyin’ Around Our Pie Parts

  1. Gimme is so cutely…special. His smile cracks me up.
    Also I’m so glad I’m FB friends with Tallulah now. Anybody who hasn’t friended her ought to do so now, she’s so much more insightful and witty than my real life science geek friends.


  2. I can’t stop laughing at this post and the comments. I was too sick to read yesterday and felt like I was having withdrawals!! siren…that forum was hilarious even with just the basic beginnings! Can’t join the FB page but would never be able to leave a forum!!


  3. Wait – Target Steve and Historian Beth are in Cinci???? I just drove through this afternoon on my wat to the ninety-degree on the inside condo in MI. Someday I must stop and say hello at the Target!


  4. I didn’t put my name on my blog, and then my husband guest blogged, and he used my name! I’m not anonymous anymore. 😦 Not that it would take too much googling to figure out who I am, anyway. Hello, stalker, wondered what was keeping you.


  5. Okay, I’ve been on and off that Facebook group throughout the day today and that thing I said earlier about how it sounded like a forum? I’d like to take that back now. It’s a different kind of fun.


  6. I decided to unjoin Friends of Pie too because of the real name thing. It was great fun for the day though. Alas, I promised my silly husband I wouldn’t put my name on my blog. A few know me by name but a few are ok (like you)but you have like sixty shillion frinds woman!!


  7. L. from California..."hey waiteress...I'd like to order a piece of Ridiculous Pie with a huge scoop of vanilla icecream on top..."

    Cute cute pictures… this blog puts me in a ridiculous GOOD mood.


  8. Thanks, Joann, my dad was da bomb. He ALWAYS called it as he saw it. He would say we’re going to look back on this and laugh someday.
    But he was my soft place to land when my feelings were really hurt. Fiercely loyal. It was ALWAYS the other person’s fault. When you were obviously hurting, he didn’t try to make you see the other person’s point of view.


  9. I just got a letter in my mail from North Carolina, written in PINK pen and addressed to Texas Kari!


  10. A uvulectomy. I’m a nurse and had no idea. Of course, I’m an OB nurse so my area of expertise is at the other end of the lady, so to speak. Although I have to say, I have seen my share of uvulas during labor. Now, during screaming, I will probably find myself looking for missing uvulas.


  11. Hi all…I just sent a request to join the facebook group…would someone please “friend” me? Thanks much!!


  12. AUHP- The most common reason to have your uvula removed is because of sleep apnea. Most people that have obstructive sleep apnea are overweight. Not all sleep apnea is of the obstructive type. Uvula doesn’t generally cause speech issues, except with sounds previously mentioned.


  13. No uvula? How is that possible? Can one even talk, without a uvula?
    I agree that old Paul may not be racist, necessarily. Just can’t keep up with the changing P.C. expressions. I’m guessing his generation used “colored” the way ours says “African-American.”
    Strangely enough, I also have an “old Paul.” There’s a very old man (90?) across the street named Paul. He’s mostly blind but can still hear really well. When you walk past his house and he’s out, he’ll identify you by your footsteps. His entire raison d’etre anymore seems to be removing every last pesky trace of dandelion from his lawn. Obsessively. Constantly.


  14. I am NOT going over to the Facebook Pie today. I don’t care if you talk behind my back and call me a dirty whore like Hulk’s been doing to Mother, you people are my crack and I must get my work done.
    And yes, Hulk, Kelly Pie and Sadie my sister would kill you guys and all the rest of us with exercise, if she had the chance.
    And Steve’s wife, Beth, your dad sounded awesome. I see where you get your fabulous sense of humor. I’m going to have to use the 1-800-BADASS on someone. I have no idea who, though, probably my kids.


  15. Ok, I finally have to come out of lurkdom to comment because I wanna be on FRIENDS OF THE PIE!!!! Please, please? I’ve been reading for a long time and feel like I know each and every one of you! I just was too shy to comment. And if you have a blog and comment on BBP, I have been to your blog! (oh god, now I feel like a creepy stalker)


  16. I have a question for y’all with jobs? How do you ever get anything done?
    Now with the Face added, your going to have to ask you bosses for overtime.


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